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RW Freight have a fantastic Swedish Import service which I have not had any problems with.

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'R W Freight are the best Freight Forwarder I have used up to date regarding service and information'

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EU imports from outside countries up 5%

European Union imports of fruit and vegetables from non-EU countries reached 15.5 million metric tons (MT) in 2017, representing an increase of 5%. Spain’s Federation of Fruit, Vegetable, Flower and Live Plant Grower Exporter Associations reported 13.3 million MT of ...Read More

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Food imports to Kenya rose by 58% in January

Food imports into Kenya grew by 58.33% in January, compared with the same month of the previous year. The country's import bill rose from Sh13.2bn (US$130.7mn) in January 2017 to Sh20.9bn ($207mn) in January 2018, according to Kenya’s Bureau of ...Read More


Trans Pacific Pact to increase Australian wine exports

A new trade agreement signed after the USA withdrew from trade negotiations is considered “a vital win” for Australia, according to the country’s prime minister Malcolm Turnbull. The countries participating in the pact include Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, ...Read More

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EU considering import tax on Levi jeans from USA

The Euopean Union may levy a 25% import tax on Levi jeans and bourbon whisky if President Donald Trump imposes import tariffs on European steel and aluminium. The EU Commissioner for Trade said that the items were on a draft ...Read More

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China approves imports from Denmark

China has approved the import of processed meats from a leading processor in Denmark. China is the world's top pork consumer, and the export of these products will be valuable to Denmark. The agreement, comes after more than nine years ...Read More

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Steel sector in EU expects import threat

Demand for steel in Europe is expected to rise in 2018, European steel association Eurofer said earlier this week, warning of a threat of rising imports. Steel consumption, is set to rise by 1.9 percent in the 28 countries of ...Read More

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Iran lifts ban on registration for rice imports

Iran has lifted its ban on registration for imports of rice for five months, the customs administration announced in a statement published on Tuesday. The Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA) said “the registration for imports of rice is ...Read More


Indian bicycle hub threatened by imports from China

Cheap imports from China are threatening the survival of Ludhiana’s bicycle industry in western Punjab. Once one of the leading manufacturing hubs in India, the town’s most famous industry is becoming only an assembly point for bike imports smuggled in ...Read More

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China adjusts tariff policies for major equipment imports

Chinese authorities have released tariff policy adjustments for imports of major technological equipment. Imports of major technological equipment on the revised list for government support will be exempted from tariffs and value-added tax. Tax exemption policies for imports of mixed-flow ...Read More

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Algeria bans certain imports

Algeria has temporarily banned the import of 900 products which includes mobile phones, household appliances and vegetables. This is an attempt to cut an increasing import bill following a fall in energy earnings, according to an official document. The OPEC ...Read More


Row over pig imports in Cambodia

Government officials have rejected pleas from pig farmers to curb imports of pigs into the country. Speaking at a forum on agriculture, Agriculture Minister Veng Sakhon said domestic family-run pig farming businesses that are struggling to keep in business should ...Read More


China ends its beef with Italian meat imports

China has lifted a longstanding import ban on beef from Italy, officials said earlier this month, paving the way for Florentine steak and other specialities to enter kitchens in China for the first time in 16 years. Italian beef exports ...Read More

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Illegal Clothing imports to South Africa

Counterfeit clothing imports into South Africa has seen the domestic clothing and textile industry suffer tremendously. More recently the industry has also been hit by the import of second-hand clothing, which has become available for resale on the market. Customs ...Read More

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Pakistan Exports continuously decline

Because domestic industries are not protected,energy costs are increasing, and import duties are too high, Pakistan’s exports have been losing international market share very quickly and imports are increasing. Representatives of different chambers of commerce and industry of the country ...Read More

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Strong exports of citrus to China

Peru has made strong inroads into the China export market, increasing by over 300 per cent to 7,000 tonnes with exports of mostly mandarins in July and August. The growth in demand for Southern Hemisphere citrus is part of the ...Read More

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Record US imports from China, Mexico, Europe

In October, imports to the USA increased by 1.6% to a record $244.6 billion. Exports were unchanged at $195.9 billion. Almost half of the increase in the U.S. trade deficit was tied to larger imports of petroleum at higher prices. ...Read More

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Shrimp Imports Continue to grow in USA

The latest shrimp import figures show that shrimp demand in the US continues to accelerate, particularly in retail categories. To the end of October, 2017, total US shrimp imports stand at a record 1.19 billion pounds, compared with a figure ...Read More

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Russia bans imports of pork from Brazil

From 1 December, Rosselkhoznador in Russia, the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance, has banned Brazilian pig meat and beef due to concerns that the meat contained a muscle growth stimulant called by ractopamine. Ractopamine is banned for use ...Read More

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China imports corn as domestic price rises

China has bought around 10 to 12 cargoes of mainly U.S. corn imports during the past month and is likely to increase purchases. A record difference between domestic and international prices is encouraging buyers to seek out cheap imports, three ...Read More

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Russia has suspended Brazilian beef imports

According to a Brazilian beef processor, Russian authorities have temporarily suspended bovine meat imports from Brazil, a measure Brazilian authorities have still not confirmed according to the company. The company said Brazilian beef will be exported to other markets, while ...Read More

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Slowdown of UK timber import predicted

The Timber Trade Federation (TTF) is predicting a slowdown in the UK’s softwood imports for next year. The TTF’s Softwood Import Forecast shows growth is expected to fall to just 0.5% in 2017-2018. In 2016-2017, softwood imports grew by 3.7%, ...Read More


China to remove VAT on imports

China intends to remove the value-added tax on imports of distillers dried grains (DDGS), the foreign ministry said in a statement last week. This should result in an increase of imports move from top exporter the United States. The news ...Read More

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India begins anti-dumping investigation into paper imports

India has initiated an anti-dumping probe into imports of paper from Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore following complaints from some domestic companies. Various companies have filed an application before the Directorate General of Antidumping and Allied Duties (DGAD) for initiation of ...Read More

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China increases campaign against illegal waste imports

China has expanded its campaign against the import of waste materials, arresting 39 suspects and seizing 33,000 tonnes of plastic and mineral waste during the latest action, the customs service said on Tuesday. Early this year, China launched the campaign ...Read More

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Japan to propose changes to beef import rules

Japan is proposing changes to its safeguards for frozen U.S. beef imports, which will shorten review periods and allow importers to voluntarily lower import volumes. This proposal was be made at the second round of the U.S.-Japan economic meeting in ...Read More

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Imports and exports linked for success

An examination of data for over 160 countries provides evidence that imports are just as important as exports for economic growth. For almost four-fifths of countries last year, the volume of exports and imports moved up or down in harmony. ...Read More

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US shrimp imports grow in August

Shrimp imports into the USA rose 5.7% in August compared with the previous year; major increases came from India, China and Vietnam though imports from Thailand, Indonesia and Ecuador fell. The US imported 61,902 metric tons of shrimp in August ...Read More

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European Industry Complains about E-Bike Imports

European e-bikes are undercut at home by illegally dumped e-bikes from China, which are sold below the production costs,” explains a spokesman. “The import of e-bikes from China have now exploded. Imports in the first seven months of 2017 already ...Read More

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European imports of Chilean fruit through Netherlands falling

Chilean fruit exports to Europe increased by 8.7% in 2016-17, but there were noticeable shifts in the distribution between markets. The Chilean Fruit Exporters Association's recently released statistics show that despite this upward trend, the leading European importer and re-exporter ...Read More

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Taiwan conditionally lifts import ban on Japanese beef

Taiwan has conditionally lifted a 16-year-old ban on beef imports from Japan. FDA Division of Food Safety section head Wu Tsung-his said the Taiwan government will wait for the Japanese government to provide a list of government-certified facilities so that ...Read More

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Taiwan Suspends oil Exports, clothing imports with North Korea

Taiwan has suspended refined oil and LNG exports to North Korea, as well as clothing and textile imports. Taiwan is not a member of the United Nations, because of Beijing's position that it is simply a province of China, and ...Read More

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China’s wine imports continue upwards

Wine imports to China continued the resilient growth trend seen in the first half of the year, increasing its total import volume and value from January to July. The country’s total wine imports in the first seven months of the ...Read More

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Swiss parliament to vote on kosher meat imports

The Swiss Federal Assembly is to vote on the possibility of banning the import of kosher meat into the country. The bill, which was introduced to the Swiss parliament in June, would make it illegal to import any meat slaughtered ...Read More

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UK imports of Swiss watches fall

The Swiss watch industry is in recovery after two years of falling exports. The country recorded its third successive month of export growth in July; the value of watches sold increased by 3.6% to CHF 1.7 billion. For the the ...Read More


Japan to raise tariffs on frozen beef imports

Japan has raised tariffs on frozen beef imports from the United States and some other countries in order to protect domestic producers against an increase in imports. Tariffs on frozen beef increased to 50 percent from 38.5 percent between Aug. ...Read More

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Australia’s conflict with China over meat exports

Australian beef which was exported to China before the Asian powerhouse imposed a temporary import ban on some producers, will now be allowed into the country. Australian authorities have been negotiating with Chinese officials since Beijing refused to accept imports ...Read More

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Guangdong in China imports most wines

China’s coastal province Guangdong, near to Hong Kong, remains the country’s biggest consumer of bottled wine imports. From January to June, the province imported US$437.3 million worth of bottled wines, surpassing US$332.2 million to Shanghai, although the latter had more ...Read More

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China wine imports up

From January to June this year, China imported 254 million litres of bottled wines, representing a 13.9% increase in volume and a 3.34% increase in value over the same period last year. France still ranks as the biggest wine exporter ...Read More

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US attack on Spanish olive imports

The US authorities are preparing anti-dumping measures on imports of Spanish black table olives as of September. Farmers have warned the European Commission that this sets a “dangerous” precedent for CAP-subsided EU agricultural products. In late June, the US Coalition ...Read More

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Third country imports up in Nepal

Nepal’s imports from third countries have soared in recently, with shipments from France, Ukraine, Argentina, Saudi Arabia and South Korea, in particular, rising sharply due to lower costs. According to the Trade and Export Promotion Centre (TEPC), imports from these ...Read More

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EU to allow in more Ukraine exports

EU foreign ministers approved last week measures to allow Ukraine to export more industrial and agricultural products tariff-free to the EU in recognition of reforms undertaken by Kiev and the fragility of the country's economy. By the end of September, ...Read More

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US says no timetable to restore Brazil beef imports

Brazil needs to make progress on meat inspections before a schedule can be set to end a U.S. ban on imports of fresh Brazilian beef, the U.S. agriculture secretary said. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue and his Brazilian counterpart Blairo Maggi ...Read More

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British Wheat Exports Slow

Britain's May wheat exports were at the lowest monthly level since July 2014. This means it is likely to be a net wheat importer in the 2016/17 season, customs data showed. Exports in May amounted to only 29,509 tonnes, against ...Read More

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Gems & jewellery exports rise

India gems and jewellery exports from India rose by over 11 per cent to $6.78 billion during the first two months of the current financial year. In April-May last year, the sector's exports amounted to to $6.1 billion, according to ...Read More

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Russia extends ban on food imports

The government of Russia has extended a ban on imports of perishable foods from the European Union, the USA, and several other countries. The banned food imports include meat, fish, dairy, fruit, and vegetables. The import embargo was first imposed ...Read More

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Namibia bans poultry imports from South Africa, Belgium

Namibia has suspended poultry imports from South Africa and Belgium with immediate effect after outbreaks of highly contagious H5N8 bird flu in the two countries, its Directorate of Veterinary Services (DVS) said last week. South Africa has confirmed outbreaks on ...Read More


