RW Freight know how to please their customers. I found them very reliable.

Norwegian Export Shipping

Fine, no problems at all, R W Freight Services have always been reliable!

Customer No. 48027

I have to say that every time you've dealt with our exports to Sweden they have been handled very well.

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South Korea’s exports tumble

South Korean exports fell during early February; export shipments of semiconductors fell drastically. Exports in total fell 12 per cent during the first 20 days of the month. Exports to China fell 14 per cent, according to data released by ...Read More

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Italy Leathergoods Exports continue to grow

A recent report released by the Italian leathergoods industry shows that the leathergoods sector exported products worth almost €6.8 billion in the first 10 months of 2018. This was an increase of 10.3%. In 2017 the value of exports increased ...Read More

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Netherlands Exports reduce by 2 percent

According to the country's statistical office, the total volume of goods exports from the Netherlands shrank by 2.2 percent in December 2018 relative to the year previously. The strongest declines in December were in the export of electro-technical equipment and ...Read More

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Turkey exports flowers to 20 countries

Turkey has exported 50 million stems of cut flowers to 20 countries. The biggest importers were the Netherlands, Britain and Germany who all import large quantities in preparation for Valentine's Day on 14 February. The day is considered crucial in ...Read More

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Indonesian ambassadors should help boost exports

The Economic Minister of Indonesia has called on ambassadors to help boost exports to and investment from the countries in which they are stationed. “We hope you can help us develop exports,” he said when speaking to Indonesian ambassadors at ...Read More

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Parliament motion for ban on plastic exports

The government should not export UK rubbish to developing countries, according to an Early Day Motion backed by a cross-party group of MPs, including Conservative Zac Goldsmith and the Green Party's Caroline Lucas. The EDM requests the government to introduce ...Read More

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Turkish machinery wants to double exports

The machinery industry of Turkey was one of the three segments of industry with the highest increase in exports during 2018. The sector increased its exports by 15 percent in 2018 and reached $17.1 billion, according to the chairman of ...Read More

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Brexit may affect Bangladesh exports to UK

Bangladeshi exporters fear that UK demand for their may reduce due to uncertainty the Brexit outcome. Bangladesh's export growth to the UK has reduced in pace, to an increase of 3.16%, compared to 14.42% overall export growth for the whole ...Read More

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Timber exports growth

Exports of timber and timber products from Malaysia are expected to grow this year. Malaysia is seeking new export markets in Oceania and demand from India is already strong. The Deputy Director General of the Malaysian Timber Industry Board said ...Read More


Pig meat exports from perform strongly

During November 2018, UK exports of fresh/frozen pork recorded year-on-year growth (+5%) once again. Exports to China have continued the trend of the past couple of months, with an increase of 81% year-on-year. Exports to Germany and Ireland also recorded ...Read More

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China drives Australian wine exports rise in 2018

Wine exports from Australia rose by 10% in value in 2018, in spite of a reduction in the overall number of bottles shipped. Australian wine exports to Northeast Asia, mainly to China, rose by 19% in 2018 to A$1.23bn. Overall ...Read More

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Turkish exports support falling domestic sales

Exports of passenger cars were down by 5% with 875,147 exported in 2018. However, truck exports almost doubled from 7,800 in 2017 to 14,478 last year, bringing overall exports of all vehicle types to 1.3m, a drop of 0.9% on ...Read More

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Australian wine exports up 10%

Australian wine exports increased by 10% in value last year. Export volume also rose 5% in 2018, according to the latest figures by Wine Australia. “These figures demonstrate strong international demand and they highlight how Australian wine exporters have worked ...Read More

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Huge Increase in British Bike exports

Recent data from HMRC reveals that exports of bicycles made in Britain are at a record high. Asia is one of the biggest importers, with figures showing that in the year to November 2018, bicycle exports to China rose by ...Read More

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New silk factory to increase Rwanda’s exports

A new factory will open next month at the Kigali Special Economic Zone to improve Rwanda’s silk sector. It will buy cocoons from farmers and make products to be exported. Rwanda Silk Processing Factory is a result of a partnership ...Read More

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Swiss watch exports on the rise

Swiss watch exports rose globally by 3.9% in November to CHF 2.06 billion. This is the first time in three years that export value exceeded the CHF2-billion. The value of exports to the biggest market, Hong Kong, rose 9.5% to ...Read More

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Japanese cosmetic exports record

Exports of Japanese cosmetics delivered another record performance in 2018, according to a report published by the Nikkei Asian Review. Exports increased by 44 percent year-on-year in the Jan-Nov 2018 period. Nikkei estimated that the Christmas gift trade will boost ...Read More

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Swiss Watch Exports To The US Soared In November

Monthly Swiss watch exports to the United States exceeded 200 million Swiss francs in November, something which rarely happens. Exports added up to CHF 231.4 million, an increase of 17.6% over the previous November. The figure reflect wholesale, not retail, ...Read More

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Banana exports from Samoa

The Prime Minister of Samoa said that the resurgence in the country's banana exports was "nothing short of miraculous". During his New Year message he said that more than 50 years since Samoa's banana exports had ceased, they had begun ...Read More

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Bumper year for Greek exports expected in 2019

Strong growth in Greek exports is expected in 2019, according to forecasts made by Greek exporters' associations. This is on the basis of export performance in 2018. In a statement the president of the Panhellenic Exporters' Association pointed out that ...Read More


Tobacco exports bring in $892m

Export earnings of tobacco from Zimbabwe closed 2018 at $892 million from 184,1 million kg exported to different parts of the world. Last year’s crop was exported at an average price of $4,85 a kg. In 2017, the country exported ...Read More

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Hawaii avocado growers begin exports

Hawaii avocados are being shipped to the Mainland of the US after a gap of nearly 25 Years. Some experts say this could lead to a boom for the local industry. Hawaii started shipping avocados to the Mainland in 1989, ...Read More

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Soy exports from smaller suppliers on rise

The global soybean export market has doubled in volume within the last decade. This has made room for smaller supplier countries to build up export markets of their own. Argentina is a traditional exporter of soybeans, which has recently been ...Read More

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India starts grape exports early this season

Export of grapes from India has started early this year; approximately 300 containers left India early in December. The unit president of the Grape Growers Association said that exports are destined for Russia, Malaysia and the Middle-East. The export season ...Read More

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Maldives Imports, exports increase

Maldives Customs Service stated that import and exports have increased by seven percent in November. The statistics statedthat MVR 3.1 billion worth of goods were imported in November 2017, compared with goods worth MVR 3.3 billion imported in November 2018. ...Read More

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Exports from North to Republic rise by £540m to £3.9bn

Export sales from businesses in Northern Ireland to customers in the Republic increased by £540 million last year to £3.9 billion. While exports to the Republic of Ireland increased by 16.2 per cent, sales by Northern firms to customers in ...Read More

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China important market for Ireland exports

Ireland’s Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, recently explained the progress made in developing an export market for Irish beef in China. He commented, “Total Irish agri-food trade exports to China were €974 million in 2017. China is now ...Read More

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British exports given massive boost

British exports to Canada have increased by 13.7 percent since a trade deal between the (EU) and Canada was introduced. Businesses are able to trade freely with Canada, without paying any duties at Canadian customs. Meat exports from Britain to ...Read More

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USA Beef Exports expected to reach $8 Billion

Overseas buyers want more U.S. beef, and are willing to pay a higher price. Beef exports remained at a record high in October, according to data compiled by the U.S. Meat Export Federation. October was another month of excellent beef ...Read More

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New Zealand Primary sector exports optimisim

The value of New Zealand's primary sector exports is expected to increase by $505 million, to a new record high over the coming year, according to new report. The Ministry for Primary Industries' report forecasts a 3.8 percent increase for ...Read More


German exports increase in October

German exports increased to 117.2 billion euros in October, despite global trade tensions, the Federal Statistics Office in Germany announced. Exports rose by 8.5 per cent during the same month in 2017. Imports had risen by 11.3 per cent to ...Read More

