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Finland halved Russian imports

Imports from Russia to Finland nearly halved from the previous month in April, nevertheless they added more than half a billion euros to Russia's economy. ...
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Posted on June 17, 2022

Finland restricts Russian power imports

The electricity grid operator of Finland, Fingrid, has reduced its electricity imports from Russia to try and secure Finland’s power system. The decid...
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Posted on April 26, 2022

Finland divided on weapons export ban

Parliamentary parties in Finland are divided on whether the country should relax its arms exports ban to Ukraine. The Prime Minister Sanna Marin's (SDP)...
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Posted on February 24, 2022

Governor and Local Business Leaders Head to Europe on Trade Mission | KNSI

The Governor of Minnesota is in the United Kingdom leading a trade mission to the U.K. and Finland. The mission is focussing on increasing state exports...
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Posted on November 19, 2021

Freight Traffic in Saimaa Canal, Finland, increases

Freight traffic on the Saimaa Canal grew by 16,9% year-on-year from January-June 2021. 389 freight vessels transited the Canal during the period under r...
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Posted on August 17, 2021

Finland food exports to China in 2020

An increase in meat exports to China was a key part of the overall growth of Finnish food exports in 2020, said Business Finland, a governmental body for p...
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Posted on March 19, 2021

Exports to Finland fell by 23%, imports by up to 52% in January

Finland - United Kingdom trade decreased significantly at the end of the one-year transition period for Brexit in December. Finnish Customs figures sugges...
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Posted on March 16, 2021

Rail freight Finland – China

A logistics operator in Finland is now offering a weekly rail service to carry refrigerated containers from Narvik and Helsinki to Hefei and Chongqing in C...
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Posted on September 25, 2020

Railways event in Sweden

An international event focusing on transportation between Belarus, Latvia, and Scandinavia has been organized by Latvian Railways in Sweden. Belarusian ...
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Posted on December 11, 2019

Finland and EU should ban Brazilian beef imports

The Minister of Finance for Finland has said that the country and the rest of the EU should seriously consider banning beef exports from Brazil. Banning ...
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Posted on September 2, 2019

Spain expects record grape exports in 2018 season

Murcia, Spain’s grape-growing region, expects exports to reach record levels of around 160,000 metric tons (MT) this season. In 2017 the region export...
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Posted on September 5, 2018

Estonian exports decrease

According to a report from Statistics Estonia, exports fell by 3% compared with the previous year in March 2018. Imports into Estonia rose by 4% compared w...
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Posted on May 16, 2018

Food from Finland exports purity

Finland’s food exports are growing quickly. In 2016 Finland exported 1.5 billion euros’ worth of foodstuffs, compared with 1.6 billion last year. The p...
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Posted on May 9, 2018

Stockholm summit with Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and India

The Indian  Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Sweden last week for trade talks. A Nordic-Indian summit took place with the leaders of Denmark, Finla...
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Posted on April 23, 2018

Iraq poultry import ban includes Serbia, Finland and Britain

Iraq widened a ban on live and frozen poultry imports to include Serbia, Finland and Britain on Monday. This reflects government concern over the spread of...
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Posted on January 14, 2017

Estonia imports rubbish to keep power plant running

Estonia has become an importer of other countries' rubbish in order to keep one of its power plants running. Last year, the country importede some 56,000 ...
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Posted on October 7, 2016

Alcohol leads Finnish food exports

In the small town of Isokyrö in Ostrobothnia, rye-based gin and whisky maker Kyrö Distillery Company is growing so quickly that its one million euro turn...
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Posted on July 23, 2016

All Finland exports to Russia down this year

Customs data show a significant decline in exports to Russia from all sectors in Finland during the first five months of the year. Worst effected were expo...
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Posted on September 5, 2015

Finnish exports to Russia down more than 35 percent

Finnish Customs reported last week that exports to the eastern neighbour had fallen 35 percent in the months up to May this year compared to 2014, reflecti...
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Posted on September 4, 2015

Finnish facility approved for export to China

A pork slaughtering facility in Forssa, Finland, has been approved for export to China. This is viewed as a major achievement in the company's strategy to ...
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Posted on February 5, 2015

Skye brewery gets £100k grant boost for exports

A brewery based on the Isle of Skye has received a £116,000 grant from Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) to boost exports. Overall, the Isle of Sk...
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Posted on November 5, 2014

Finland Post to cease air and sea freight business in Scandinavia

Finland’s postal operator, Itella, said it will abandon its business activities in the fields of air and sea freight in Scandinavia in order to improve p...
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Posted on October 30, 2014

Finland fears crisis as Russia curbs food imports

Finland warned last week that Russian retaliation against EU sanctions could push its economy into crisis, while President Vladimir Putin ordered curbs on ...
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Posted on August 11, 2014

Exports from Finland to Russia drop

Finnish exports to Russia dropped sharply in the last quarter, making Germany in the top position for international sales, according to new figures. Mac...
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Posted on June 18, 2014
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