Oslo airport imports biofuels from California

Oslo airport is importing jet fuel made from waste cooking oil in California. This has invoked criticism that shipping and trucking it more than 16,000 kilometers (10,000 miles) invalidates environmental benefits. Oslo was the first international airport hub to offer ...Read More

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Hull’s ports may need more staff for food imports

Exit from the EU may put more pressure on ports at Hull and Goole because of an increase in check on food imports. The chief port health inspector for Hull and Goole says more staff could be needed to check ...Read More


Tax on imports gives local Kurdistan farmers a boost

While farmers are harvesting their crops, the local government of Kurdistan will is imposing a tax on some agricultural crop imports to boost sales of local fruits and vegetables while they are in season. The tax began at the beginning ...Read More


Sudan bans imports from Egypt

Sudan’s cabinet has instituted ban on imports of agricultural and animal products from Egypt, and also urged the private sector to import products directly from countries of origin, bypassing neighbouring Egypt. Growing tension between Egypt and Sudan has led to ...Read More

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US may put emergency tariffs on solar imports

The United States has notified the other 163 members of the World Trade Organization that it is considering imposing emergency "safeguard" tariffs on imported solar cells. There is a global battle to dominate the solar power industry, which has grown ...Read More

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China may expand imports from US

China has suggested that it may import more goods from the United States, as Beijing attempts to thaw once frosty ties with the Trump administration over its trade policies. A report issued by the Ministry of Commerce said China may ...Read More

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Turkey imposes limits on Russian wheat imports

Exports of Russian wheat to Turkey are facing another barrier, after Ankara introduced a new law restricting Russian imports to 25 percent of the total amount of grain imported. Russia's main exporters confirmed the information reported by a business daily ...Read More

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UK pork exports slow down but imports up

UK exports of fresh and frozen pork during March were 3% lower than last on year but imports rose by a massive 47%. The fall in export volumes to 19,100 tonnes highlights the lack of supply in both clean pigs ...Read More

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Dutch avocado imports

In 2016, the Netherlands imported a record €433m of avocados. This makes it the largest importer of avocados in the world after the US, according to the national statistics office. Avocados are now the second biggest fruit import in the ...Read More

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Turkey says Russian wheat imports resumed

Turkey resumed wheat imports from Russia on 8 May,just a few days after the trade dispute between the two countries was settled. Turkey, traditionally the second-largest importer of Russian wheat after Egypt and the top buyer of its sunflower oil, ...Read More

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UAE bans imports from five countries

Authorities in the United Arab Emirates banned the importation of fruits and vegetables from five countries because of concerns about the high amounts of pesticides used in their production. Since the ban on the import of fruits and vegetables from ...Read More


Exports of lamb on increase

While imports of lamb declined during February, exports rose by 10 per cent on the previous year to 5,600 tonnes. This is despite a decline in volumes going to France, which is the UK’s largest export market. French exports were ...Read More

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Good news for British farmers as UK imports less lamb

Imports of lamb into the United Kingdom are down substantially so far this year, which is helping to improve the income of British producers. The volume of sheep meat imported into the UK in February was down 36 per cent ...Read More


Co-op Group chops fresh meat imports

The Co-op Group is the first retailer to switch all of its own-brand fresh meat to British suppliers, and not rely on any imports. From 2 May, the Group will provide only 100% fresh British bacon and lamb – dropping ...Read More

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Irish exports to Britain rebound

Ireland’s trade surplus fell by 9 per cent to €4.7 billion in February, after a record-high €5.74 billion a month earlier as imports jumped 16 per cent. Preliminary data from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) indicates exports rose 3 per ...Read More

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US investigates biodiesel imports

The US International Trade Commission has announced an investigation into imports of biodiesel from Indonesia and Argentina. The investigation will look for evidence of dumping and subsidisation from the two countries. A preliminary decision will be made by 8 May ...Read More

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America’s Imports From China Tumble

In January 2017, the U.S. imported nearly $41.4 billion worth of product from China, which dropped to nearly $32.8 billion in February 2017. This marked a record month-to-month decline of just over $8.6 billion worth of imports from China. In ...Read More


China March exports and imports up

China's March exports rose 16.4 percent from the previous year, while imports increased 20.3 percent. Both exceeded market expectations. Exports in the first quarter of the year rose by 8.2 percent last year, while imports surged 24.0 percent. China's first-quarter ...Read More

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Price of imported fruit and vegetables

The price of food imported from the EU is likely to rise by up to 8% as Britain is forced to impose extra border controls after Brexit, making it more difficult import foods that we cannot produce ourselves. Last year ...Read More


Hong Kong lifts ban on meat imports from Brazil

Hong Kong said last week that it has lifted a ban on the import of Brazilian meat. An investigation into corruption has hit exports from the world's top beef and poultry exporter. Meat exports fell by around a fifth the ...Read More

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Mexico Looks Beyond USA for Corn Imports

In response to widespread concern over the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) under the Trump administration, Mexico proposes to reduce ties to U.S. agriculture and look for new exporting partners. After indications of a possible 20 ...Read More

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Turkey may stop Russia wheat imports

The economy minister of Turkey said that the country has not banned the import of wheat and similar products from Russia, but imports may completely stop as Turkish companies do not like to import from Russia. Turkish import buyers have ...Read More

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UK goods may cost more as import prices rise

Britain’s manufacturers fear that increased cost of raw materials may threaten a robust recovery since the Brexit vote that has included total export orders hitting a two-year high. A survey of the sector found that firms said the weak pound ...Read More

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India Imports More Wheat

Wheat production in India will probably fall short of a government forecast, causing the world’s second-biggest grower to import a large quantity amid declining domestic inventory. Imports in 2017-18 may total 2 million tons, the second highest level in 11 ...Read More

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Sterling devaluation reduces value of Irish exports to Britain

The Brexit-related crash in sterling reduced the value of Irish goods exports to Britain by about half a billion last year, the latest trade figures show. According to the Central Statistics Office, exports to Britain fell by €496 million to ...Read More

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Brazil forced to import Robusta coffee

Brazil's Agriculture Minister Blairo Maggi said on Monday that he has asked the country's Foreign Trade Chamber to authorize robusta coffee imports at near zero tariff, according to the ministry. If the board approves the request, it would be the ...Read More

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Imports of potatoes to Romania up

Romania imported 120,830 tons of fresh and frozen potatoes in the first nine months of 2016, an increase of 45% against the similar period of 2015. The sums spent surpassed 27.4 million euro in the mentioned period, while in the ...Read More

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Cheap NZ imports could damage UK lamb industry

The Welsh rural affairs secretary Lesley Griffiths has expressed fears that a free trade deal with New Zealand could damage the UK lamb industry irreparably. She said that a huge influx of lamb imports' would absolutely destroy' the industry. Phil ...Read More


Texan Business Owners Fear Tax On Imports From Mexico

A possible import tax to pay for president Donald Trump's wall along the Mexican border is causing protests from business owners in Texas. The tax is not yet in operation but has created anxiety among businesses who import on a ...Read More


Trump Will Need Imports for His Domestic Priorities

The new President of the USA wants to minimise imports, which he says take away American jobs. These criticisms seem not to take account of the fact that, apart from energy, the U.S. imports significant amounts of the commodities it ...Read More

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Ireland cost of imports rise

The value of Irish imports increased by 18 per cent to €6.15 billion in November, as weakness in sterling could be inflating the cost of British-manufactured goods. The latest trade figures also reveal the value of exports fell by 1 ...Read More


Iraq poultry import ban includes Serbia, Finland and Britain

Iraq widened a ban on live and frozen poultry imports to include Serbia, Finland and Britain on Monday. This reflects government concern over the spread of bird flu. The country imports nearly 50 percent of its annual poultry needs. Iraq ...Read More

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Alcohol imports to China grew in 2016

China’s imported alcoholic drinks continued to grow in the first 11 months of 2016, with spirits imports registering positive growths in both volume and value. Figures were released recently by China Association for Imports and Export of Wine & Spirits. ...Read More

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Why a US recession could cause pain for China

A recession in the USA could be a big challenge for major exporters to the US, such as Germany and China. The US is the world’s biggest importer. 14 percent of global imports in 2015 were to the US and ...Read More

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US continues probe of China plywood imports

U.S. trade officials said they will continue their anti-dumping investigation into some hardwood plywood products imported from China, after deciding there was a "reasonable indication" that the domestic plywood industry was hurt by subsidized imports. The U.S. International Trade Commission, ...Read More

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EU sets import duties on steel bars from Belarus

The European Union will impose duties on imports of concrete reinforcement rods and bars from Belarus, to counter what it considers are excessively cheap prices, according to news on Tuesday. The European trade bloc will impose import duties of 12.5 ...Read More

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EU bans Ukraine poultry imports due to avian flu

The European Union has banned poultry imports from Ukraine, due to concerns over avian flu, Ukraine's food safety watchdog said last week. The ban, which is for an indeterminate period, is linked to a recent case of avian flu in ...Read More

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Trump’s China tariff may damage US industries

Donald Trump is still taking a tough stance on China and some investors are starting to wonder who who will suffer if he puts words into action. The ramifications of the president-elect's talk of a punitive 45 percent tariff imports ...Read More

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American agriculture export fears

Since winning the presidential election, Donald Trump’s anti-trade tone has moderated, but not completely faded. Farmers and ranchers, remain wary, because 20 percent of all U.S. farm production is exported. In 2015, U.S. agriculture exported $133 billion of bulk commodities ...Read More

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Pakistan puts cotton imports from India on hold

Pakistan has suspended cotton imports from its top supplier, India, because the shipments failed to fulfil phyto-sanitary certification. Traders say it is possible that rising hostility between the neighbours might have prompted Pakistan to restrict imports. This will help other ...Read More

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USA Thanksgiving demand to increase import volumes

A new report predicts major retail container ports will see a 4.4 percent increase in import cargo volumes this month before the Thanksgiving holiday. The monthly forecast from the Global Port Tracker also indicates that December "should see a slightly ...Read More

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South Africa’s industry hurt by cold-rolled steel imports

Imports of cold-rolled steel products, particularly from China, are hurting South African producers, initial findings from a local trade agency showed earlier this week, potentially paving the way for import duties. The International Trade Administration of South Africa launched an ...Read More

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France’s trade deficit widens as exports fall

France's trade deficit widened in September as declines in exports were sharper than the fall in imports, the French customs office said this week. The eurozone's second-largest economy recorded a 4.77 billion euro ($5.28 billion) trade deficit in September after ...Read More

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North Korea imports rice on large scale in September

North Korea imported the largest-ever amount of rice from China per month in September since the launch of the Kim Jong-un regime in 2011, in an apparent bid to stabilize prices, a U.S. broadcaster reported last week. North Korea imported ...Read More

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UK wood pellet imports expected to reach new record in 2016

The United Kingdom is by far the largest importer of wood pellets in the world followed by Denmark, South Korea and Belgium. In the 2Q/16, the U.K. imported record volumes of just over 2 million tons, which was 11 percent ...Read More

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China’s coal imports surge again

China’s imports of coal from the seaborne market surged again in October, thereby justifying the jump in prices but also raising questions as to how much more of the fuel the world’s top buyer can import. Seaborne coal imports were ...Read More

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Air freight demand improves

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has released data for August 2016 global air freight markets which shows that demand, measured in freight tonne kilometers (FTKs), rose 3.9 per cent year-on-year. Freight capacity measured in available freight tonne kilometers (AFTKs) ...Read More


British gin exports skyrocket

The rest of the world has developed a bigger taste for British gin than ever before. New figures show global exports have risen 166 per cent by value since 2000. According to the Wine and Spirit Trade Association, exports since ...Read More