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India exporters request support to boost exports

A new agriculture export policy has been announced by the government of India. An Exporters' Welfare Association said this will not be of much help in boosting exports of fruits and vegetables, unless various government departments dealing with such exports ...Read More

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Pakistan govt introduce export friendly policies

The government of Pakistan is drawing up export-oriented policies to encourage an increase in exports, announced the government's Textile Division. The government believes that economic revolution can only be possible through trade promotion so the government is offering support to ...Read More


Food exporters to recover in 2019

The Philippines agricultural food exports are expected to bounce back next year, returning to a value of about $5-billion. According to the Philippine Food Processors and Exporters Organization Inc., the value of agricultural exports will be about $5.5 billion in ...Read More

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Ban on Argentine beef exports lifted

The Argentine government has announced that the country would once again export beef to the USA. The US government banned Argentine beef exports 17 years ago because of food safety concerns. Argentina’s foreign minister stressed the “importance of this decision ...Read More


Mexican avocado exports exports

Avocado exports from Mexico for 2018-19 are forecast to be close to 1 million metric tons. Exports have increased over the past few years, and the depreciation of the peso against the dollar has helped international sales. The U.S. is ...Read More


Coffee exports from Honduras fall in November

Coffee exports from Honduras fell 28 percent in November, compared to the same month a year ago, caused by weak demand, national coffee associations said. Coffee growers in Honduras exported a total of 118,303 60-kg bags in November, the second ...Read More


Logistics and transport after Brexit

Hauliers who currently carry export or import cargo to and from Europe may need to plan for alternative routes to move goods, according to the Government's Technical Notices published in August. They may need to use different modes of transport ...Read More

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Tonga intends to increase China exports

Tonga plans to grow exports to China having signed China's Belt and Road initiative earlier this month. The Agreement was signed at the APEC Summit in Papua New Guinea. China has also agreed to make a $US14 million aid grant ...Read More

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Advice for imports and exports post Brexit

On 23 August the government published a series of technical notices giving guidance on preparing for exporting and importing if there is a 'no deal' Brexit. These Notices are primarily aimed at businesses who have previously traded only with the ...Read More

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Kenya wants to increase exports to Egypt

Kenya's Export Promotion Council wishes to expand the scope of export products to Egypt to include art and entertainment, cut flowers and textiles. “We need to reduce the high dependency on imports by exporting more than what we currently do ...Read More

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Imports and Exports – new method of customs declarations

Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs is phasing in a new Customs Declaration Service (CDS).   This is new technology, which replaces the existing Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) system. The new system is already being used by ...Read More

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Exports help USS meat producers

The U.S.A exports 17 billion pounds of beef, pork and poultry annually, which adds up to 23 percent of the total pork produced, 18 percent of the poultry, and 14 percent of the beef. Over the past three years, beef ...Read More

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Plant and flower exports from Holland falling

Plant and flower exports from Holland to the UK have fallen by 2% to the end of September 2018; this may be because of the fall in the value of sterling. Holland's top ten export customer countries showed a decline ...Read More

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Exports of saffron from Iran increase

In 2018, 105 tons of saffron were exported from Iran, representing a 40 percent increase compared with last year. The chairman of the National Saffron Council of Iran said that saffron will be harvested until December. Exports are expected to ...Read More


New import requirements from China

Growth of wine exports from Australia to China has eased, coincidental with the beginning of new “verification requirements” which were introduced by China in April. Import shipments of of Australian wine held up in customs. The Managing director of a ...Read More

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Scottish pharmaceutical exports growing

The value of Scotland’s pharmaceutical industry has been revealed in a new report by the Fraser of Allander Institute. This shows that the sector makes a significant contribution to all parts of the Scottish economy. The Industry is the second ...Read More


Egypt’s Agricultural exports

Egypt’s agricultural exports were valued at about $1.2 billion during 2017/2018, according to Abdel Hamid Demerdash, Chairman of Export Council of Agricultural Crops and Member of the House of Representatives. He clarified that Egypt exported about 4 million tons of ...Read More


More exports of pumpkins from Netherlands

In the first five months of this year, the Netherlands exported 21 million kg of pumpkins, up from 18.7 million kg in the same period one year previously. Total pumpkin exports in 2017 amounted to 38.2 million kg. In the ...Read More

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New Airport in Istanbul should Boost Turkish Exports

The Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) has begun a global campaign to announce the grand opening of Istanbul New Airport. The airport opened on 29th October 2018, housing 1.6m square metres of logistics space and with 5.5m tonnes of cargo capacity, ...Read More

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Ukrainian Goods Exports grow

Exports of Ukrainian goods grew by 12.4% in the first eight months of this year compared with last year, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine reported. "The export of goods in January-August 2018 increased by 12.4%, or ...Read More


Apple exports from Turkey take off

The Turkey West Mediterranean Exporters Association (BAIB) say that west Mediterranean Turkish growers have exported 21,900 tons of apples to 31 different counties in the first 9 months of 2018. This represents a dramatic increase of 564% from last year ...Read More

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Pepper consortium wants to limit imports

The consortium of pepper traders and growers is appealing for limits to the quantity of pepper that can be imported under south Asian free trade agreement (SAFTA) from Sri Lanka at the concessional duty of 8% at 2500 tonnes. Earlier ...Read More


Export permission from China for five more rice mills

China recently approved five more Indian rice mills for export of non-basmati rice. On Monday, India again pushed for sale of its rice to China, and urged the country to open up its market further. So far, a total of ...Read More

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Falling exports may hurt Italy’s economic growth

One of the traditional strong points of Italy's slowly growing economy - exports - is slipping, causing about prospects for an economic turnaround. ISTAT, Italy's National Statistics Institute, said last week that Italian exports to markets outside the EU fell ...Read More

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Fruit and vegetable import/exports grow in Spain

In the first 8 months of this year, 2,917,449 tons of fruits, vegetables, and legumes were imported or exported through ports in Spain. This is 25.5% more than in the same period of the previous year. These figures show that ...Read More

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Turkey experiences 100% growth in exports to Qatar

Turkey has gained a 100% growth in exports to Qatar from January to August 2018. This is greater than the same period for last year. The Turkish envoy said: “In the first eight months of 2018, Turkish exports to Qatar ...Read More


British exports affected by USA trade war

British exports over £1.9 billion have been affected by President Trump’s trade attacks on the European Union and China, some analysis shows. Economists fear that UK export goods worth up £3.4 billion may be affected by the trade war between ...Read More


Egypt’s Exports flourish

In the 10 months from September 2017 to July 2018, Egypt’s exports of grape increased by 10 percent to reach $ 219 million. This was reported in a statement by Chairman of the Export Council of Agricultural Crops. He added ...Read More

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USA Beef Exports on the up

Beef exports from the USA set new records in August 2018; export value exceeded $750 million for the first time, according to data released by USDA and compiled by the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF). August pork exports were comparable ...Read More

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Exports to benefit from robust US growth

The robust US growth is expected to help Indian exporters, according to the Indian press. “With the US, India’s largest destination for merchandise exports, showing a robust economic growth, its best in the last four years, Indian exports hold a ...Read More

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Dairy exports to China making recovery

Dairy exports from South Korea to China are recovering quickly this year after a large reduction in 2017 due to a diplomatic dispute. One major dairy producer is estimated to have increased its exports to China by 20 to 30 ...Read More

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North American trade negotiations could increase dairy exports to Canada

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is to continue under a new name and new deals will impact United States exports. The new agreement will be known as the United State-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). Dairy farmers and the car industry ...Read More


Commerce ministry in India aim to increase exports

In India the Commerce ministry is focusing on nine sectors, including pharmaceuticals, food processing and textiles, to boost exports in the current financial year. The ministry is aiming for a minimum growth rate of 16 percent in exports. Last week, ...Read More

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North company exports seaweed around the world

