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China to Europe exports re-routed

Freight forwarders who organise the shipment of goods — have reported a sharp increase in enquiries and bookings for rail freight to Europe via Russia. ...
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Posted on February 2, 2024

Railf Freight Trains halved in 2023

Rail freight volumes along the 'New Silk Road' decreased by around 50 per cent this year. According to the operator, the drop was already visible within th...
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Posted on December 13, 2023

Rail freight in USA

The United States Environmental Protection Agency approved the development of freight trains in July of this year, saying that the form of transportation m...
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Posted on August 11, 2023

New cargo hub for China-Europe freight trains

A new cargo consolidation hub for China-Europe freight trains has been put into operation in Shenyang, the capital of Northeast China's Liaoning province. ...
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Posted on March 6, 2023

China increases railway freight, tracks and investment

China handled more rail freight and built more rail lines in the first three quarters of the year, the national railway operator China State Railway Group ...
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Posted on October 31, 2022

U.S. freight railroads cut services

U.S. freight railroads are reducing their services after two of the country’s largest rail unions failed to agree on a new contract. The railroads beg...
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Posted on September 21, 2022

Highest grain export figures since March by railfreight

Ukraine has reported the highest grain exports by rail since March. The grain export corridor set up by the EU and European rail freight companies, combin...
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Posted on August 30, 2022

First freight train from Liaoning to Laos

Liaoning province in China recently ran its first international freight train on the China-Laos Railway. The first China-Laos international freight train ...
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Posted on April 28, 2022

Estonian Railways Russian freight loss

Estonian Railways (EVR) may need state financial support to cover this year's costs caused by the termination of freight transport from Russia. EVR is look...
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Posted on April 20, 2022

Islamabad-Tehran-Istanbul Rail Freight

Pakistan, Iran and Turkey intend to increase regional commerce and commercial relationships through the over-4,000-mile train route The Freight rail ser...
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Posted on January 2, 2022

Chinese city launches new freight train route to London

Last Saturday a freight train departed Wuwei City, in northwest China's Gansu Province, for London. This was the inaugaral trip of the new route of China-...
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Posted on September 27, 2021

China rail freight to break records

Pandemic conditions have caused ocean freight to be disrupted by a global container shortage. Ocean freight rates have therefore increased, and air freigh...
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Posted on July 19, 2021

Greek government investing in rail freight expansion

The GREEK deputy minister of infrastructure and transport has outlined plans to invest in Greece's rail network, with a major focus on supporting growth in...
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Posted on May 20, 2021

Port of Grangemouth’s new facility at Scotland’s largest freight hub open

The Port of Grangemouth has opened a multimillion-pound rail freight hub with the arrival of its Aberdeen freight train service. The new rail freight hu...
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Posted on March 14, 2021

China-Europe railfreight services expand

A new rail freight service from Jinhua to Dourges, in France has been initiated. Freight forwarders are warning of congestion on overland freight routes...
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Posted on January 17, 2021

China city starts new freight train service to Germany

A new freight train route was launched on Saturday to link Hamburg in Germany and Xuzhou, an industrial and transportation hub in east China, amid strengt...
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Posted on December 1, 2020

China-Europe rail freight service to be improved

China is increasing its efforts to improve the service capability of China-Europe rail freight, providing extra freight services to compensate for the disr...
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Posted on November 15, 2020

UK Rail freight funding

The government of the UK has announced that it will provide £17m of funding for track and signalling works, in order to increase the maximum length of fre...
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Posted on October 18, 2020

Air cargo facing huge post-Golden Week demand: forwarders

All air freight cargo capacity from Asia will probably be absorbed by the autumn release of new mobile phone and playstation models. More than half the ...
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Posted on September 28, 2020

Rail Freight Link Sweden – Norway Opens

A new weekly shuttle service has been commenced by a Norwegian rail freight operator to link Oslo, the capital of Norway, to the Port of Gothenburg, claimi...
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Posted on September 16, 2020

Number of China-Europe freight trains hits new high

China-Europe freight trains hit a record high of 1,247 in August, an increase of 62 percent year on year, data from the China State Railway Group Co., Ltd....
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Posted on September 7, 2020

Latvian Railways plans changes as freight revenue falls

The national rail company Latvijas Dzelzcels (Latvian Railways) has presented a three-year business plan, to keep the company operational despite rapidly d...
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Posted on July 28, 2020

World Bank allocates $350M loan for Turkey’s rail connectivity, logistics

The World Bank is loaning 314.5 million euro ($350 million)to Turkey to improve its rail connectivity and logistics, the bank said in a statement last week...
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Posted on July 8, 2020

Praise for UK’s rail freight during COVID-19 crisis

The Freight Transport Association and the Rail Freight Group (RFG) have praised the role of rail in supporting the public, logistics industry and wider UK ...
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Posted on May 6, 2020

China to Turkey rail freight service

A major shipping line is opening a China-to-Turkey rail freight service, with automotive and technology a particular target for the operators. Air frei...
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Posted on May 4, 2020