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US trade deficit widens in August on higher imports

The U.S.A trade deficit rose more than expected in August because a rise in imports offset higher exports. The Commerce Department said last week that the trade gap widened 3 percent to $40.73 billion. Imports hit their highest level since ...Read More

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China Allowing Corn Exports

Big crops in the U.S.A are expected to find more competition on the world market, as China announces plans to start exporting its massive corn stockpile. This would be the first time in 10 years that China has issued permits ...Read More

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Monsoon Rainfall Seen Trimming India Imports

India may import less sugar than predicted three months ago, after global prices surged to a four-year high and the first normal monsoon in three years boosted the outlook for domestic crop. Imports may total 1.25 million metric tons in ...Read More

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Russia revises ban on imports of Egyptian foods

In 2015, Moscow imported Egyptian fruit and vegetables worth around $350 million. Russia has a history of limiting imports in trade disputes, but has said officially that the fruit and vegetable ban was due to "insufficient Egyptian phytosanitary controls". "Egyptian ...Read More

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Olive oil imports likely to rise 20% in 2016-17

India's olive oil imports are expected to rise 20 per cent to 13,500 tonnes this financial year, on the back of rising demand in large conurbations, a top Indian Olive Association official said. The country had imported 11,106 tonnes of ...Read More

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China Removes Ban on Some U.S. Beef Imports

China has removed the ban on imports of some U.S. beef products, opening up the trade for the first time since 2003. The ban on imports of U.S. bone-in beef and boneless beef for livestock under 30 months has been ...Read More

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Sudan bans Egyptian imports

Sudan has temporarily suspended imports of fruit, vegetables, and fish from Egypt from Sept. 20 on safety grounds, the Sudanese trade ministry said. This action comes less than a week after Russia announced it would suspend fruit and vegetable imports ...Read More


UK bedroom furniture imports surge

Intensifying competition and higher imports has caused continued growth within the UK bedroom furniture market. Figures suggest that the 2% growth is likely to continue into 2016/17 as competition looks set to dictate the future rate of growth. Another major ...Read More

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How Donald Trump could wipe $420 billion off China’s exports

Victory for Donald Trump in the US Presidential election may effect China's economy in a major way. The candidate's promise to slap punitive tariffs on Chinese imports would be highly contractionary, deflationary and wipe hundreds of billions off the value ...Read More

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Russia adds salt to list of banned imports

Russia has expanded the ban on Western and Ukrainian food imports, adding salt to the list, according to a government decree published on yesterday. The ban will become effective on Nov. 1 and apply to both white and industrial salt, ...Read More

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Algeria: Medicines – Imports Rise By 10 Percent in Seven Months

Pharmaceutical imports into Algeria rose by 10% in the first seven months of 2016 compared with the same period in 2015. The value of imports reached US$1.14 billion between January and July 2016, against US$1.03 billion during the same period ...Read More


Venison import fears

Venison imports could dramatically overtake domestic production volumes in the next five years, the Scottish Venison Partnership (SVP) has warned. They forecast that if UK market trends continue, the UK will import more than double the amount of venison it ...Read More

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Australian potato imports rise

New data suggests Australian potato imports have increased over 2016, igniting concerns about the profitability and competitiveness of the domestic industry. Figures released by Global Trade Atlas for the first quarter of 2016 indicate that imports rose by 23 per ...Read More

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Australian potato imports rise

New data suggests Australian potato imports have increased over 2016;this has sparked concerns about the profitability and competitiveness of the domestic industry over the coming months. Figures for the first quarter of 2016 indicate imports rose by 23 per cent ...Read More

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Irish Exports increased ahead of Brexit vote

Exports of Irish goods rose sharply in the weeks before the Brexit vote, but analysts say that that favourable conditions may be reversed in the coming months after the euro lost much of its competitiveness against sterling. The figures show ...Read More

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Questions Over Export Finance are Raised in UK

The Office for National Statistics recently released trade figures for the month of June, showing a widened trade deficit, meaning the difference between imports and exports has widened by around £900m since May 2016. Import / export data are important ...Read More

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Value of Irish exports rises

The value of Irish exports rose 5 per cent to €9.5 billion in June 2016, while imports fell 8 per cent to €5.05 billion. As a result, the State’s trade surplus for the month rose €826 million or 22 per ...Read More

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Car imports “dramatically” increased since Brexit vote

There has been a 60% increase in the amount of car imports into Ireland since the UK voted to leave the EU in June, year-on-year. A currency exchange specialist has reported that it is dealing with a huge influx in ...Read More

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Indian Govt to take steps to boost exports

Minister of State for Commerce Nirmala Sitharaman today said that the Indian Government has taken a number of steps like promoting access to new products and finding new geographical areas to boost exports. The share of Indias export in global ...Read More

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Colombia Maintains Tariffs on Panama Imports

Colombian Finance Minister Mauricio Cardenas and the Minister of Commerce Maria Claudia Lacouture announced Sunday, July 31 that they will be maintaining tariffs on footwear and textile imports from Panama to Colombia. The decision reportedly goes against World Trade Organization ...Read More

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Mujuru says now a vendor, sues Bob over imports ban – New Zimbabwe.com

New Zimbabwe.com Mujuru says now a vendor, sues Bob over imports ban New Zimbabwe.com This is according to papers filed at the High Court in which Mujuru is seeking an order to set aside Statutory Instrument 64 of 2016 which ...Read More

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Rapid growth in Polish exports expected

Poland’s Deputy Development Minister Jerzy Kwieciński has announced that Polish exports could grow by up to 7 percent over the whole of 2016. Kwieciński told journalists: “Our exports are rising. We expect them to rise this year by around 6-7 ...Read More

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Scotland’s £12bn ‘exports’ to Europe are at risk

BREXIT puts almost £12 billion a year worth of Scotland's exports to Europe at risk, a new report has warned. A briefing by Holyrood researchers highlights the significance of access to the single market. The briefing by the Scottish Parliament’s ...Read More

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US set to relax rules on UK lamb imports

Restrictions on British lamb imports could be lifted by the USA within months,paving the way for a trade worth £35m to British farmers, says Defra minister George Eustice. Mr Eustice said that the long-running mission to get British lamb chops ...Read More

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Call for anti-dumping probe into iron ore imports to China

Chinese iron ore miners have called for an anti-dumping investigation into imports of iron ore from top suppliers Australia and Brazil. More than 20 Chinese miners made a statement on the Metallurgical Miners' Association of China website which said "a ...Read More

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Brexit uncertainty hits June imports of Swiss watches

Exports of Swiss watches to the UK fell by 26.1% fall in June. Uncertainty over the EU referendum had caused retailers and wholesalers to delay purchasing decisions. The subsequent fall in the value of the pound against the Swiss franc ...Read More

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More evidence of China’s “booming” pigmeat imports

Chinese pork imports continued to “boom” throughout the first half of 2016, with June imports of fresh/frozen pork up 138% on the year at 762,000 tonnes. China has been rationalising its breeding herd, and domestic production has yet to recover. ...Read More

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Rising fruit sales help offset falling dairy exports

Japanese and Chinese consumers' appetite for kiwifruit continues to soar, with Japanese sales rising by $55 million and Chinese by $39m in June, compared to the same month last year. Annual exports of all fruit were up $617m and apples ...Read More

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Beijing slaps import duties on Japan, EU, South Korea

China said on Sunday that it has started imposing anti-dumping tariffs on certain steel imports from the European Union, Japan and South Korea, as Beijing itself is criticised for similar trade practices with its exports. Import duties on the materials, ...Read More

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US and Vietnam reach deal on US imports

The United States and Vietnam signed an agreement on this week, resolving two longstanding World Trade Organization disputes over imports of Vietnamese shrimp into the United States, the U.S. Commerce Department said. "The agreement also provides a framework for the ...Read More


EU to investigate rise in Russian, Brazilian steel imports

The European Commission will investigate whether Russia, Brazil and three other countries are flooding the bloc with cheap hot-rolled flat iron and alloy and non-alloy steel products. The investigation follows a complaint from European steel producers. As well as Russian ...Read More

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E-Bike Imports Show Vast Growth in 2015

The increase in the sale of electric bicycles across Europe’s main markets is underlined by comparing import figures for 2015 to those of 2014. They account for close to 50% import growth. A figure that’s even higher when taking the ...Read More


Pulses imports to India may rise to 5 mn tonnes

India is likely to import about 5 million tonnes of pulses during April-December period of this financial year, largely by private traders, to boost domestic supply and cool retail prices which have reached up to Rs 200 per kg. India, ...Read More


EU fish imports increase by €1 billion

FISH imports to the EU have increased by an average €1 billion every year since 2009. The 2015 increases were spread across all the main EU suppliers – Norway, China, Iceland, Morocco and the US. The EU’s €141 million, or ...Read More

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South African poultry imports destructive

South African poultry producer Astral has warned that cheap imports coming into the country threaten to destroy South Africa’s poultry industry. The group said its operating profit dropped 22 percent to R429 million, down from R550m for the six months ...Read More

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Iran bans import of Chevrolet cars

Iran has banned the import of Chevrolet cars, after Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei criticised imports of U.S. autos, and asked the government to support domestic production. The semi-official Mehr news agency quoted an unnamed official in the Ministry of ...Read More

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Timesaving import system implemented in Turkey

A risk-based inspection system for imports has been put into effect on May 2. The system reduces the waiting time for imports and helps trace risky products and companies. The Customs Minister, Tüfenkci said the system electronically carries out the ...Read More


SA imports tons of maize

South Africa’s largest grain terminal is ready to receive millions of tons of maize imports, aimed at combatting the ongoing drought. The Durban Agriport terminal is poised to handle the lion’s share of imports from across the world. From 2 ...Read More

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Major rise in Iran’s imports from Russia

A recent report announced that the value of Iran’s imports from Russia in March stood at $132 million. It said the figure marked a significant rise compared to the same period last year. This came as a surprise given that ...Read More

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Russia: Putin highlights Uzbek fruit imports

Russian President Vladimir Putin has hailed a rise in imports of Uzbek agricultural products into Russia this year. This includes a 54-fold jump in citrus exports, an industry news outlet reported. The move comes amid a strained supply environment since ...Read More

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China imports offer hope to NZ dairy farmers

Desperate dairy farmers in New Zealand can now see a glimmer of hope. After being suffering from a plunge in prices in a world market flush with supply, things are finally improving as China is importing more. New Zealand-based Fonterra ...Read More

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Food imports to Pakistan up by 2.68 percent

Food imports into Pakistan has increased by 2.68 percent during the first three quarters of the current fiscal year compared with the corresponding period of last year. The food imports into the country during July-March (2015-16) were recorded at $3.98 ...Read More


Imports from UK to surge in the next 10 years

The value of imports into Ireland from the UK will grow by 66% in the next 10 years, adding a further €26bn to the overall level of imports which currently stands at a record-high of €40bn, a recently published forecast ...Read More

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Higher tariffs on imports of Chinese steel being considered by EU

Steel imports from China could be hit with fresh trade duties by the EU, according to European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker. Mr Juncker said the commission was investigating China’s largely state-backed steel industry, which European producers say is one of ...Read More

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Imports to Russia though March plummet 14%

"According to preliminary customs statistics, in January-March 2016 imports from non-CIS countries decreased by 14.2 percent compared to the same period last year and amounted to $32.254 billion,” said the Federal Customs Service in a statement last week. Even so, ...Read More

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Kenya: Wheat Farmers complain as Imports Increase

Kenya's wheat imports hit Sh35.6 billion last year, amid rising concerns by local farmers that millers are ignoring their produce. The farmers said millers are shunning their crop, in favour of imports. Imports have become cheaper because oversupply in the ...Read More