A company in Whitley Bay is exporting Hebridean seaweed for the industrial food and drink sector. It also produces a range of seaweed-infused cooking oils and nutritional supplements, under its Weed & Wonderful brand. The company started exporting three years ...Read More


Basmati traders expect robust exports

Exporters of basmati rice in the Punjab and Haryana areas of India are unfazed by the recent incessant rains which damaged paddy. They hope to maintain the increase in exports which started from July this year. "The rain damaged 'Pusa-1509'; ...Read More

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Brazil exports mangoes to South Africa for first time

Brazil has shipped its first-ever mango export to South Africa, following an export agreement which was recently reached between the two countries. The Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock of Brazil reported that South Africa has now opened its import market ...Read More

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French spirits exports grow marginally in 2018

In volume terms, French spirits exports in the first half of 2018 grew 4% to 25 million cases, according to the Fédération des Exportateurs de Vins & Spiritueux de France (FEVS). Cognac was the most important export, up by 9%, ...Read More


Afghanistan’s exports worth $56 million

Afghan officials say that exports worth around 56 million US Dollars have been shipped to various countries via air corridors. The head of Public Relations said the exports have continued over a period of almost a year, since establishment of ...Read More

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Comment: Raising the game with Scotland’s exports

There was an increase in value from £24.1 billion in 2016 to £28.6bn in 2017 (18.5 per cent). The most recent HMRC stats for Scotland suggest that international exports continue to grow. The first half of 2018 saw exports reach ...Read More


Brazilian coffee exports jump 33 pct in August; robusta rebounds

Brazil exported 3.07 million bags (60 kg) of coffee in August. This is the largest monthly volume in the last two years, and 33 percent higher than levels in the same month a year before. A record harvest has been ...Read More


US wine exports to China increase by 14%

U.S.A wine exports to China increased by 14 percent in value for the first half of 2018, compared with that period last year. Exports to that large Far East market were $38.4 million from January to June, according to the ...Read More

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UK exports grew in 2017

ONS figures published in July show that UK exports continued to grow against news of 'uncertainty' caused by Brexit. Overall exports of goods rose by 13%, while services rose by 7%.  The USA remained the top export market for the ...Read More

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Cherry exports dip in July

U.S.A fresh cherry exports dropped 17% in July, feeling the effects of retaliatory tariffs from China. Total U.S. exports of fresh cherries totaled 44,953 metric tons in July, down from 53,987 metric tons for the same month last year. Cherry ...Read More

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Lobster exports to China drop

America’s live lobster exports to China hit a two-year low in July. This was the first month when a new import tariff on Maine’s most significant export took effect. The United States shipped $4.2 million worth of live lobsters to ...Read More

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UK exports remain at record high

The National Statistics Office on Monday 10 September issued results showing that UK exports to the world rose by 5.2% compared to the same time last year. The service sector continues to thrive with exports up 3.9% to a record ...Read More


Cheddar imports rising

There has been a particularly large increase in the size of the trade deficit for cheddar, resulting from a noticeable increase in imports. The trade deficit for cheddar improved between 2016 and 2017, because of both lower imports and some ...Read More

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Bangladesh Government gives more incentives for exports

In order to encourage exporters, the Bangladesh government is giving a subsidy to extra products for the current financial year. Exporters will receive a 10 percent cash incentive for nine products, including pharmaceuticals, photovoltaic modules, motorcycles, chemicals (chlorine, hydrochloric acid, ...Read More


Forest Distillery to expand alcohol exports capacity

UK-based Forest Distillery is planning to expand its alcohol exports capacity by 2023, having secured pre-orders from customers in Japan for its new brand Forest Whisky. The beverage is exported to more than ten countries, including Japan, China, Australia and ...Read More


Spanish lemon season to be turning point in non-EU exports

The lemon industry of Spain aims to increase exports to countries outside the European Union. The industry forecasts a big increase in production from last season, so the country intends to strengthen its position as a global exporter. “At the ...Read More

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Vietnam fish exports on track to surpass $2bn

The raised price level for pangasius, a freshwater fish which has become popular in the USA, is boosting Vietnam's chances of reaching, or even surpassing, its $9 billion exports target. Pangasius exports are likely to exceed $2bn for the first ...Read More


UK exports higher to non-EU

For the ninth year running, UK exports of goods and services in 2017 were higher to the rest of the world than to the EU. Exports to non-EU countries amounted to £342 billion, compared with £274 billion to EU countries. ...Read More

Argentina lemon exports to Japan

Argentina recommenced lemon exports this year,to both the USA and Japan. Lemon exports from Argentina to Japan have been allowed since 2003, but protocols on cold storage resulted in problems for Argentine producers and hampered sales. The Argentine Foreign Office ...Read More

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Spain expects record grape exports in 2018 season

Murcia, Spain’s grape-growing region, expects exports to reach record levels of around 160,000 metric tons (MT) this season. In 2017 the region exported 130,000MT, so this season’s forecast would mark a sharp increase. 90% of exports go to the EU ...Read More

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Rice bran oil: exports on the rise

Rice bran oil from Bangladesh is gradually improving its exports thanks to manufactures' efforts to sell the antioxidant-rich edible oil abroad. The country exported more than 20,000 tonnes of rice bran oil for the second consecutive financial year in 2017-18. ...Read More

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Meeting to focus on banana exports

The National Research Centre for Banana in India focussed its Foundation Day on banana exports. It teamed up with Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority and a banana producer to export bananas through sea ports last year.The post-harvest ...Read More

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MP committed to phasing out sheep exports

An Australian MP remains committed to ending long-haul live sheep exports, even though she and another Liberal have been forced to shelve a private member's bill. It would have also ended live sheep exports to the Middle East during next ...Read More

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Coffee Exports Increased 15.9%

The total coffee exports by country totaled $32.7 billion in 2017, according to World’s Top Exports. This represents an increase of 15.9 percent over the past five-year period starting in 2013. The year over year gain increased by 7.5 percent ...Read More


First ever American-style school bus export to South Korea

An American-made yellow bus, built in New York has been exported to South Korea and is taking pupils to and from school. The manufacturer struck a deal earlier this year, to export at least 100 yellow school buses annually to ...Read More

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Most Mexican auto exports can fulfil NAFTA rules

Most of Mexico’s auto exports should be able to comply with new rules drawn up under the re-negotiated agreement between Mexico and the United States of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Mexico’s economy minister said. The minister told ...Read More

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Food and beverage exports increase by 1.9 pct

The exports of Lebanese food and beverage products made up18 percent of the country’s total exports in 2017. This made the F&B industry the second-largest exporter in Lebanon behind the jewelry sector. According to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. ...Read More


UK food exports rise to record levels

UK food and drink exports have achieved record levels for the first half of 2018 at £10.6 billion, aided by a slight rise in exports of fresh produce. According to trade statistics from HMRC, in the first half of 2018 ...Read More

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Panama: Exports of bananas to Europe under the Panama Exporta brand

The government of Panama stated its commitment to provide all necessary support to strengthen banana production and exports in the province of Bocas del Toro. "The Panama Exporta program is providing a platform for companies that want to expand their ...Read More


British Gin exports show record high

Exports of British gin have broken records, reaching £279m during the first half of 2018. The Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA), representing over 300 companies producing, importing, transporting and selling wine and spirits, estimates that this will be the ...Read More


Cognac Exports Set New Record

For the fourth consecutive year, exports of Cognac have continued a steady increase. The previous record number of bottles shipped (200 million) has been surpassed, with 205.9 million bottles exported between August 2017 and July 2018. Contributing 3.2 billion euros ...Read More

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July China exports maintain growth

Exports from China are expected to maintained solid growth in July, in spite of new import tariffs on billions of dollars of shipments to the United States. China proposed retaliatory import tariffs on $60 billion worth of USA goods, ranging ...Read More

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US dairy exports continue to grow during June

Dairy producers maintained growth during June despite new disadvantages from tariffs. On a volume-basis, exports of whole milk powder almost tripled over the previous year, while exports of all other product categories, except modified whey, were above the previous year ...Read More

