RW Freight collect my goods from me on time for exports to Sweden. I am happy with their Service

Sweden Exports

My imports from Sweden run very smoothly thanks to RW Freight Services. My deliveries are always on time.

Swedish Import Shipping

Never had any problems when using RW Freight for my exports to Sweden they are efficient and professional.

Swedish Export Freight

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China-Europe freight train 72% increase

From May 31, China-Europe freight trains running from Yiwu, in the Zhejiang province of China carried out 200 trips this year. The service transported 16,672 freight containers, a growth rate of 72 percent, according to China Railway Shanghai Group Co ...Read More

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Covid-19 supplies by rail freight

China-Europe freight trains which depart from Yiwu connect five cities in eastern China and 36 countries in Europe. These include Spain, Denmark, Switzerland and France, and deliver cross-border mail of over 2,000 tons. The majority of cargo transported is Corvid-19 ...Read More

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India pharma exports

The government of India has allowed the exports of 13 pharmaceutical formulations, including those made of Vitamin B6, B12 and B1 under advance licenses issued on or before March 3. It also permitted exports of the restricted 13 active pharmaceutical ...Read More

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S. Korea exports wristband trackers for quarantine violators

South Korea has been using electronic wristbands equipped with a location-tracking system on people who violate self-isolation rules since late April. Health authorities said exports of the wristbands will help South Korea to form a deeper connection with the rest ...Read More

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KPA extends free storage period for imports, exports

The Kenya Ports Authority has increased the free storage period for importers and exporters because of the slow turn-around interval for freight lorries caused by the impact of the Covid-19. The Managing Director said that the virus has impacted the ...Read More

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Portugal stops waste imports

Portugal has halted imports of foreign waste until the end of the year to protect domestic landfill capacity. Portugal usually attracts large quantities of European rubbish imports because of its low fees, has refused to accept 246,000 tons of waste ...Read More

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The Impact of COVID-19 on South Africa’s Maritime Economy

COVID-19 first broke out in the port city of Wuhan, China, in December 2019. The economic impact of the global lockdown is considerable, with the global freight and shipping industry being among the biggest casualties. Global shipping markets have declined; ...Read More

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Kenya’s herb farmers crushed by virus blow to exports

For herb growers in Kenya heavy rains - as have been experienced recently - often mean a year of solid profits. The thriving horticultural sector has become a major driver of Kenya’s export revenue. But measures put in place to ...Read More

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April garment exports from Vietnam plummet

Garment and textile exports from Vietnam in April fell 20 percent year-on-year and could fall further, as importers cancel orders because of Covid-19 pandemic impacts. Data showed that garment and textile exports in the first four months fell 6.6 percent ...Read More

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Disinfectant exports from Turkey increase because of COVID-19

Disinfectant product exports from Turkey recorded a more than tenfold increase during the first four months of the year. The coronavirus pandemic increased demand for such products, increasing to $90 million from $8.6 million the year before. The data revealed ...Read More

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Freight trains continue in spite of coronavirus slowdowns

Freight trains transporting and transporting food, consumer products, chemicals and livestock to and from manufacturers, stores and ports are still running through Los Angeles County and California. During the past two months, the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting closures have disrupted ...Read More

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Thai food and electronic exports increase despite global Covid-19 crisis

Thai exports grew by 0.91 per cent in the first quarter compared to the same period last year, mainly bcause of food and electronics. Overall exports are expected to contract by 8 per cent year on year. The chief of ...Read More

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Kampot pepper in storage as exports dry up

The famous Kampot pepper from Cambodia is facing export difficulties because of COVID-19 restrictions since receiving its geographic indicator (GI) certification from the European Union. Nguon Lay, the president of the KPPA, said that - since the outbreak of the ...Read More

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Exports of Lime and Lemon from Iran banned

A government ministry in Iran has banned the export of limes, lemons and the rubber used in making masks following the outbreak of Covid-19. Over 5,000 tons of lime imports will be in Iran by May 4 in order to ...Read More

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Sri Lanka tea exports suffer

Sri Lanka's tea exports recorded the lowest-ever volume of shipments and sharp dip in value. COVID-19 mitigation measures have disrupted the trade. Tea exports in March amounted to 13.8 million kilos, the lowest ever. This was worse than the previous ...Read More

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Mozzarella exports for Asian pizza

The increasing appetite for pizza in Asia is helping to increase mozzarella export sales for South Australia’s largest cheesemaker. the manufacturer recently closed a deal to export 1000 tonnes of mozzarella a year from its factory near Adelaide. It will ...Read More

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Covid-19 affects Scottish salmon exports

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a 32 percent drop in Scottish salmon exports in February. The sector is trying to adapt to the ever-changing restrictions. The latest HMRC export figures in February 2020 show a fall of 2,700 tonnes compared ...Read More

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Demand for gloves in Covid-19 era boosts Thai rubber exports

The Rubber Authority of Thailand said that the Covid-19 pandemic has boosted Thai rubber exports because of increased global demand for rubber gloves in the medical industry. 'We have seen Thai rubber export growth increase, particularly rubber gloves and synthetic ...Read More

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South Africa’s Vintners Can’t export Wine

Vintners in South African have been baffled during the COVID-19 pandemic, with their nation's rules changing by the day. They understand the need to protect health but they worry that rules banning all wine sales and exports will lead to ...Read More

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Lower tariffs help US importers

Income to the US Treasury from customs duties – namely tariffs – fell by 6.8% year over year in March. This was the first annual decline since August 2017. The largest driver was a 5.8% reduction in imports. That in ...Read More

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US exports to China fell 11.4% in 2019

US goods exports to China contracted by 11.4 percent due largely to tariffs and business uncertainties in 2019. The COVID-19 pandemic is likely to bring a more serious picture for this year, a leading trade association said in the USA ...Read More

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Covid-19 Pandemic to trigger Japan export fall

Japan’s exports slumped to probably its lowest figure in over 3-1/2 years in March, as the Covid-19 pandemic crushed demand in the United States and Europe. The increasing consequences of the pandemic has added pressure to an economy already on ...Read More

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China will not limit exports of Covid-19 medical goods

China will not restrict exports of medical goods which protect against the coronavirus pandemic, a government spokesman said. China, the biggest maker of surgical masks and other products, said it would start inspecting exports after importers' complaints that some Chinese ...Read More

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Shipping Industry Covid-19 aftermath

The 'Big 3' shipping alliances — 2M, Ocean Alliance, and The Alliance — are cutting back operations to prevent freight rates from falling because of a steep decline in cargo volumes. There were 212 temporary cancellations of container ships from ...Read More

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Healthcare Industry’s Exports Grow 22.5% in Q1 amid COVID-19 Crisis

Healthcare exports from South Korea increased 22.5 percent in the first quarter of 2020 during the COVID-19 crisis. The Korea Health Industry Development Institute, said that Korea’s exports of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and cosmetics totaled US$4.4 billion in the first ...Read More

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Covid -19 – China suspends exports of non-essential goods

Customs authorities in China have required all non-essential goods which have been loaded on vessels for export after March 27 to be unloaded. The decision is based on lockdowns in various countries, which may mean that the cargo will not ...Read More

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R W Freight Services is ready

Exports and Imports are being affected by many factors beyond our control, but shippers can be assured that R W Freight have fully prepared for the factors which we can control. All our staff  are fully equipped to work from ...Read More

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Singapore exports grow in COVID-19 outbreak

Non-oil exports from Singapore grew rather than shrank in February, showing a rise in shipments to the European Union, Japan and the U.S. But exports to China and Hong Kong fell, demonstrating the instability of the city-state's key export markets. ...Read More

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