US Senate Votes to Ban Imports of Syrian Art

The US Senate voted on Wednesday to ban the import of virtually all ancient art and artifacts from Syria, to discourage the looting and trafficking of illicit objects by the Islamic State and other armed groups. The Senate voted by ...Read More

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February US shrimp imports rise 17%

Shrimp imports from all but one of the top seven US suppliers rose in February 2016, with a total shrimp import increase of 17.5% year-on-year, according to latest figures. The reason seems to be lower prices, with the average price ...Read More

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Turkish Exports Rise First Time in 4 Months

Turkey’s trade gap shrank in February from the previous year, as exports rose for the first time since October. The shortfall narrowed to $3.17 billion from $4.7 billion in February 2015, compared with the median estimate of $3.2 billion in ...Read More

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Officials urged to resist Sweden’s plan to ban lobster imports

The lobster fishing and export industries in Maine, USA, are moving swiftly to pressure the European Union not to approve a proposal from Sweden to list the American lobster as an invasive species. This listing would effectively ban 28 EU ...Read More

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Exporters should diversify markets as Egypt cuts imports

Exporters who ship products to Egypt have been advised to improve their competitive edge and/or explore new export markets following the announcement of a plan to slash Egypt’s imports by 25 percent. An economic analyst from the University of Indonesia ...Read More

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Cheap vegetable imports harm Australian growers

The viability of Australia's vegetable industry is under threat from cheap imports, according to industry body AUSVEG. Figures show nationally the amount of land sown to vegetables decreased by 12,000 hectares last financial year, resulting in a $159 million drop ...Read More

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Chemical imports into Ireland decrease

Seasonally adjusted goods imports decreased by €1.7bn, to €4.6bn, leading to an increase of €1.1bn, in the seasonally adjusted trade surplus to almost €5bn in January. Imports of organic chemicals decreased by €214 million, while imports of petroleum dropped by ...Read More

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Brussels urges EU members to regulate steel imports from China

The European Commission announced plans on Wednesday 16 March, to speed up trade defence cases against cheap imports from China. The Commission urged member states to stop blocking measures that could set higher import duties against dumped and subsidised products. ...Read More

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German exports fall in January, imports soar

German exports dropped for the second consecutive month in January but imports jumped more than expected, data showed on Thursday, in a sign that weak foreign demand held back growth in Europe’s biggest economy at the start of 2016. Seasonally ...Read More

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Turkish January exports worst since 2011

Turkey's monthly exports fell below the $10 billion mark for the first time since 2011 in January, while regional political crises dealt a major blow to Turkish exports to such traditional markets as Russia and the EU, government data showed ...Read More

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South Africa: Cost of Cheap Imports

Poultry and pork producers in South Africa are struggling, not only because of the impact of dry climatic conditions on production, but also because they have to compete with “cheaper” imports. South Africa, which has an unemployment rate of over ...Read More

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South Florida’s imports fall

Last year, South Florida’s imports fell to their lowest level since 2011. Against that backdrop, the top 10 imports were all valued in excess of $1 billion for the first time. Overall, imports totaled just shy of $48.60 billion, down ...Read More

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Nigeria: Tomato processors competing with cheap imports

Tomato processing factories in Nigeria are working to secure the local market and keep out cheap imports. This is difficult for Africa’s second largest tomato producer due to inadequate facilities. They face a variety of problems, ranging from cheap imports ...Read More

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Argentina weaker peso will keep imports flat

Argentina's imports in 2016 are expected to be approximately unchanged from last year, as a devalued peso offsets the lifting of most import restrictions imposed by the country's previous government, Buenos Aires' top trade official has said. Argentina has removed ...Read More

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South Africa’s maize imports to soar

South African maize imports could cost up to 19 billion rand ($1.2 billion) this year, a sharp increase from 2 billion rand in 2015, as a severe drought hits farm output and pushes up food prices, the Treasury said in ...Read More

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South Africa and USA resolve poultry imports problems

South Africa and the United States (US) have resolved all the outstanding issues relating to agricultural imports from the USA. In a statement issued by the government on Tuesday, Minister Siyabonga Cwele said that solving the issues had paved the ...Read More

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Russia banning imports of US soy

Moscow's ban on imports of US soybeans may have forced Russia to use genetically-modified crops to gain enough oilseeds for its burgeoning livestock industry – at least, according to US officials. In 2014 Russia banned a swathe of agricultural imports ...Read More

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Saudi Arabia suspends French imports over bird flu

Saudi Arabia yesterday suspended the import of poultry, eggs and dairy products from seven French regions, due to a bird flu outbreak. The Saudi Food and Drug Authority said the regions include France’s southwestern Dordogne. The director of the French ...Read More

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Iran bans Saudi imports

The Iranian government has said it has banned the import of products from Saudi Arabia, as well as the import of goods of Saudi origin from other countries. The move comes after Riyadh cut diplomatic ties with Tehran on January ...Read More


Zimbabwe to step up maize imports

Zimbabwe is planning to import up to 700,000 tonnes of the staple maize this year to avert hunger as the El Nino weather pattern brings poor rains and affects crops in the Southern African nation. Last year the government imported ...Read More

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USA halts Spanish pepper, Colombian citrus imports

USDA Animal and Plant Inspection Service announced last week that it has suspended imports of Spanish peppers following the discovery of Mediterranean fruit fly in a number of consignments arriving at US ports. Aphis said the ban also applied to ...Read More

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Imports from Spain, France and the Netherlands are stable

Imports to Italy from Spain, France and the Netherlands are stable. "The import of the main vegetables from the foreign markets at the moment is dead calm", explained CoFra, a wholesaler based in Verona specialising in imports from Spain, the ...Read More


Russia wants rise in fruit imports from Iran

Russia has announced that it is considering reduction or elimination of import duties on Iranian agricultural products – a measure that may be meant to encourage larger exports of Iranian fruits and vegetables to Russia. Minister of Economic Development Alexei ...Read More

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Farmer protests this Christmas over NZ lamb imports

Farmers are threatening protests against Tesco this Christmas, after talks broke down over reducing the large amounts of imported New Zealand lamb on sale in its stores. Members of farm lobby group Farmers For Action and North Wales sheep farmer ...Read More


French trade deficit widens as imports increase

France's trade deficit widened in October from September as imports rose abruptly and exports declined slightly, the country's customs office said on Tuesday. The trade deficit of the eurozone's second-largest economy rose to 4.58 billion euros ($4.97 billion) in October ...Read More

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China imports and exports falling again

Chinese imports and exports both fell in November, official data showed on Tuesday, the latest poor figures from the world's second-largest economy. Exports sank 6.8 percent year-on-year to $197.2 billion in November, Customs said; a marginal improvement on the previous ...Read More

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France bans imports of lion hunt trophies

France has banned the import of lion heads, paws and skins as hunters’ trophies, almost four months after the killing of Zimbabwe’s most famous lion by an American trophy hunter sparked international outrage. In a letter to the animals rights ...Read More

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Mongolian imports to quench thirst for forage

China will import more than 400,000 metric tons of forage from Mongolia next year, in order to cope with the growing demand in China for dairy and other high-protein products, officials said earlier this month. Import shipments have already started, ...Read More

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Scotch Whisky Exports Fall due to Brazil Downturn

Scotch whisky exports continued to decline in the first six months of this year, as the economic downturn in Brazil and high import taxes in India curbed demand for the spirit. Export volume fell about 3 percent to 517 million ...Read More

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Fruit and veg growers soaring imports

Fruit and vegetable imports have hit record levels, according to a report by the NFU Horticulture and Potato Board. The value of UK field vegetable production plummeted 14% between 2010 and 2014 and outdoor vegetable growers shrank their cropped areas ...Read More


US sets high duties on melamine imports from China

The United States has set steep duties on imports of melamine from China and Trinidad and Tobago, after finding the goods were produced using unfair government subsidies and sold too cheaply in U.S. markets. The Department of Commerce set final ...Read More

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Russia Plans Cheese Imports From Iran

Iran is ready to start shipping cheese to Russia, a little over a year after Moscow imposed an embargo on dairy products from most European countries. Iranian dairy products to be supplied to Russia successfully passed an inspection by Russia's ...Read More

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New Zealand Annual Imports From China Surge In September

Annual imports of goods from China hit a record high of NZ$10 billion, up NZ$1.6 billion (19 percent), for the year ending September 2015, Statistics New Zealand said earlier this week. Total goods imports reached NZ$52 billion, the highest-ever for ...Read More

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China’s gold imports from Hong Kong jump to 10-month high

China's net gold imports from the main conduit, Hong Kong, jumped to a ten-month high in September, data showed this week. Net gold imports from Hong Kong rose to 97.242 tonnes in September from 59.319 tonnes in August, according to ...Read More

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Tata Steel Blames China imports for 1200 British Jobs Cuts

Tata Steel Ltd. (IW 1000/196) on October 20 said it would cut around 1,200 jobs at two plants in Britain, blaming the action in part on cheap imports from China. "This comes in response to a shift in market conditions ...Read More

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Vietnam blocks Chinese apple imports due to island dispute

Apple exporters in China will have to come up with new, non-controversial packaging if they want to resume sending the fruit to Vietnam, authorities said last week. "Importers will have to cancel those cartons if they want to want to ...Read More


Port of Tyne set to axe 40 jobs as coal imports fall

The Port of Tyne is to axe about 40 jobs as it looks to slash costs due to a fall in coal imports. The port issued a statement confirming it was in talks with staff and unions over the cuts ...Read More


China slowdown continues as imports fall

The release of Chinese trade figures this week showed a nearly 18 percent fall in renminbi terms for imports in the year to September and a decline in exports. In dollar terms, the decline in imports comprised of raw materials ...Read More

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Dairy imports into China decline

USA Shipments of dairy products to China for the year to August 2015 were 1.2Mt, down 20% on the same period in 2014. This fall in volumes coincided with prices for dairy products decreasing resulting in the overall value of ...Read More


Argentine apple exports to Brazil crumble

Apple producers in the provinces of Río Negro and Neuquén fear that rising domestic inflation and the falling real could mean the disappearance of the Brazilian export market for Argentine topfruit. The warning follows the release of data which show ...Read More

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Foreign imports cause trouble for Kashmir

Many locals in the Kashmir walnut industry are struggling because India has begun importing the nuts from other countries. Traders say demand in the world markets was initially high, but now there are virtually no export orders. Traditional import countries ...Read More

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Greek Exports Expected to Decline in 2015

Greek product exports are expected to fall in 2015, the Federation of Northern Greece Exporters (SEBE) said in September. In a report, SEBE said that the introduction of capital controls in the country exacerbated an already difficult situation and were ...Read More

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Russia bans food imports from Bulgaria

Russia has banned some food imports from Bulgaria from September 1, after Sofia told Moscow about an unspecified number of cases of false phytosanitary certificates. The temporary restrictions were imposed on any imports and re-exports to Russia accompanied by such ...Read More

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Florida exports drop 9.9% in June

The latest international trade figures show that $4.54 billion worth of goods left Florida for international markets in June, a decrease of 9.9 percent from May. Exports of manufactured goods contributed significantly to the state's international trade, accounting for 75 ...Read More

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US imports of cell phones and drugs tumble

The U.S. trade deficit fell 7.4% in July, mainly because of smaller quantities of imports such as cell phones and pharmaceutical products. Exports rose for the first time in three months. Exports rose 0.4% in July to $188.5 billion, led ...Read More

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German pork imports at a 10-year low