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Mango growers advised to focus on exports

The Indian Industries Minister said that mango growers should focus on galvanising their business by exploring means of capturing external markets and exports to ensure internationally viable trade. The Minister was giving cheques to the mango growers near Chittoor. As ...Read More

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Beef exports from Australia increase

July production figures are encouraging despite gloomy expectations, and beef exports increased. Figures released by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources put the July production tonnage at 105,157, the second highest monthly total for the year so far. Japan ...Read More

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Traditional medicine exports from China

Exports of traditional medicine from China picked up last year, according to the China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicine & Health Products. In 2017, China exported 358,000 tonnes of traditional Chinese medicine, an increase of 0.7 ...Read More

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S. Korea Exports Hold Up

Exports from South Korea held up despite global trade friction. Semiconductor shipments were the biggest exports, while domestic demand showed weakness. The latest figures provide a mixed picture of healthy exports for the key semiconductor industry. Export volumes increased by ...Read More


Dairy outlook:lower optimism due to lost exports

In April U.S. dairy exports were the highest ever recorded, accounting for 18.8 percent of production;this led to optimism about better export prices for the rest of the year. “If we don’t export dairy products, we have to move it ...Read More

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Local farmers anxious over long-term effects of foreign tariffs on exports

The USA government will provide $12 billion in emergency relief to American farmers affected by the reduction in exports and imports due to the trade war with other countries. Import tariffs are being introduced by the USA on any product ...Read More

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Japan exports to US fall

Exports to the USA fell 0.9 percent in June compared with the same period a year ago due to a decline in exports of cars and semiconductor manufacturing equipment, two of Japan’s most important export products. The decline is slight ...Read More

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EU exports from Spain fall

The value of Spanish fruit and vegetables exports to the EU fell 4 per cent in value terms during the opening four months of the year, while exports to third countries grew by 5 per cent. Total Spanish exports in ...Read More

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USA May dairy exports third highest ever

On a total volume basis, dairy exports from the USA were the third highest ever, according to Marc Beck, executive vice president of strategy and insights at the U.S. Dairy Export Council. In fact, he said these exports were greater ...Read More

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Citrus exports from Peru could increase by 15%

According to the general manager of the Association of Producers of Citrus of Peru, the country could export 192 thousand tons of citrus this year, i.e. 15% more than the 167 thousand tons it dispatched in the previous season. He ...Read More

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Chinese tariffs could affect beef and other USA exports

China only opened its import market to American beef last year and this new export market may now be lost to the UK and France because of high Chinese tariffs. Some US beef exports are almost up to 50 percent, ...Read More

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USA import restrictions will affect S. Korean exports

US restrictions on imports of South Korean steel, washing machines and solar cells may cost Asia's fourth-largest economy more than $2.4 billion in lost exports over the coming years, a parliamentary report said last week. The American administration's import restrictions ...Read More

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South African car exports under threat

After imposing tariffs on steel and aluminium, the USA is threatening to do the same on an important export for South Africa: cars. South Africa's exports of cars and automotive products to the USA have increased exponentially since the advent ...Read More

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India’s seafood exports surpass $7 billion

Reaching new highs in export performance, India’s shipment of 13,77,244 MT of seafood earned US$ 7.08 billion during the financial year 2017-18. Frozen shrimp and frozen fish continued to be the flagship export items. In rupee terms, exports of marine ...Read More


Turkey exports $1.6B of hazelnuts in 10 months

Turkey sold over 255,000 tons of hazelnuts abroad in the first 10 months of the export season, realising $1.6 billion. The export volume between September 2017 and June 2018 witnessed a 25.3 percent jump in the same period from the ...Read More

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Retaliatory Tariffs on Exports from America by Canada and EU

Canada and the European Union have retaliated to the USA import tariffs which began on July 1. The Canadian government began to impose import tariffs on a long list of U.S. consumer goods, totaling about $12.6 billion of U.S. exports ...Read More

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Strawberry exports to Russia quadruple due to World Cup

Turkey's strawberry exports to Russia reached $14 million in the January-May2018, compared with $3.5 million last year, as a result of rising demand related to the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Producers in Aydın's Sultanhisar district, which produce about 50 percent ...Read More

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Belgians drink less beer but exports rise

The Belgians export twice as much home produced beer as they drink. The average Belgian drinks about 240 250ml glasses of domestically produced beer a year. The volume of Belgian beer sold at home fell by 1.6% between 2016 and ...Read More


Cotton exports from India to China fall

China, the largest importer of yarn, reduced its cotton purchases sharply in 2017 - 18. Global yarn exports declined 8.8% year-on-year by volume in 2017-18. Exports however increased by 2.2% in value terms. Yarn exports to China fell 30.7% year ...Read More


Bengal state intends to double exports

The state of Bengal in India has a strategy to double exports in three years. The State finance minister said exports from Bengal in the last financial year stood at $9.15 billion, a growth rate of 11.17 per cent over ...Read More

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Shoemaker intends to double revenue from exports

An outdoor adventure shoemaker in India plans to expand its reach in the overseas market, aiming to double its revenue from exports in the next 3-4 years. The parent company plans to increase its business from exports by strengthening its ...Read More


Exports from Japan accelerate in May

JAPAN'S exports grew in May at the fastest rate in four months. The main increases in export shipments were for cars, car parts, and semiconductor equipment, a sign that global demand is gaining strength. Exports rose 8.1 per cent in ...Read More

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Iran will Increase Exports to US

An Iranian trade official has announced that the country is trying to find ways to boost its exports to the USA, despite the threat of import sanctions after Washington’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal. The Trade Promotion Organization of Iran ...Read More

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Salmon exports from Norway to China rising

Norway exported 233 tonnes of fresh salmon to China during the third week in May, up from 44 tonnes the previous week and compared to 29 tonnes during the same week a year ago, data from Seafood Norway shows. Producers ...Read More

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Rwanda improves export performance

Statistics on Rwanda’s trade performances relating to exports in 2017 indicate export volumes of over 7000 tons in 2017, according to Steven Ruzibiza, the CEO of the Private Sector Federation in Rwanda. The feasibility of the government’s exports’ growth targets ...Read More

Rwanda Government to increase exports by 17%

Rwanda intends to increase its exports base by 17 per cent per year, according to Trade and Industry Minister, Vincent Munyeshyaka, during the 3rd National Exporters’ Conference in Kigali. The conference included various stakeholders in trade, including government institutions, private ...Read More


Vietnam coffee exports increase

Vietnam’s coffee exports for January to May rose an estimated 1.8 percent from the same period a year ago; rice exports surged an estimated 20.4 percent during the same period. Coffee exports from Vietnam will increase by an estimated 1.8 ...Read More


Argentina to expand beef exports to Asia

Argentina intends to expand fresh beef exports to Asia; Japan and China having already approved import deals, Argentina's agriculture minister said. The Minister said in Tokyo that his country has signed a deal with the Japanese government, under which Tokyo ...Read More

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Mexico plans more exports to China

A Mexican trade delegation travelled to China to complete talks which will allow more banana, pork and sorghum exports, a top Mexican agriculture trade official said last week. The talks, which centre on health and safety protocols, come at a ...Read More

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German Exports Decline

German exports fell at the highest rate for more than five years at the start of 2018, holding back growth in the largest economy in Europe. A breakdown of first-quarter GDP data showed foreign sales fell 1 percent, the highest ...Read More

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S.Korea’s ‘new’ exports top growth of overall exports

South Korea's exports of products from 'new' industries grew at a faster rate than the exports overall in the first quarter, a government report showed. Exports from 12 new industries reached 20.42 billion U.S. dollars in the first quarter, up ...Read More


Estonian exports decrease

According to a report from Statistics Estonia, exports fell by 3% compared with the previous year in March 2018. Imports into Estonia rose by 4% compared with March 2017. The total volume of exports from Estonia in March 2018 amounted ...Read More

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US trade deficit drops; exports achieve record high