Iron Silk Road Proves cheaper for freight

Groupage freight traffic has been reinvigorated on the 'Iron Silk Road' - the China/Europe rail freight route - but the option of the overland route, faste...
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Posted on April 14, 2020

Estonia rail freight increase

An Estonian Rail operator has increased its containerised freight tonnage by 110% compared to 2018. ‘Our multimodal transport project helped boost the ...
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Posted on February 26, 2020

Growth in railfreight from Hamburg port

Freight transport from and to Hamburg was dominated by environment-friendly container transport by rail. Rail freight achieved double digit growth in 2019...
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Posted on February 23, 2020

Protests in Canada affect freight

Protests over proposed pipeline in British Columbia are causing major disruption to the rail network in Canada. A major Canadian rail company, has annou...
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Posted on February 21, 2020

Railways event in Sweden

An international event focusing on transportation between Belarus, Latvia, and Scandinavia has been organized by Latvian Railways in Sweden. Belarusian ...
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Posted on December 11, 2019

China-Europe freight train

A freight train carrying materials and parts for railway construction left Jinan, the capital of east China's Shandong Province, for Serbia last week. Th...
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Posted on September 29, 2019

Deal agreed for rail freight operator acquisition

One of the UK's largest rail freight companies has just been sold to a new owner. Said to be the third largest rail freight operator in the UK it operate...
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Posted on September 28, 2019

Rail plans could take Scotch off busy roads

The Scottish government has announced plans for detailed design work on a reinstated passenger train service to ­Levenmouth. This was welcomed by the S...
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Posted on September 1, 2019

Rail Freight in Europe

Ten years ago the China Government proposed to build a robust rail network to connect Europe and China. The development was not welcomed by logistics s...
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Posted on May 30, 2019

Shandong Province, China sends more freight train

Shandong Province in East China has sent a total 214 freight trains to countries in Asia and Europe in Q1, up 251 percent from last year. Five new route...
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Posted on April 29, 2019

Rail freight investment in Tees Valley

A daily rail freight connection from Teesport to Scotland has been celebrated with an official locomotive naming ceremony at Teesport. Teesport now offe...
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Posted on April 27, 2019

Additional post Brexit railfreight services

Eurotunnel is preparing to operate additional freight train services and building a new terminal for unaccompanied trailers; this may be a preparation for ...
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Posted on April 11, 2019

Russia will expand rail freight exports to China

The operator of the Port of Vladivostok, and Rail Cargo Logistics-RUS will support exports by rail freight from Russia to China on behalf of the Russian Ex...
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Posted on April 9, 2019

New Leicestershire rail freight interchange

A leading multi-modal logistics company will operate the Strategic Rail Freight Interchange (SRFI) at SEGRO Logistics Park East Midlands Gateway (SLP-EMG)....
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Posted on February 10, 2019

Rail freight intermodal service

GB Railfreight has initiated a five-days-per-week intermodal freight service from Birch Coppice near Birmingham to Felixstowe. This will be the fifth ne...
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Posted on February 7, 2019

Double-height container train in China

A freight train carrying 56 standard containers of goods left Ningbo-Zhoushan Port for Shaoxing City in east China on 18 December. This was the first offic...
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Posted on January 1, 2019

German freight transport to move to rail

A scheme of state aid to support the transfer of German freight transport from road- to rail-based routes has been approved by the EC. The scheme will s...
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Posted on December 19, 2018

Rail freight policy UK

Last week the Rail Freight Group published 'Rail Freight Outcomes in Rail Review'. This paper set out what the freight sector would like to see in a com...
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Posted on November 26, 2018

Chinese freight train enters Iran from Incheh-Burun

A freight train from China has entered Iran via Incheh-Burun;the train has 50 cars containing petroleum coke and will head to the Iranian city of Arak in M...
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Posted on August 17, 2018

Non-stop Trans-Siberian freight train

A regular nonstop express freight train service over the 10,000 kilometers of the Trans-Siberian Railway (TSR) is being introduced between the Russian citi...
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Posted on August 13, 2018

£1m investment for Network Rail freight

The Tees Valley will receive a £1m investment in partnership with Network Rail to finance a study into the future of the region’s rail freight network. ...
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Posted on August 12, 2018

Russia and China Railfreight

The national railways of Russia and China have signed a memorandum agreeing to develop a market jointly for ‘high speed' freight services between China, ...
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Posted on June 23, 2018

Canada approves broad reforms to freight rail and air

Canada has approved broad air and freight reforms to specify passengers’ rights on planes, mandate the use of voice and video recorders in rail locomotiv...
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Posted on June 3, 2018

China’s rail freight up

China's rail freight volume, an indicator of economic activity, registered healthy growth in the first four months of 2018. Railways carried 1.29 billio...
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Posted on May 23, 2018

Rapid increase in Swiss fines for freight trucks

An increasing number of freight vehicles are being stopped for motoring offences at border crossings into Switzerland. Some 100 drivers were caught drink...
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Posted on May 22, 2018
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