Increased pigmeat production in Germany in the first half of 2015 has resulted in the country exporting more and importing less. Although Germany was a relatively small direct outlet for the UK, at 14,700 tonnes for January to June 2015, ...Read More

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China Imports beef offal

According to a recent report, the majority of Irish beef exports to China are in the form of edible offal and are worth in the region of €8m annually. Irish exports of edible beef offal to China were worth €7.8m ...Read More

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Government in Russia destroys illegal imports

Vladimir Putin's latest show of defiance has used bulldozers, steamrollers and tractors to destroy hundreds of tons of illegal food imports, in televised spectacles that some Russians are calling absurd and grotesque. In a country where millions starved in the ...Read More

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SMEs account for most Turkish exports

The percentage of exports stemming from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) was 56.5 percent in 2014, according to data released by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat). SMEs also accounted for 37.8 percent of imports. According to the report, 62,987 enterprises ...Read More

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Russia extending ban on food imports

The Russian government has extended the ban on food imports for another year. The ban on imports includes cheeses and dairy products, meat, fish, fruit and vegetables from Australia, Canada, the EU, the US and Norway. Demand for domestically produced ...Read More

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Cheap imports threatening Black Country

Cheap imports, particularly from China, 'risk undermining Europe's steel industry', according to Tata Steel. A combination of the imports, the strength of the pound and high energy bills in the UK have combined,Tata Steel, leading to a sharp drop in ...Read More


Russian boycott damages Dutch food exports

The value of Dutch agricultural exports fell in the first four months of 2015, the first time exports have gone down since 1996, the national statistics office CBS said last month. Compared with the year earlier period, exports fell 2.7% ...Read More

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Impact of Collapsing Chinese Coal Imports

Global seaborne coal trade is currently projected to drop 1% y-o-y in 2015. This would be the first annual decline in almost three decades. The driving force behind the slump has been a collapse in Chinese seaborne coal imports, which ...Read More

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Russia eases ban on seafood imports from Japan

Russia’s agriculture ministry said that it has partially lifted a ban on seafood imports from Japan which was imposed in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear crisis. A total of 23 fish processing companies in Aomori Prefecture will now be ...Read More

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Russia considers ban on flower imports from Netherlands

Russia's agricultural watchdog is proposingto ban the import of flowers from the Netherlands after discovering a pest in shipments. Currently, the federal regulatory service is discussing the legal implications of this ban, and analyzing the consequences while considering the direct ...Read More

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China imports shrink again

China's export sales unexpectedly rose for the first time in four months in June, and imports fell again but posted their best performance this year, causing some optimism. The General Administration of Customs said Chinese exports grew 2.8 percent last ...Read More

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Egypt cancels decision to ban cotton imports

The Egyptian cabinet cancelled a decision banning cotton imports to Egypt two weeks ago. During a cabinet meeting headed by Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb the door for importing cotton and conducting studies to define the market’s needs were discussed. Minister ...Read More

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Japan proposes low-tariff quotas for butter imports under TPP

Japan has proposed setting low-tariff quotas for imports of butter and skim milk powder, under terms being thrashed out for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, negotiation sources said last week. The proposal was made in response to strong calls from other members ...Read More

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Greek firms fear slow death as bank freeze cuts off imports

Thessaloniki is famous for its wines and spirits that are in high demand across the world, regardless of Greece’s economic crisis. But it cannot be exported without bottles, which have to be imported. “We don’t make bottles in Greece, we ...Read More

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Russian Food Will Squeeze Out Imports – Agriculture Minister

Agriculture Minister Alexander Tkachyov said earlier this month that Russian farmers will push foreign food imports off the Russian market entirely in the course of just 10 years, news agency TASS reported. "The main task that faces Russian agriculture is ...Read More

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India’s plan to curb steel imports could hit small mills

Steps by India to protect its large steelmakers from a flood of cheap imports could end up closing scores of small, local firms that process the metal, industry analysts and executives said. These processors currently buy imported steel at up ...Read More

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Indian Poultry Industry Demands Soybean Imports to Compete with USA

The Indian poultry industry has demanded permission to import at least one million tonnes of soybean meal, to help them deal with the impending competition of cheaper imports of chicken legs from the USA. Producers think this will help the ...Read More

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Turkey’s exports and imports both sink in May

According to data released by the Turkish Statistical Institute (Turkstat) on last week, Turkey's exports decreased by 18.8 percent to $11.11 billion and its imports decreased by 14.4 percent to $17.86 billion in May 2015 when compared with the same ...Read More

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Russia can change list of banned Western imports

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on Thursday that a list of banned imports from Western countries could be changed according to the state of relations with the European Union and other countries. Medvedev told a government meeting he had ...Read More

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India signs biggest wheat imports deal in a decade

India has signed the biggest wheat import deal in over a decade, despite surplus stocks at home, with a deal with Indian flour millers and the local units of global trading giants to import 5,00,000 tonnes of premium Australian wheat ...Read More

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China’s coal imports from Australia down 37.6 percent

China imported 4.89 million tonnes of coal from Australia in May, down 37.6 percent from the corresponding period last year, figures from the country’s customs authority showed. The figure was also down 25.9 percent from April, despite some predictions that ...Read More

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Export/Import balance narrows

The latest figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS), published last month, showed a slight narrowing of the UK’s trade deficit; imports of goods outstripped exports by £10.1bn in March, down £700m from February. Exports of goods rose by ...Read More

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New rules on Japanese food imports to be enforced

A new measure that will tighten regulations on Japanese food imports will be enforced from May 15 as scheduled, a Cabinet spokesman said earlier this month. Sun Lih-chyun reaffirmed the government's stance after Japan again criticized the new measure. Sun ...Read More

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France leads world wine exports

The world wine export market is largely dominated by Spain, Italy and France, who represent more than half of the world’s wine exports in terms of value of sales as well as in terms of volume. Whereas Spain exported the ...Read More

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Ghana’s exports to Italy on the rise

Ghana’s total export to Italy in 2013 amounted to $751 million dominated by petroleum oils, cocoa beans and tuna, Dr Ekwow Spio-Garbrah, Minister of Trade and Industry at the launch of Milan Expo in 2015. He said while the country ...Read More

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California nut exports beat competition in March

Led by almonds and walnuts, California exports slipped slightly in March but managed to do better than Texas, its primary shipping rival, and the rest of the USA. California businesses shipped merchandise valued at $14.9 billion in March, down about ...Read More

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Food imports may be allowed into Turkey

Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci said the government might allow the import of some products in order to decrease food inflation. Zeybekci said the ministry expects a growth rate of 1.5 percent for the first quarter of the year, but this ...Read More


Iron ore imports from Australia to China fall

China's iron ore imports from Port Hedland, Australia, fell 4% in April as demand weakened, according to data released by the Pilbara Ports Authority on 4 May. Data showed that iron ore imports fell from 31.2 million tonnes in March ...Read More

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US trade deficit largest since 2008 as imports surge

The U.S.A trade deficit increased to its highest level in nearly 6-1/2 years in March, as imports rebounded strongly after being held down by a labour dispute at key West Coast ports, suggesting the economy contracted in the first quarter. ...Read More

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Complex procedures delay imports

Lack of standard norms for clearance of inbound shipments at ports coupled with complex procedures lead to inordinate delay in imports,the government auditor of India said earlier this week. "It was seen that the procedural complexities and consequent delays in ...Read More

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Zimbabwe imports maize

Zimbabwe plans to import 700 000 tons of the staple maize grain to compensate for a deficit after bad weather affected the crop from the current farming season, state radio reported on Tuesday. It quoted Agriculture Minister Joseph Made as ...Read More


Car Imports to Russia Down 50 Percent

Imports of new cars to Russia dropped 45.4 percent in the first quarter of 2015, as car sales in the weakening economy collapsed, it was reported. The market for car imports to Russia has been hit hard by the steep ...Read More

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EU threatening to ban seafood imports from Thailand

The EU has given Thailand, the world’s third-largest seafood exporter, six months to crack down on illegal fishing or face a trade ban on its fish imports. “The commission has put Thailand on formal notice, after identifying serious shortcoming in ...Read More

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Flood of Imports to West Coast Ports

There was a virtual flood of imported cargo to the USA West Coast ports in March. Container ships steamed into West Coast ports last month after the end of a labour dispute. While the resulting surge in imports may be ...Read More

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Mexico bans poultry, egg imports from Iowa

Mexico, the biggest buyer of U.S. chicken, has halted imports of live birds and eggs from the U.S. state of Iowa due to an outbreak of deadly bird flu there, the Mexican government said last week. Mexico and other major ...Read More

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Japan exports improve

Japan posted its first monthly trade surplus in nearly three years in March, due to falling import costs from cheaper oil prices, along with a modest recovery in exports. It is unclear how long surpluses will continue - Japan's oil ...Read More

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Syria slashes imports to save foreign reserves

Importers require government licences that allow them to request a favourable exchange rate at the Syrian central bank. But the government has in recent months issued fewer licences, and the central bank has increasingly declined to offer importers the favourable ...Read More


World imports more Swedish sweet treats

Food and drink account for an increasing share of exports from Sweden, with France and the US among the countries gobbling up a growing number of cakes, breads and pastries from the Nordic nation. Food and drink exports from Sweden ...Read More

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EU cannot maintain protection against Chinese imports

European fears of being forced to lower tariff defences against cheap Chinese imports have grown following a confidential warning from the EU's own lawyers. The head of the European Commission's Legal Service, Luis Romero Requena, warned the head of the ...Read More

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Indian Wheat imports hit five-year high

India has purchased some 80,000 tonnes of Australian wheat in recent deals, the biggest amount of such imports by Asia's third-largest economy in five years. The imports were necessary after unseasonal rains damaged the crop in the Indian subcontinent. Imports ...Read More

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Falling imports improve euro zone trade surplus

Euro zone imports dropped in January compared with last year, while exports remained flat, boosting the single currency area's trade surplus, data from the European Union's statistics office showed on last week. Eurostat said unadjusted imports fell 6 percent in ...Read More

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Exports increase from China, but slide in imports

Imports to China shrank in February for a second month in a new sign of weakness in the world's second-largest economy. Imports contracted by 20.5 percent to $108.6 billion compared with a year earlier, customs data showed. Trade data for ...Read More

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Rose imports bloom in Japan

Rose imports to Japan are starting to peak before the nation’s annual rites for graduation ceremonies and corporate personnel reshuffles. Workers at the flower importer Classic Japan Ltd. have been especially busy this week inspecting rose imports from Kenya at ...Read More

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Beijing Destination for fresh fruit imports

Beijing has become the main destination for fresh fruit imports in northern China, with increased direct shipments in the past five years, according to a recent report by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The report, ‘Fresh Fruit Market ...Read More

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UK Rioja wine imports up 10.3%

Imports of Rioja wine to the UK rose 10.3% by volume year on year in 2014. Total exports of the wine reached a record 106 million litres. The UK imported more than a third of this volume. Most of the ...Read More

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Japan exports surge, imports shrink

Exports from Japan continued to rebound in January while imports shrank, as the yen's sharp fall and the nation's powerful manufacturing industry helped the country deal with a weak domestic economy. Exports for the month grew 17% from a year ...Read More

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US Meat Exports Face adverse conditions

US meat exports are facing significant barriers at the moment, be this due to the sharp increase in the value of the US dollar, lower prices for competing meats in other countries or the slowdown strike in West Coast ports. ...Read More

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Hong Kong bans Japanese poultry imports

Hong Kong is banning some imports of poultry from Japan, Israel and Nigeria, after the announcement of avian influenza outbreaks there. The latest ban covers imports of poultry, poultry products and eggs from Okayam prefecture in Japan, Haifa in Israel ...Read More