The U.S. trade deficit reduced sharply in March, as exports increased to a record high due to an increase in exports of commercial aircraft and soybeans. The Commerce Department said last week that the trade gap dropped 15.2 percent to ...Read More

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Sweden and Finland team up for exports

Expanding food exports is a key project for the current government of Finland, led by the rural-based Centre Party, with a goal of doubling food exports by 2020. That target was set before economic sanctions by the EU against Russia ...Read More

Turkey hazelnut exports record

Turkey exported over 215,000 tons of hazelnuts in the first 8 months of the export season, making a $1.36 billion revenue, a national union of exporters of the nut said Wednesday. The export volume between September 2017 and April 2018 ...Read More

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Algeria sends first cement exports to Europe

The Algerian Industry Ministry said last week that the country exported its first-ever shipments of cement to Europe in April. A subsidiary of the state-run GICA Group exported 45,000 tons of clinker cement to the European market. The export shipment ...Read More

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Salmon exports from Norway to China rose

Norway exports of fresh salmon to China increased to 229 tonnes in mid April, up from 225 tonnes the previous week and none during the same week a year ago, data from Seafood Norway showed. Norwegian producers see demand from ...Read More


Irish exports falls by 12% in value in February

The value of Irish exports fell by 12 per cent in February while imports rose marginally. This resulted in a trade surplus for the month of just under €4 billion. While the monthly trade figures from the Central Statistics Office ...Read More


Demand for sheep exports growing

Australian sheep industry projections 2018 report showed that international demand for live and boxed sheep imports continues to grow, with the Australian sheep industry described as set to enjoy a robust future. In 2017, Australian sheep meat exports had their ...Read More

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Burgundy exports go on rising in 2017

Exports of Burgundy rose 0.7% by volume in 2017 versus 2016. The lack of Chablis and Petit Chablis hampered further gains as, if Chablis is removed from the equation, exports of Burgundy by volume rose 6%. Exports by value rose ...Read More

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Corporate banking executive appointed UK exports chief

A former Barclays corporate banking executive has been appointed Britain’s export chief by Liam Fox’s Department for International Trade. The new position will have the title of Director General for exports. Liam Fox said: “With the IMF predicting that 90 ...Read More


North East exports grow at fastest level for over a decade

North East businesses have grown their export sales at the quickest rate for more than 11 years, according to the North East England Chamber of Commerce. The figures were published as part of the Chamber’s Quarterly Economic Survey, which showed ...Read More


Ukraine wheat exports down 4% year-on-year

Ukrainian wheat exports have remained steady during the last fortnight, with the gap on the 2016/17 marketing year remaining at around 4%. Total exports for the 2017/18 marketing year came to 14.4 million mt. About 214,000 mt of wheat were ...Read More


US craft beer exports rise 3.6% in 2017

Canada has retained the top spot as the leading importer of craft beer from the USA , representing 51.3% of total exports. The UK is the second import largest market, accounting for 10.5%, higher than Sweden (6.7%), Korea (4.6%), Australia ...Read More

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Russian weekly grain exports on target

Russia remains on target to meet its revised grain export target, with 1.31 million mt of grain leaving in the week to March 26, data from the ministry of agriculture showed. Total grain exports are 40% higher than at the ...Read More

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Date exports from Egypt increase 127%

Egypt’s exports of dates increased by 127 percent during the first two months of 2018, according to the Food Export Council. The Council added that the volume of date exports reached 21,600 tons in January and February 2018, compared to ...Read More


Increase in Yorkshire & Humber food and drink exports

Food and drink exports from Yorkshire and the Humber reached £1.14bn in 2017, an increase of 11% compared with 2016. That is according to the latest HMRC figures, which also show that meat (£157m), dairy/eggs (£73m) and drinks (£58m) are ...Read More

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Food and drink exports soar

Exports of food and drink from the South West of England rose by 8% in 2017 compared with the previous 12 months, the latest HMRC figures show. The amount of food and drink exports from the region increased to £810 ...Read More

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Russia increases fuel exports

Russia plans to sharply increase fuel exports and acquire a larger share of the European market after an extensive $55 billion modernization of its refineries, companies’ plans and analysts’ reports show. Russia began modernising its biggest refineries in 2011 after ...Read More

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Trans Pacific Pact to increase Australian wine exports

A new trade agreement signed after the USA withdrew from trade negotiations is considered “a vital win” for Australia, according to the country’s prime minister Malcolm Turnbull. The countries participating in the pact include Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, ...Read More

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UK exports to Emerging 7 could be higher

The UK could benefit from £10bn worth of exports a year to a group of emerging economies, according to a study by Standard Chartered bank. Annual UK exports to the 'Emerging 7' (China, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Indonesia) ...Read More

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Record India soybean imports

Traders overseas have signed deals to export up to 100,000 tonnes of soybeans to India since December, shipping mainly from the African countries of Ethiopia and Benin, with which India has concessional import duty agreements. India's soybean imports have hit ...Read More

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Coffee exports may fail to meet 2025 target

Currently, Uganda exports only 4.6 million bags, far below their target. Uganda may not export the 20 million bags of coffee by 2025 if production is not increased. This is according to former finance minister Ezra Suruma who is part ...Read More

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Japan’s cosmetics exports annual record

Japan's cosmetics exports jumped 39% in value in 2017, marking a fifth record year. Tourists visiting Japan create new devotees who continue to use the products long after returning home. The export value hovered around the 100 billion yen range ...Read More

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New Zealand Apple Growers look for Export opportunities

In New Zeland there are six sheep for every person, so exports are the primary market for New Zealand apples. With only 4.5 million people in the country, there are few domestic opportunities for the fruit produced. New Zealand exports ...Read More


Saudi Arabia lifts ban on UK lamb exports

Saudi Arabia authorities have this week lifted the 20 year-long ban on sheep meat from the UK, which had been put in place after the BSE crisis in the UK. Exports may begin as early as next month after export ...Read More


Exports from Ireland record high

The Central Statistical Office in Ireland issued statistics showing that Irish exports hit a record high in 2017, rising 2 per cent to reach €122 billion for the year. Imports were also at record levels, with an increase of 4 ...Read More

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Salmon Exports from Norway on the rise

Combined exports of salmon from Norway for China and Vietnam, rose during Week 6 of 2018 to 633 tonnes from 538 tonnes in same week last year. Export volumes to Hong Kong rose to 459 tonnes last week from 199 ...Read More

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Norwegian salmon exports to China rise

During Week 6 of 20189, Norway exported 420 tonnes of fresh salmon to China, an increase over 355 tonnes the previous week. This was a fraction of the total exports, but producers in Norway see demand from China as an ...Read More

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Ban lifted on exports of Avocados from Kenya

A ban on exports of Fuerte avocados grown in Kenya, was officially lifted by Kenya's Agriculture and Food Authority (AFA) on 1 February. The decision has been welcomed by Kenyan exporters whose CEO said that the move would bring relief ...Read More


China approves imports from Denmark

China has approved the import of processed meats from a leading processor in Denmark. China is the world's top pork consumer, and the export of these products will be valuable to Denmark. The agreement, comes after more than nine years ...Read More

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Service exports from China increase in 2017

Service exports from witnessed expanded quickly in 2017, exceeding the increase of imports for the first time in seven years, figures from the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) in China showed last week. The value of service exports increased by 10.6 ...Read More

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Couple in Australia accused of making nickel exports to Iran

It is alleged that a couple from New South Wales exported two shipments of nickel alloy in 2009 and 2010 of which the ultimate destination was Iran. Nickel which contains heat- and corrosion-resistant alloys may be used in nuclear power ...Read More


Steel sector in EU expects import threat

Demand for steel in Europe is expected to rise in 2018, European steel association Eurofer said earlier this week, warning of a threat of rising imports. Steel consumption, is set to rise by 1.9 percent in the 28 countries of ...Read More

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Turkey’s exports surge 16 pct in January