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Indian mango imports to EU to resume

A ban on Indian mango imports into the European Union will be lifted, clearing the way for them to return to the UK and other EU member states. But imports of other foodstuffs such as Indian aubergines, two types of ...Read More

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Chinese Coal Imports: Regulatory Risks

In recent years, Chinese seaborne coal imports have been surging, registering average growth of 67% p.a. between 2009 and 2013 to total 265mt. However, this trend has not continued - seaborne coal imports into China are down 7% year-on-year in ...Read More

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Nigeria imports rice from Vietnam

The Nigerian-Vietnam Chambers of Commerce and Industry says that the Nigerian government’s yearly rice import bill from Vietnam has hit about $500 million. The President of the chamber said in an interview that Vietnam was also spending about $100 million ...Read More

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US to resume beef imports from Ireland

The United States will permit imports of beef from Ireland, the first European Union country allowed to resume exports to the USA since the mad cow disease scare over 15 years ago, officials said on Monday. Simon Coveney, Ireland's minister ...Read More

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US relaxes Chinese solar import tariffs

A group of US solar firms has welcomed proposals to lower the tariffs imposed on Chinese solar imports as "a step in the right direction" for the industry. The US Department of Commerce recently completed an administrative review of the ...Read More

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Russia bans poultry imports

The Russian federal service for veterinary matters, Rosselkhoznadzor, has banned the imports of all kinds of poultry from Italy where an epidemic of bird flu broke out. Earlier, the Russian veterinary watchdog had imposed a similar ban on imports of ...Read More

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Hong Kong suspends chicken imports

Hong Kong began culling 15,000 chickens on Wednesday, and suspended imports of live poultry from mainland China for 21 days after the H7 bird flu strain was discovered in a batch of chickens from the southern province of Guangdong. Authorities ...Read More

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Russian Shoppers Want Imports

January 1 is Russia’s answer to Christmas - a day for exchanging gifts after a night of feasting. But as shoppers crowd into Moscow’s malls, they may glimpse some truths about their economy that could spoil the festive mood. At ...Read More

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2014 a bubbly year for sparkling wine imports to USA

It has been a bubbly year for sparkling wine imports. They will set a record in 2014, as will overall wine imports, annual U.S. Census Bureau statistics will show when they are released in February. In October, sparkling wine imports ...Read More

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USA Sparkling wine Import-Export Imbalance

Looking strictly at exports and imports,the United States is running a deficit totaling $698.72 million this year, with — and here’s the imbalance — about 96 cents of every dollar in sparkling wine trade a U.S. import and just 4 ...Read More

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Prosecco Imports fizz

The most rapid growth in sparkling wine imports to the USA is not those originating in France but in Italy,perhaps best known for one of its leading varieties, Prosecco. France will end 2014 year responsible for a lower percentage of ...Read More


‘Dangerous drug’ imports to be banned from Japan

The Japanese government and the ruling parties are expected to revise the Customs Law to ban imports of quasi-legal drugs known as dangerous drugs, it has been learned. The planned revision will place such drugs in the same category as ...Read More

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Now Calais migrants threaten imports

Fresh food imports to the UK are coming under threat because illegal immigrants are hiding in the back of lorries; entire truck-loads of imported fruit and vegetables are being destroyed if a migrant is found inside a transportation vehicle. This ...Read More

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Russia May Start Fish Imports From Iran

Russia may start importing fish and fish products from Iran this month, a spokesman for Russia’s agriculture watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor said a couple of weeks ago. Russia had banned imports of fish, seafood and other foodstuffs from the European Union and ...Read More

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Fish traders want cheap imports banned

Fish traders in Zimbabwe have appealed to the government to protect the local industry from cheap and poor quality imports from Cahora Bassa in Mozambique, which they say are hurting the local fish market. Foreign fish exporters have flooded the ...Read More


Road Haulage & Freight Forwarding Welcome Road Development

Representatives from both the Road Haulage Association (RHA) and the British International Freight Association (BIFA), which represents the freight forwarding community, have welcomed the government’s plans to invest £15 billion in the country’s road infrastructure. Both organisations however tempered their ...Read More

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Declining US beef production increases imports

Beef production in the USA is declining and resulting in higher beef imports according to Eoin Kelly, Business Analyst at Bord Bia. Kelly says that with domestic production declining stronger prices in the US are expected to lead to an ...Read More


China opens door to Aussie wine imports

China will erode import tariffs for Australian farm products – including wine – over the next decade, after the signing a landmark trade agreement. Australian wine imported to China currently faces tariffs of between 14% and 30% according to ABC ...Read More

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Singapore exports slide in October

Non-oil domestic exports in Singapore contracted 1.5 per cent on-year in October, dragged down by a decrease in both electronic and non-electronic exports. The fall comes after a 0.9 per cent growth in the previous month, according to statistics released ...Read More

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Eurozone Exports Jump

The eurozone's trade surplus widened in September as exports surged. The European Union's statistics agency on Friday said the eurozone economy grew at an annualized pace of 0.6% in the third quarter, a slight acceleration from the second, with France ...Read More

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China October cotton imports low

China imported 81,900 tonnes of cotton in October, down 42 per cent on the same month last year - the lowest level since January 2009, data showed. It was the first time monthly imports of the fibre dropped below 100,000 ...Read More

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Turkey exports to Russia slide

Turkey’s exporters may have reported their best-ever October, but exports to Russia have dropped one-fifth year-on-year. There had been hopes of boosting trade after Russia downgraded links with the West, figures released by the country’s leading export organization have shown. ...Read More

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Vietnam to stop fresh fruit imports from Australia

Australia's Department of Agriculture (DoA) has confirmed that Vietnam has 'raised concerns with Australia's fruit fly management systems and is considering suspending trade in Australian fruit'. The export market is worth about $40 million, including grapes and cherries. Alan Bramble, ...Read More

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Canada import barriers

When it comes to the value of goods that can be shipped into the country before duty is assessed (referred to as the de minimis level), Canada comes near the bottom of the list. Americans can import $200 worth of ...Read More

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Russia Bans Imports of EU Meat

Citing health concerns, Russia last week announced new sanctions on meat products from the European Union, widening its restrictions on Western food imports. Its federal supervisory agency for agriculture, the Rosselkhoznadzor, said "temporary restrictions" will go into effect Tuesday on ...Read More

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UK Wheat Imports to fall

UK wheat imports will fall more than 40% this season due to the boost to domestic supplies from the strongest year-on-year rise in production in history – requiring  bumper exports to avoid a huge stocks build-up. UK wheat imports - ...Read More

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China Exports and Imports Surge

China's exports and imports in September were far higher than expected, according to official data: exports were 15.3% higher than last year, while imports rose 7%, giving a trade surplus of $31bn for the month. The data beat the expectations ...Read More

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Russian import sanctions lower fruit prices

Fruit growers in the United Kingdom are suffering from the impact of Russian sanctions on EU food imports, which are lowering the price of their produce by up to a quarter. Russia has banned fruit imports from EU nations, which ...Read More

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German exports dive

Exports from Germany plunged in August by their largest volume since the height of the financial crisis, and leading institutes slashed forecasts for growth. The figures fuelled debate on whether Berlin is doing enough to prop up the domestic and ...Read More

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Russia increases food imports from ‘non-sanctioned’ countries

Russia is increasing the volume of imports from third countries, following the ban on food from the United States, Canada, the European Union, Norway and Australia. Turkey is exporting poultry and fish, Switzerland is delivering dairy products, and Uruguay is ...Read More

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Significant Reduction in UK wheat imports

UK wheat imports will fall more than 40% this season due to the boost to domestic supplies from the strongest year-on-year rise in production in history. Bumper exports will be needed to avoid a huge build-up of stocks. UK wheat ...Read More


UK Exports Increasing

The UK Environment Secretary has been giving encouraging news to the Conservative party conference about food exports. She said that almost 600 new markets had been opened overseas, adding that exports had increased by more than £1 billion in the ...Read More

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Food imports ‘a disgrace’

British children should grow up knowing the taste of Melton Mowbray pork pies, Norfolk turkeys and black pudding, Liz Truss, the Environment Secretary, has said. She said that the UK imports of large quantities of apples, pears and cheese at ...Read More

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Polish Miners Block Cheap Coal Imports from Russia

Miners in Poland protesting against imports of cheap Russian coal have blocked a border route into northern Poland, according to mining union leaders. More than 200 workers blocked the passage in order to protest against imports of Russian coal. Polish ...Read More

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Turkey preparing to cut imports

Turkey is preparing to introduce new measures to curb imports by the end of the year, in the latest measure to cure the chronic current account deficit problem, Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci has announced. “We performed a study on ‘the ...Read More


Russia to increase imports from Vietnam

Russia is enacting measures to import more agricultural products from Vietnam due to sanctions imposed by the West over Moscow’s involvement in the Ukraine crisis. The increase in imports is also meant to boost trade ties between the two countries, ...Read More

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Vietnam Seafood Exports to Russia

Ten Vietnamese seafood companies are currently exporting products to Russia, according to a report by the Export Department. However, the Russian trade representative in Vietnam said the number of Vietnamese businesses entering the Russian market has increased on a daily ...Read More

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Euro zone July trade rises on exports

The euro zone's trade surplus rose year-on-year in July as exports grew faster than imports, indicating a positive contribution to economic growth at the start of the third quarter, the European Union's Statistics office data showed. Eurostat said the non-seasonally ...Read More

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Dutch exports grow thanks to previous imports

The volume of exports in June 2014 increased by 4.1 percent over June 2013, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) in Holland has reported. The bureau said in a statement that this was mostly due to transshipment of goods through ...Read More

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Whisky exporters oppose Independence

Whisky exporters in Scotland have been vocally opposed to the independence movement. "Internationally, as an export oriented sector, we rely on effective support from government in our overseas markets, whether in influencing EU negotiations or pressing other governments to allow ...Read More

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Eurozone exports to Russia down 14 per cent in 2014

Exports and imports between the Eurozone and Russia have plummeted in the period January to May, figures from Eurostat revealed last week. The was a 14 per cent decline in exports to Russia in January-June 2014 compared with the same ...Read More

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Russia turning to Israel for fruit imports

Russia is interested in increasing its fruit imports from Israel, after boycotting imports from Europe as part of the ongoing diplomatic dispute between Russia and the West. This new development comes as buyers in Gaza, Jordan and some European nations ...Read More

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UK wheat imports top forecasts

UK wheat imports finished high in 2013-14, far exceeding expectations, as exports put in their worst performance in more than 20 years, with imports of corn rising too. The UK imported 2.21m tonnes of wheat in the year to the ...Read More

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Russia bans most food imports from EU and US

Russia has banned meat, fish, dairy and fruit and vegetable imports from Western countries in the most drastic retaliatory measures taken by the Kremlin so far. The measures - a response to sectoral sanctions designed to punish Russia for stoking ...Read More

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Warning of over reliance on food imports

THE PROPORTION of food which the UK produces for itself is continuing to fall, with the country able to feed itself only up until today without imports, farmers have warned. The UK’s self-sufficiency in food dropped by two percentage points ...Read More

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Russia to ban all US agricultural imports, EU fruit & vegetable imports

A one-year ban has been imposed on certain agricultural produce, foods and raw materials imports from countries that have sanctioned Russia. An order for economic measures 'to protect the country's security' has been signed by President Putin. The decree “on ...Read More

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China Energy Imports

At present, China imports 55 percent of its oil, nearly half of which comes from countries in the Persian Gulf. In volume terms, that amounts to 5.3 mbd, or about 75 percent of Saudi Arabia’s production. China’s reliance on Middle ...Read More