Turkey’s exports increased by 16.3 percent on a yearly basis, to reach nearly $12.2 billion in January, the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) announced on Feb. 1. According to TİM data, this was the third-best January export figure of all time. ...Read More


Businesses plan exports outside Europe in response to Brexit

In response to Brexit, 62 per cent of mid-market business leaders plan to increase investment in exports beyond the EU. Mid-market businesses are looking beyond Europe for their future success, according to research from national law firm Mills & Reeve. ...Read More


Swiss Quartz watch Exports Slump

Switzerland exported the fewest quartz watches in 33 years as competition from fitness bands and smartwatches attacked the lower end of the market, forcing the industry to refocus on more expensive mechanical timepieces. Swiss watchmakers exported 17 million quartz and ...Read More

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US beef exports increase

The latest USA beef trade data for November shows continued improvement in beef exports. November beef exports were 260.7 million pounds, up 2.7 percent over exports in November, 2016. Beef exports have increased compared with the previous year each month ...Read More

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New markets for Belarus’ agricultural exports

Belarus began to export agricultural products to 17 new countries in 2017 the head of the main department for foreign economic affairs at the Belarusian Agriculture and Food Ministry said. Belarus' dairy exports to China increased by a multiple of ...Read More

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India rice export record

India's rice exports increased by approximately 22 percent in 2017 to a record 12.3 million tonnes as nearby Bangladesh increased imports, after flooding hit its crops, industry officials said. The boost in exports from the world's top exporter will probably ...Read More

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Irish Butter exports surged 60% last year

Butter that continues to be the big winner for Irish food and drink export; last year, dairy products were the largest sector of Irish exports and this was driven by butter sales worldwide. Exports of Irish whiskey, infant formula and ...Read More

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Plastics exports rise to non-China destinations

Exporters of plastic waste for recycling have increased volumes sent from the UK to Turkey, Taiwan, Vietnam and Malaysia, Michael Gove, Secretary of State for the Environment, has told Parliament. He has also cautioned against burning plastic for energy recovery ...Read More

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Record year for Irish food and drink exports

The Irish Minister for Agriculture, Michael Creed has announced that the value of Irish food, drink and horticulture exports increased by 13% in 2017. Speaking at the launch of Bord Bia’s Export Performance and Prospects 2017-2018 report, the Minister said, ...Read More


Canada says US duties on lumber exports unfair

Canada has denounced the United States for imposing import duties on its some softwood lumber exports. "U.S. duties on Canadian softwood lumber are unfair, unwarranted and troubling. They are harmful to Canada's lumber producers, workers and communities," Canadian Foreign Minister ...Read More

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Spice exports from India rise 24%

India exported 5.57 lakh tonnes of spices and spice products worth Rs. 8,850.53 crore during April-September 2017, compared with 4.5 lakh tonnes of exports worth Rs. 8,700 crore during the same period a year earlier. This is an increase of ...Read More

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Russians increase Italy wine exports to record level

Exports of wine from Italy reached a record six billion euros ($7.2 billion) in 2017, an increase of 7.0 percent on the previous year thanks largely to Russia, according to Italy's largest agricultural union. Sales of everything from the full-bodied ...Read More

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Fiji bans live coral exports

Fiji's government has banned the export of live coral, hoping to protect the Pacific nation's reefs. This has has stirred concerns about job losses among local companies. The export ban came into force last week; Fisheries Minister Semi Koroilavesau saying ...Read More


Bulgarian Wine Exports Rose by Nearly 13%

Exports of wines from Bulgaria grew by nearly 13 per cent in the first eight months of 2017, Deputy Economy Minister Lachezar Borisov has announced. 17 517 139 tons of wine for 17 432 629 million euro were exported, according ...Read More


Pakistan Exports continuously decline

Because domestic industries are not protected,energy costs are increasing, and import duties are too high, Pakistan’s exports have been losing international market share very quickly and imports are increasing. Representatives of different chambers of commerce and industry of the country ...Read More

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Israel Exports fall due to big pharma crisis

Israel’s export-dependent economy is expected to be harmed by planned job cuts and plant closures at its largest company, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries. Teva, the world’s largest generic pharmaceutical manufacturer, accounts for as much as 3% of Israeli economic output, according ...Read More


Japan exports/imports increase on strong demand from China/US

Japan's exports rose 16 percent in November from the previous year, while imports jumped 17 percent. Customs data showed the trade surplus slipping to $1 billion on exports of $61.4 billion. Imports totaled 6.81 trillion yen ($60.4 billion). Exports to ...Read More

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Exports to top Kenyan tea markets fall by 15 per cent

Tea exports to the main markets in the year to October dropped 15 per cent compared with the same period last year: all the top buyers except Pakistan registered significant decrease. Statistics from the Tea Directorate suggest that exports fell ...Read More

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Kazakhstan will increase grain exports

Kazakhstan is planning to increase the volume of grain exports by the end of 2017. "We plan to export about 9.1 million tons of grain and flour in 2017. This is 400,000 tons more than in the previous year," said ...Read More


German car exports falling

Car exports from Germany have fallen in 2017, partly due to the weaker pound undermining British demand, the head of the Germany's car industry federation said earlier this month. "...lower demand in Britain caused by exchange rates" had contributed to ...Read More

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Shrimp Imports Continue to grow in USA

The latest shrimp import figures show that shrimp demand in the US continues to accelerate, particularly in retail categories. To the end of October, 2017, total US shrimp imports stand at a record 1.19 billion pounds, compared with a figure ...Read More

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Tea exports from India increase 6.6 pct

India's tea exports in the first ten months of 2017 increased by 6.6 percent from a year ago. Iran and China increased their imports of tea from India,the state-run Tea Board said in a statement lastg week. Iran imported 20.98 ...Read More

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UK Construction Equipment exports and imports up

UK exports of construction and earthmoving equipment remained strong for the first nine months of 2017, showing a 21% increase compared with the same period 2016. Imports of equipment also showed resilience, with a 12% increase in the same period ...Read More

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Vietnam exports less coffee

Vietnam exported nearly 1.3 million tons of coffee in the first 11 months of this year, amounting to a decrease of 22.5 percent, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development said last week. Germany and the United States are still ...Read More

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Decrease of Exports to Russia

The decline in Bulgaria's exports to Russia during the last four years is caused by problems of the Russian economy and not by EU sanctions against Russia. This is stated in a report of the Bulgarian Industrial Association concerning Bulgarian ...Read More

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UK food and drink exports continue to rise

Exports of UK food and drink increased to £5.9bn in the third quarter of the year, an increase of 14.7% on the same period last year. The Food and Drink Federation published its quarterly Exports Snapshot which highlights key UK ...Read More


India cotton exports to drop

India is likely to export nearly one-fifth less cotton than estimated as pink bollworms are expected to eat into the south Asian country's output. Lower exports from the world's biggest producer will help its rivals like the U.S, Brazil and ...Read More

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Swiss Watch Exports – Biggest Monthly Gain Since 2013

Swiss watch exports rose at the quickest monthly pace in more than four years in October. This has been largely fuelled by Asian demand for higher-priced timepieces. Exports increased 9.3 percent to 1.85 billion francs ($1.9 billion) in October, the ...Read More

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Japan exports climb

Japan's exports grew 14 percent over the previous year earlier due to strong demand for vehicles, electronics and machinery. However, customs data showed even faster growth in imports of oil, gas and coal that caused the trade surplus to fall ...Read More

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Bulgarian Exports to the EU Increase

In the period January - August 2017 Bulgarian exports to the EU increased by 11.0%, compared with the same period in 2016. The main trade partners of Bulgaria were Germany, Italy, Romania, Greece, France and Belgium. In August 2017 the ...Read More


South Australia exports soaring

NEW airlines and more wide-body planes helped direct exports from South Australia’s agriculture and fisheries industries to increase by 50 per cent during the past two years. The first Boeing 787 Dreamliner wide-body service to Auckland saw freight capacity grow ...Read More

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Korean pear exports increase

Exports from Korea are on the rise, according to a new report form the US Agricultural Service./ The total pear crop is expected to grow 4 per cent to 247,300 tonnes. For 2017/18, Korean fresh pear exports are expected to ...Read More

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Value of Scotch whisky exports on the up

Scotland’s whisky is the UK’s single largest food and drink export, which makes up about a fifth of Britain’s food sector exports. It’s also the number one internationally traded spirit in the world, so changes in the market can cause ...Read More


Turkey’s exports and imports up

The Turkish Statistical office said that Turkey's exports in the first three quarters of 2017 amounted to around $115 billion — a 10.5 percent rise compared with the same period in 2016. Turkish imports climbed 15.5 percent to approx $169 ...Read More

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Northern Ireland exports ‘best on record’

Exports of goods from Northern Ireland increased by 12% in the second quarter of 2017, compared with the same period in 2016. The total value of the exports was just under £2.3bn. This is the best quarter on record in ...Read More

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Exports helping Norfolk traders

According to the latest report from the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce, manufacturing businesses had an improvement in export sales from 11% to 27% and export orders from 7% to 27%. Concern over exchange rates increased, with 76% of firms surveyed ...Read More

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Imports and exports linked for success

An examination of data for over 160 countries provides evidence that imports are just as important as exports for economic growth. For almost four-fifths of countries last year, the volume of exports and imports moved up or down in harmony. ...Read More

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Europe exports suffer from sanctions

A study by an Austrian based think tank shows that sanctions against Russia imposed due to the Ukraine crisis have resulted in a reduction in exports to Russia. In Austria alone, the sanctions are estimated to have caused a fall ...Read More

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India’s coffee exports up 9.36%

Coffee exports from India, Asia s third-largest producer and exporter of coffee, increased by 9.36 per cent to 3,76,873 tonne in the year ending September 2017, buoyed by higher global prices, according to state-run Coffee Board. The country's export coffee ...Read More

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Pakistan rice exports take off

Pakistan rice exports have started the current financial year well, giving rise to hopes that the export turnover for the full year will hit $2 billion after a gap of two years. Rice exports jumped 40 per cent year-on-year to ...Read More


Pharmaceutical exports from India decline

Pharmaceutical exports from India registered a negative growth of 4 per cent during the first five months of the current financial year, owing to increased regulatory issues and pricing pressure. According to the Director General of the Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion ...Read More

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American Vehicle exports increase, imports decline

Vehicle exports from the U.S.A have come as a welcome encouragement for American ports, but they are wondering The question a boost in exports will offset declining auto import volumes. Last year, the Port of Portland, Oregon recorded double-digit increase ...Read More

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Estonia August exports up 8 percent imports 12 percent

According to information from Statistics Estonia, goods exports increased by eight and imports by 12 percent compared with last August. The increased exports and imports of mineral products and mechanical appliances contributed to this. Exports from Estonia amounted to €1.1 ...Read More

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German exports increase

German exports increased strongly in August due to strong demand from the eurozone, although strictly speaking these are not 'exports' but intra-Eu trade. The Federal Statistical Office of Germany said that total goods 'export's in August rose 3.1% from July. ...Read More

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Farmers market at Singapore airport to promote exports

Japanese foods are on sale at the newly opened Premium Japan Farmers Market in Singapore’s Changi Airport for local consumers and globe-trotting travelers. It is hoped that promoting theses products to travellers will stimulate export orders from their countries. A ...Read More

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Italian Companies Profit from Greek Exports

The export of world renowned Greek olive oil is an example of how the country’s productive potential is wasted. Greece exports in bulk tons of olive oil at half the price of what Greek customers pay in supermarkets. Italian companies ...Read More


Tea exports from India rise 4.6%

In spite of the loss of exports on account of the prolonged closure of the Darjeeling tea estates, India’s tea exports have increased 4.6% by volume duringthe first seven months of 2017. Two countries where Indian teas made major inroads ...Read More

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Vietnam’s shrimp exports grow

While Vietnam’s exports of shrimp thjroughout the world rose in the first seven months of 2017, it is not shipping as much to the United States, mainly due to an increase in duties. The U.S. used to be the top ...Read More

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EU wheat exports to fall

European Union soft wheat exports are expected to fall this season, despite an increased harvest. A threat is posed by exports from Russia after a huge harvest. An industry analyst cut by 1.3m tonnes to 23.1m tonnes its forecast for ...Read More

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Irish Drinks Exports grow

The Alcohol Beverage Federation of Ireland has said that newly published figures confirm the massive contribution the drinks industry makes to Ireland’s agri-food exports. The CSO data indicates that drinks exports have grown by 8.65% since June 2016. Whiskey exports ...Read More


Brexit may be dangerous for Ireland’s exports

The importance of the UK to the Irish Republic as a destination market for exports has declined over the last 40 years. In the 1970s, the UK accounted for more than 50% of Irish exports, whereas in 2015 the figure ...Read More


Dutch flower exports higher than ever

The export of cut flowers and plants was the highest ever in the first eight months of this year, the sector organisation VGB reported last week. The export sales figure reached €4.2bn by end-August. TotaL plant and flower exports were ...Read More


Farm assurance ‘important’ for UK dairy exports

The UK Red Tractor scheme is keen to show off its credentials in the face of cheap imports. Red Tractor assures the quality of product and animal welfare for more than 13 billion litres of milk produced in the UK. ...Read More

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Turkey earns $1.88B through hazelnut exports

Turkey earned around $1.88 billion with exports of more than 235,000 tons of hazelnuts in the last 12 months, a hazelnut exporters’ association said. The 2016-2017 hazelnut export season ended on Aug. 31, the President of Black Sea Hazelnut and ...Read More


Brazil chicken exports strong as food scandal subsides

Brazilian chicken exports rose by 14.6 percent in August, the third-best monthly result on record. Chicken exports totaled 416,800 tonnes last month, confirming a recent forecast. In financial terms, processed and chicken exports generated revenues of $690.6 million in August, ...Read More


Turkey exports ice cream to 68 countries

Turkey exports ice cream to a total of 68 countries and four free zones, earning nearly $204 million in the past 5.5 years. According to data from the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) and the United Nations, nearly 88.4 thousand tons ...Read More

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Spain fears rise of Egyptian citrus exports

Egypt’s expandion of land devote3d to citrus is destabilising the European export market, and threatening Spain’s dominance as an exporter. Egyptian exports have risen by 66 per cent in the last five year. This is set to accelerate in the ...Read More

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Rwanda Earns $22.9 million From Meat Exports

Rwanda exported over 6.2 million kilogrammes of meat during the past year, up from 5.3 million kilos exported the previous year, indicating 17.5 per cent growth in volumes. According to the National Agricultural Export Board (NAEB) annual report released this ...Read More


Wine exports get Federal Government funding

The Australian Federal Government has announced a new $50 million initiative to bolster Australia's wine exports and tourism. The Export and Regional Wine Support aims to boost wine exports to a record $3.5 billion, including help in marketing product to ...Read More

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Upward curve for Spain’s exports

Spain's fresh fruit and vegetable exports continued to increase through the first half of 2017. According to figures from the Ministry of Economy's Customs and Excise Department, processed by Fepex, fresh produce exports grew just over 6 per cent in ...Read More

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Beer exports to South Korea increasing

South Korea is “fast gaining a taste for British beer”, with exports to the country shooting up 77% in the first half of 2017. Belgium and China had the highest exports value percentage growth in the first half, with shipments ...Read More

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UK food and drink exports lifted by whisky

According to figures released by the Food and Drink Federation, food and drink exports from the UK achieved £10.2 billion (US$13.1bn) in the first half of this year – the largest H1 food and drink exports value on record. During ...Read More

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UK Wine Exports Grow 21%

UK wine exports were worth £270 million in the first six months of 2017. This is a 21% growth year-on-year, according to data from the Food and Drink Federation (FDF). Overall, exports grew by 8.5% to £10.2 billion during this ...Read More