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USA wrong to punish Chinese imports, says WTO

The U.S.A was wrong to impose punitive import fees on a range of products from China, the World Trade Organization (WTO) ruled a couple of weeks ago, in a decision that gave Beijing a key victory in a long-running tariff ...Read More

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UK trade gap widens in May on higher aircraft imports

Britain's goods trade deficit widened in May, increased by imports of aircraft, official data showed last week. The Office for National Statistics said the goods trade deficit grew to just over 9.2 billion pounds from 8.8 billion pounds in April, ...Read More

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Export, Import boost for India

If everything goes as per plan, then gradually all minor ports in the state will be converted into commercial ports to promote export and import. Minister for ports and fisheries Baburao Chinchansur said that very soon the cabinet will discuss ...Read More

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War on imports to Belarus

The Council of Ministers in Belarus is introducing licensing for the imports of cars and tyres. Public authorities are working on a draft law, according to which licensing could be introduced in the country for imports of cars and tyres ...Read More


Exports from Finland to Russia drop

Finnish exports to Russia dropped sharply in the last quarter, making Germany in the top position for international sales, according to new figures. Machinery, equipment and chemicals suffered the biggest declines in exports to Russia. Imports from Finland’s eastern neighbour ...Read More

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UK Imports Wheat

Recent figures show that the UK had for a 23rd successive month imported more wheat than it exported, against the typical trend. Imports, although down 9.8% month on month at 113,861 tonnes, far exceeded exports, of 26,910 tonnes, a gain ...Read More

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China’s exports rise 7% in May, imports fall

Exports from China increased in May thanks to firmer global demand, data showed on Sunday, but an unexpected fall in imports signalled weaker domestic demand which may continue to weigh on the world’s second-largest economy. Exports rose 7 per cent ...Read More

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Russia Suspends US Pig Imports

Russia - concerned over the spread of Porcine Epidemic Diahorrhea virus (PEDv) in U.S. pig populations, announced last week it was suspending U.S. imports of live pigs effective from May 30. The disease has already killed about 10 percent of ...Read More

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E.U Bans Citrus Imports From South Africa

On 27 may, the European Commission announced restrictions on citrus imports from South Africa due to an outbreak of “black spot” plant disease there. South African politicians are concerned about the economic ramifications for the world’s largest citrus exporter. The ...Read More

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Swiss April Exports Steady

Switzerland had modest export growth in April. This was mainly stimulated by demand from Asia and the USA for pharmaceutical and chemical products, as well as watches and jewellery. Exports during April rose 0.4% compared with the previous year in ...Read More


Hong Kong wine imports static in 2013

Hong Kong imported 1bn US dollars' worth of wine in 2013. 100m US dollars' worth of this was of re-exported to Mainland China, said the region's secretary of commerce and economic development, at the opening of the Vinexpo Asia Pacific ...Read More

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Freight Forwarders Vietnam Fears

Freight Forwarders believe import and export demand to and from Vietnam may be affected for an extended period after many of the country’s key industrial parks closed.  A dispute with China over maritime rights escalated into violent anti-China protests earlier ...Read More

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Irish beef imports affect prices in Wales

There has been an increase in Irish beef being imports to the UK, which reports say are undercutting Welsh beef at 310p/kg, compared to 352p/kg for Welsh steers. The Welsh Red meat body's chairman Dai Davies said: “Throughput at Irish ...Read More

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British dairy imports to Ireland

Milk imports into the Republic have almost doubled for the first two months of the year compared to 2013. The volumes imported are also significant, totalling 90m litres for January alone. The vast bulk of the milk came from Northern ...Read More

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UK Exports start to rise

ON 9 May the Office for National Statistics released trade figures for March,also the first quarterly trade statistics for the year. The data once again shows a mixed picture of export performance, with some areas of improvement against a continued ...Read More


China wine imports from Australia increasing

China is becoming one of the top three wine-consuming countries in the world, with imports from Australia growing by nearly 150%, according to the latest National Australia Bank (NAB) Agribusiness Rural Commodities Wrap. Wine imports to China from Australia have ...Read More

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US beef industry wants China to resume imports

China is working hard to resolve issues that would allow imports of US beef to resume for the first time since 2003 when a Washington State outbreak of "mad cow disease" prompted Beijing and other countries to restrict them. The ...Read More

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Record cashew exports from India

Cashew exports rose to a record high last financial year in volume and value compared with the previous year. Total exports during 2013-14 increased by over 13 per cent to 1,13,620 tonnes from 1,00,105 tonnes. “Performance in all the segments ...Read More

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New foreign trade policy to boost exports from India

The Indian government has said that a new Foreign Trade Policy will focus on ways to boost India's exports, and reduce dependence on imports. "India being part of WTO cannot only think in terms its export promotion without equally supporting ...Read More

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Report predicts annual growth in China beef imports

A new bank report suggest that China's government will need to increase beef imports in order to support the country's domestic beef supply. The bank forecasts five years of 15% to 20% annual growth in China's beef imports. The report ...Read More

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Hong Kong Rice Imports Increase

Hong Kong’s rice imports in 2013 have increased to around 339,000 tons, up about 9% from about 310,000 tons in 2012, according to the USDA Post. The Hong Kong rice import market has changed significantly since its full liberalization in ...Read More

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Surge in value of Irish exports

THE value of Irish exports rose by 3pc in February when compared with the same month last year, official figures show. One of the main reasons for the positive data was a 15pc increase in the value of exports of ...Read More

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China Fair shadowed by weak exports

The Canton Fair - officially known as the 115th China Import and Export Fair-is expected to draw 200,000 international buyers, an increase of more than 180,000 over the autumn session when there was a drop-off in numbers, said Liu Jianjun, ...Read More

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German exports slump in February

In February, Germany's export-driven economy shipped goods and services worth 92.4 billion euros ($127.4 billion) - a drop of 1.3 percent compared with the previous month of January, according to latest figures released by the German statistics office in April. ...Read More

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China imports less gold

Banks in China have been importing less gold over the past month as demand reduced after the festival season. Cheaper prices at home due to a softer yuan also curbed overseas purchases of the precious metal, banking sources and traders ...Read More

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UK Food And Drinks Exports To China Soar

China's imports of U.K. food rose 82 percent in 2013 from 2012, driven by spectacular sales of pork and salmon, making the world’s second largest economy a prime market for British food exports outside the European Union. The value of ...Read More

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Hong Kong Exports Decline For a Second Month

Hong Kong's exports declined for a second straight month in February, while imports increased strongly, leading to a larger trade deficit than a year ago, data from the Census and Statistics Department revealed Tuesday Exports fell 1.3% year-on-year, after decreasing ...Read More

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EU bans fish imports from Belize, Cambodia, and Guinea

At €10 million annually, the value of these countries exports to the EU is relatively low, but NGOs say it sends a strong signal to other larger fishing countries on the commission’s warning list. “These are not the major importers ...Read More

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China Blocks Imports of American apples

The Washington Apple Commission has suffered a setback in its attempts to persuade China to import their apples. In December, Chinese officials appeared ready to resume imports of Washington Reds and Goldens after one more inspection trip, but they have ...Read More

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Tea exports rise marginally in 2013 – Economic Times

Tea exports from India during 2013 increased by only two per cent at 212 million kilograms as compared to 208 million kilograms in 2012, according to data by Indian Tea Association (ITA). Production of tea during 2013 increased 6.6 per ...Read More

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German exports, imports surge at fastest pace for 2 years

German exports and imports increased in January at the fastest pace in nearly two years, data showed on Tuesday. Data from the Federal Statistics Office showed seasonally-adjusted exports up 2.2 percent in January, well above a consensus forecast for a ...Read More


Imports meet China’s food needs

China is importing more and more food to meet its domestic needs, which is causing anxiety at home and abroad after years of near domestic self-sufficiency. This is particularly true of grain, the US Department of Agriculture reporting a near ...Read More

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Imports can help us unlock Britain’s export potential

A report by a leading international bank shows that British manufacturers – particularly in the automotive, pharmaceutical and machinery industries – have started to import more semi-finished parts, allowing them to focus on value added. But this increase in imports ...Read More

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India rejects EU demand for zero-duty auto imports

The European Union is seeking zero-duty import of automobiles, as part of a trade agreement with India. The Indian government has dismissed this demand. In addition the 28-member grouping wants further customs duty removal for 29 auto components, again a ...Read More

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Japan exports rose in January

Exports from Japan rose by 9.5 per cent in January, compared with the previous year.   This is lower than the expected 12.6 per cent. Imports increased by 25 percent, partly caused by the weak yen.  With the big increase ...Read More

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Fruity imports to U.SA. Grow

Imports of fruit to the USA will account for about half of total per capita fruit and nut use by 2023.   Imports of vegetables will make up 25% of per capita vegetable use. Those new projections from the USA's ...Read More

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Russia considers 30% import tax on foreign online retailers

Russia is considering restricting imports from foreign online retailers, joining an increasing number of countries looking into measures to protect local operators. The government of Ryussia is looking at a 30% tax on imports worth more than 7,000 roubles (£123) ...Read More

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Cloth Exports from Scotland to China on the rise

In the first nine months of 2013, Scottish tweed exports to China rose to a record high, reaching £9.7 million, which is higher than all of the exports in the previous year. China’s overall wool importsincreased by 6.5 percent to ...Read More

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China Imports Rising

Imports to China rose the most in five months in December, indicating that domestic demand will support economic growth.The Chinese government claimed the title of the world’s biggest trader of goods. Inbound shipments increased 8.3 percent from a year earlier, ...Read More

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China Rice Imports down 5% from Previous Year

China’s Customs General Administration (CGA) says that China imported around 2.24 million tons of rice in the calendar year 2013, which is about 5% less than the 2.36 million tons in 2012. According to the CGA, China also exported around ...Read More

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British beef suffering from Polish imports

In the wake of the horse meat scandal last year, British retailers turned to domestic supplies of beef, but now they are buying imports from Poland at a cheaper price. While imported beef doesn't fit the Red Tractor requirements to ...Read More

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Freight takes off at Shanghai Pudong Terminal

Shanghai Pudong cargo terminal saw freight tonnage rise by 2.83 percent to a total of 1,173,784 tonnes in the first 11 months of 2013. In 2012 the total was only 1,141,472 tonnes. Domestic cargo volume grew by 17.05 percent year-over-year ...Read More

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Russia banning fish imports from Norway

Russian vets recently returned from a visit to Norway;they are unsatisfied with the food safety control and want to stop all import of fresh fish and fish products from Norway. Norway exports salmon to 120 different markets; only the Russian ...Read More

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More US cars Shipping to China

Exports of cars from the USA to Saudi Arabia and China are increasing revenue for shipping vessel operators. The U.S.A exported a record 1.8 million cars and light trucks last year. Exports rose another 8.9 percent in the first 10 ...Read More

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Import from Oslo of famous tree

The world's most famous Christmas tree was exported from Norway via Immingham to London. Shipping free of charge on DFDS, the tree arrived on Saturday 30 November and is on forwarded by lorry. It is decorated in traditional Norwegian style, ...Read More

Shipping Industry hope for shopping

Ocean shipping carriers are hoping that last Friday - Black Friday - the beginning of the peak period for Christmas shopping, will encourage retailers to re-stock and fill their ships.  The following Monday - Cyber Monday - is the peak ...Read More

Russia Opens door for Meat Imports

Last month the Environment Secretary signed a major trade agreement with Russia, which will allow beef and lamb exports from the UK to be imported into Russia. This ends an 18 year ban imposed after the outbreak of BSE in ...Read More

Liverpool Development for Low Carbon Imports

Liverpool's development as a deep-water port will allow imports from anywhere in the world to be delivered to a market of over 35 million consumers without touching a road. The frequent feeder services on the Manchester Ship Canal will allow ...Read More

Refrigerated Shipping Uncertainty

Shipping of refrigerated perishable goods increased by about 3.6% per year between 2002 and 2012 but the future is uncertain. Specialised refrigerated fleets are reducing in number due to the cost of maintaining them, although refrigerated exports and imports are ...Read More

US Imports Predicted to Surge

The USA based National Retail Federation is expecting import container volumes to increase 5.1% in September in comparison with the previous year.  Retailers seem to be stocking up in preparation for the holiday season.  The tool volume of container imports ...Read More

China container trade knocked by economy

This year rates of growth of freight volumes have eased, victim of muted demand for China's manufactured goods. In May, both imports and exports fell.  It is hoped that in future imports will be a source of sustainable growth; the ...Read More

China exports and imports recover

Growth in Chinese exports and imports was higher than expected in July, representing a sharp recovery from the previous month. Exports rose 5.1% compared with a year earlier, while imports gained 10.9%. The rises were large swings from June's figures, ...Read More

China Policies to boost import/export trade

The Chinese government is aiming to maintain stable growth in the second half of the year by fine-tuning economic policies.  The policies cover a wide range of areas, including customs clearance, foreign exchange, taxes and inspections. The outlook for exports ...Read More

Low Growth for China Exports

According to one of the major shipping lines, export volumes out of east and central China have grown by just 3% in the first half year of 2013. Customs data suggests that overall import-export value grew 1.1% over last year; ...Read More

Logistics Changes in China

The logistics requirements of the country's export, import and domestic industries are changing with the expanding domestic economy. Global Third Party Logistics Providers are being forced to move with their customers, expanding the size of their distribution centres or seeking ...Read More

Boost to Chinese Imports

As the Chinese people become wealthier, the domestic market for consumer goods is growing.  China is now importing more goods than ever from the rest of the world, so much so that in March the country posted a rare trade ...Read More

Gothenburg Increase in Crude Oil Imports

During the first quarter of 2013, 5.5 million tonnes of crude oil and other energy products were handled by the port of Gothenburg, an increase of five percent over the previous year.  The total volume of freight through the port ...Read More

Sweden Imports Refuse Derived Fuel

Sweden has been forced to import rubbish to fuel its waste-to-energy incineration program. The specially prepared waste product, called Refuse Derived Fuel, is compressed into blocks to burn in electricity generation.  The country's small population of 9.5 million is so ...Read More

China Imports fall in New Year

The Lunar New Year celebrations in China have had a considerable impact on import figures: in February imports declined 15.2% compared with the previous year. Factories and businesses in China are shut for days during the New Year celebrations.

USA Imports Expected to Increase

A recent report says that container imports to the USA this month are expected to rise in comparison with last year. Although there have been reductions in federal spending which will affect Customs and Border protection, imports are expected to ...Read More

China Exports Increasing

In January this year exports from China froze by 25%, while imports soared 28.8%.  This suggests that external and domestic demand are both strong, although exports of tableware to Europe have been hit by excessive import duties.

EU Criticizes Norway Import Tariffs

The EU's draft report on Norway for 2012 shows that Europe regrets Norway's decision to increase import tariffs on certain cheeses and meat.  However there is a good relationship overall, which should not be jeopardised by the new import restrictions.

Norway increases meat imports

Meat imports into Norway increased by 69 percent in the first nine months of 2012.  Agriculture in Norway is struggling to meet demand and the industry does not expect the trend for increased imports to reverse in the near future.

UK Port Traffic falters

Department for Transport statistics show that total freight traffic through UK ports was 2% down over last year, based on the rolling 12 months to the end of September 2012.  In 2011, ports handled 519 million tonnes of freight traffic, ...Read More

Baltics chase Eastern Freight

Lithuania and Latvia are investing in port infrastructure and rail freight systems in an effort to become the gateway to Western Europe for exports from China and Japan.  Lithuania is offering favourable freight transit rates to China and Japan through ...Read More

Norway import/export Trade Increases

Imports of seafood from Norway to Grimbsy are growing.  Both salmon and cod imports are increasing year by year.  Various trade events have helped to promote good business relationships between Grimsby and Norway, in addition to a reduction in salmon ...Read More

Duty free holiday for Pakistan exports

The European Parliament recently approved a regulation to allow more goods to be exported duty free to the EU on a temporary basis.  The measure is designed to help Pakistan with economic recovery after the floods.  Duties can be re-introduced ...Read More

Downturn in Auto Freight through Sweden

Of all the freight cargo moving through Gothenburg port this year, the biggest fall in volumes has been in cars. During the third quarter, 30 000 cars were shipped, compared with 45 000 in  2011.  These figures cover movement of ...Read More

Swedish Imports/Exports stable

Although growth in imports and exports through Gothenburg was down slightly in January - September, volumes in the third quarter increased.  The most common containerised export goods from Sweden are paper, timber products, industrial components and steel. Imports are mainly ...Read More

China Import Export Fair Disappoints

The China Import and Export Fair opened on Monday 15 October with disappointing attendance. The Canton Fair spokesman attributed this to flagging external demand, rising trade fractions, the rising value of the Chinese currency and seasonal factors.  

Japan exports fall

A slow down in China and economic difficulties in Europe have caused Japanese exports to fall and the trade deficit to increase.  Higher prices for oil meant that imports became more expensive, and shipment to the EU fell 25 per ...Read More

Russia Imports likely to increase

Now that Russia has joined the World Trade Organsation, exporting countries, especially Finland, are expecting to benefit.  Russia is expected to reduce some import tariffs immediately and others after an interim period.  Taxes on wood exports will probably ease, and ...Read More

Freight volumes down at Schipol

Schipol Airport in Amsterdam handled 3.5% less tonnage in the first half of 2012 than in the previous year.  Exports - which made  up 48.7% of the total - held up slightly better than imports, which were 3.5% down.  The ...Read More

Fall in Eurozone Exports

Exports to the most troubled parts of the Eurozone, such as Spain and Greece, are falling as consumer demand in these countries shrinks due to economic difficulties.  Spain and Greece are still exporting seasonal fruits to the UK, but many ...Read More

Saudi Ports swamped by Imports

Ports in Saudi Arabia are being overwhelmed by the increase in imports which has occurred over the last year.  The delays in unloading have caused two international freight shipping carriers to refuse to transport containers to Jeddah from America. The crisis ...Read More

Midsummer exit from Stockholm, Sweden

With the main summer festival of Midsummer Eve taking place on Friday 22 June, many workers will leave Stockholm and the other main cities for the countryside. Import and export traffic with Sweden has traditionally slowed down at this time ...Read More

China Export Growth

Official statistics issued by China's government over the  weekend show that the economy is still growing, although more slowly than expected in some areas. Exports, however, rose 15.3pc in May, according to customs figures released on Sunday. This is more ...Read More

Slow growth in Europe import/export

Trade volume figures for the first quarter of 2012 suggest that growth will be slower than in 2011. Deepsea imports to Europe are forecast to increase by 2.3% in 2012, with a 2.8% gain anticipated in North Europe and a ...Read More

Air Cargo limited by Norway Strikes

Although the strikes in Norway are not supported by 100% of workers, air cargo at Oslo has been restricted by the lack of security guards.  Air cargo handlers are coping with limited gate opening times, which means that most exports ...Read More

New Shipping Service to Cork

The port of Cork in Ireland has invested heavily in new equipment, enabling it to welcome the first direct shipping service from South America.  Weekly services will carry mainly exports of bananas, which have not been shipped direct to Ireland ...Read More

China Export Recovery

The Chinese government said in a press conference that export growth  showed recovery during the first ten days of May, but the country is still facing difficult trading conditions. Chinese exports grew 27.3 percent and imports rose 28 percent in ...Read More

Record Imports and Exports in March

Exports from and imports to the UK hit a record high in March.  Export growth was mainly due to sales of pharmaceuticals and cars to non EU countries but also to Germany. However, there was a decline in manufacturing exports ...Read More

Hamburg export and import volumes

Volumes of both import and export traffic through the Port of Hamburg in Germany increased in the first quarter of this year.  This was in spite of falling volumes of imports from the Asian continent. Hamburg is the second-largest port ...Read More

China big on pig imports

In 2011 imports of pig offal accounted for more than 65 pe cent of the total pig products imported in China.  Demand for meet has been growing in China, and this is helping exports in other parts of the world. ...Read More

Incentive for Chinese Exports

The Commerce Ministry of China has said that tax rebates for exports are likely to be increased this year.  Exports have declined sharply due to the European debt crisis, and the government wishes to stabilise export growth.  The announcement was ...Read More

China lowers import duties

A former deputy commerce minister in China announced that the import taxes on a large number of consumer and luxury goods will be lowered this year. The aim is to promote domestic consumption in China. This is encouraging news for ...Read More

EU investigates China steel imports

Eurofer, the European steel producers' group, has filed an anti-dumping complaint with the European commission against imports of organic-coated steel from China.  A formal investigation is expected to begin next month. A series of complaints have been brought by the ...Read More

Irish Shipping still declining

The latest statistics from the Irish Maritime Development Office show that only one of the five principal freight segments showed any growth over the same period last year. Exports  grew by 4% in Q3 and by 6% for the first nine ...Read More

Simpler Imports for US air freight

The Customs authority in the USA has announced a pilot plan for simplifying air freight imports. During the pilot scheme, the importer or broker will provide 13 data items and 3 optional data items, instead of the 27 currently required. The ...Read More

Whisky exports to China grow

The UK trade association for the Scotch whisky industry have published figures showing that the value of China's imports of Scotch whisky is increasing steadily.  In 2001 the value was 2.9 million dollars, in  2010 it was more than 85 ...Read More

Non Euro Exports on the increase

The Office for National Statistics has published figures showing that exports from the UK increased in August, compared with July.  The trade deficit narrowed more than expected with exports rising and imports falling slightly. The reduction in imports was inevitable ...Read More

Felixstowe’s New Freight Terminal

On 28 September Felixstowe, which is the largest freight container port in the UK, opened two new berths.  They will be the only container berths in the country which are large enough to handle the largest container ships which are ...Read More

Taiwan Imports delayed

Cargo importers in Taiwan are complaining that their shipments are being delayed because Customs authorities are taking too long to inspect goods.  The Customs officials say they need more time to prevent 'possible misunderstandings' while the importers complain that officials ...Read More

Future of freight distribution

According to a recent article in the journal of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, it is time to re-design the distribution of freight to reduce cost and environmental impact.  Current practice relies on using existing facilities, which were ...Read More

Container imports slow

Container Trade Statistics report that imports into Europe from Asia in June were 4.6% down on May, but are above the levels recorded during the same month last year.  Exports to Asia in Quarter 2 of 2011 increased compared with ...Read More

Germany growth slowing

Growth in the German economy slowed unexpectedly in the second quarter of this year.  German GDP only increased by 0.1 percent in the quarter to June compared with the previous quarter. Although exports and investment made a positive contribution, imports ...Read More

Europe – freight volumes stagnate

A recently published report shows that exports and imports of freight through European ports increased in May compared with the previous month, but declined from volumes recorded in March.  Overall, import and export container growth at deepsea ports has been ...Read More

China to increase US imports

The President of the American Soybean Association has announced that exports to China are expected to rise by 5 % more than last year.  It is hope that this will promote relations between China and the USA and help to ...Read More

USA Imports set to increase

The US National Retail Federation has commissioned a report showing that imports are expected to remain at about the same level as last year in July, with increases beginning again later in the summer.  Consumer spending has slowed down due ...Read More