Exports help UK manufacturers

Results of the CBI's recent survey of manufacturing prospects suggest that exports have had a big influence, possibly due to the weakness of the pound sterling. Export orders for UK manufacturers increased to +11 from +2 - there was a ...Read More


Slow month for EU exports

The deceleration of EU pork exports continued in June, with volumes down 25% year-on-year at 158,300 tonnes. This equated to almost 80,000 tonnes less than the month 2016, and was also almost 6,000 tonnes lower than in May this year. ...Read More

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Scottish salmon exports reach record value

Scottish salmon exports reached a record value of £346m in the first half of 2017, an increase of 70% on the same period last year. Fresh salmon worth £190m was sold in the second period of this year alone. That ...Read More

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UK exporters less confident

The British Chambers of Commerce 'trade confidence index' shows that exporters' confidence has softened slightly The measure, based on export documentation provided by regional chambers of commerce during the three months to June, was 2.5 percent lower than a year ...Read More


French Wine Exports Increase

France has been outstanding among wine-producing countries in the first quarter, but the USA suffered a major fall in exports. A Wine Quarterly survey showed healthy growth for French wine exports, which increased by 5.9 percent in volume. Champagne and ...Read More

Tags: , ,

UK remains Ireland’s top export customer

The UK remained Ireland's largest trading partner with almost 40pc (€4,804m) of total exports by value in 2016. Figures from the Department’s Annual Review and Outlook for Agriculture, Food and the Marine show that Irish agri-food exports went to over ...Read More

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Shrimp demand may increase seafood exports from India

Seafood exports from India could exceed $6 billion in the current financial year, driven by demand for shrimps in the global market. In 2016-17, India exported $5.78 billion worth of marine products. Cultured shrimps amount to about 70% of the ...Read More

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China wine imports up

From January to June this year, China imported 254 million litres of bottled wines, representing a 13.9% increase in volume and a 3.34% increase in value over the same period last year. France still ranks as the biggest wine exporter ...Read More

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UK Production High as Exports Grow

U.K. factory production reached a two-decade high point in the second quarter of the year, as optimism about export orders grew to the highest since the 1970s. A Confederation of British Industry survey showed that volume output rapidly grew, with ...Read More


Exports of coconut products declining

Philippine exports of virgin coconut oil (VCO) fell by 38 percent in volume last March, three months before an organization of American heart doctors advised against VCO in the diet. In terms of value, VCO exports dropped by 40 percent ...Read More


Indian spices exports at all-time high

Exports of spices and spice products from India have touched an all-time high during 2016-17, said the Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman recently. Spices exports from the country have touched Rs. 17665 crore in the year, compared with Rs ...Read More

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Ethiopia’s coffee exports up 20 pc

Ethiopia's coffee exports have shown a 20 percent increase during the past three months, according to the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Development and Marketing Authority. The Authority has introduced various measures to reduce the impact of contraband and other illegal ...Read More


EU to allow in more Ukraine exports

EU foreign ministers approved last week measures to allow Ukraine to export more industrial and agricultural products tariff-free to the EU in recognition of reforms undertaken by Kiev and the fragility of the country's economy. By the end of September, ...Read More

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Ireland exports to UK increase

Goods exports to Britain were €153m higher in May than in the same month last year. Exports to Britain last year being almost half a billion euro lower, the Central Statistics Office painted a more positive picture for 2017 so ...Read More


Mexican car exports hit record high

Mexico's car exports set a record in June. This was driven by a surge in exports to buyers in the United States, the Mexican Auto Industry Association (AMIA) said. Vehicle exports had risen 12 percent from a year earlier. Mexican ...Read More

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British Wheat Exports Slow

Britain's May wheat exports were at the lowest monthly level since July 2014. This means it is likely to be a net wheat importer in the 2016/17 season, customs data showed. Exports in May amounted to only 29,509 tonnes, against ...Read More

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Uncertainty affects Bangladesh exports

Political changes in the West and devaluation of currencies have adversely affected growth in Bangladesh exports. The clothing sector contributes over 82% to overall export earnings, and this sector has been particularly badly affected. According to provisional data of Export ...Read More


Gems & jewellery exports rise

India gems and jewellery exports from India rose by over 11 per cent to $6.78 billion during the first two months of the current financial year. In April-May last year, the sector's exports amounted to to $6.1 billion, according to ...Read More

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Brazil advises EU no salmonella in poultry exports

Brazil notified the European Union's Food Service Authority last week that it had found no traces of salmonella in poultry exports. The statement was issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply in Brazil. It had been informed in ...Read More

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Seed potato exports

A new bi-lateral trade agreement means that Scotland will export seed potatoes to Kenya. The organisation’s head of crops export market development, Rob Burns, said: “The seed potato sector is already particularly successful at exploiting overseas markets with roughly 30% ...Read More


Tanzania: PM Bans Food Exports

Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa has asked Tanzanians to take part in safeguarding the country's resources, as he put an immediate ban on food exports. On the food export ban, he said that a study had established that as the long ...Read More


Salmon exports worth £500m to Scotland

Exports worth £500m and 2,000 direct jobs make salmon a healthy part of the Scottish economy. The fish have become Scotland’s number one food export worth £500 million to the country’s economy. Salmon has now regained its position as the ...Read More

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Norway signs agreement on salmon exports to China

Norway has agreed in principle to begin farmed salmon exports to China after a seven-year trade conflict. "For some weeks now there have been discussions between the Food Safety authorities in China and Norway on how we can ensure predictability ...Read More

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Dutch exports continue to rise

The volume of goods exports from the Netherlands was 2.9% higher in April compared to the previous year. However growth was lower than in March, when exports rose by 6% year-on-year. Imports were marginally lower in April, while the April ...Read More

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NZ primary sector exports to hit high

The Ministry for Primary Industries in New Zealand released its 2017 'situation and outlook' recently. By June 2018 the ministry is expecting agricultural exports to lift to over $41bn, explained by the forecast that dairy prices are likely to remain ...Read More


Record increase for UK food and drink exports

UK FOOD exports have achieved a new high, with the figures for the first quarter of 2017 up 8.3% on 2016, hitting a record-breaking £4.9 billion. This was once again based on the UK's top three export products – whisky, ...Read More

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Seafood exports from Pakistan increase

The exports of fish and fish preparations from Pakistan showed an increase of 17.08 percent during the first ten months of the current financial year compared with the previous year. Fish exports during July-April (2016-17) were $316.926 million compared with ...Read More


Mangoes boost India’s export

India has boosted agricultural exports, by beginning shipments of juicy varieties of mangoes such as Kesar, Alphonso and Banganapalle to South Korea and Japan. Devendra Kumar Singh, chairman of the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Exports Development Authority (APEDA), who ...Read More

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Exports suffer in political uncertainty

The gloomy outlook of the world economy have challenged into the export earnings of Bangladesh this financial year. Exporters and economists are calling for policy support to aid recovery. In the first ten months of 2016-17, export earnings stood at ...Read More


Russian Exports to US Increase in Spite of Sanctions

The volume of Russian exports to the United States is increasing despite US sanctions and less friendly bilateral relations, Russia's Trade Envoy Alexander Stadnik said. 'In 2014 – 2016, the physical volume of our exports to the United States was ...Read More

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Malaysian pineapple exports to China expected to double

Malaysia’s exports of pineapples to China are forecast to double to RM320 million annually by 2020. This follows the signature of a protocol on phytosanitary requirements for the export of pineapples from Malaysia to China. Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry Minister, ...Read More

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Strike affects Chilean salmon exports

Salmon exports from Chile have been stopped, following a customs strike which began on May 24th. The decision to strike involves grievances over staffing issues, working hours and retirement benefits. This has limited exports and imports of all goods, including ...Read More


NZ dairy, wood & wine exports up in April

More dairy, wood, and wine exports in April 2017 resulted in a goods trade surplus of $578 million, said Statistics New Zealand. April's goods trade surplus was the largest monthly surplus since March 2015 and the largest April surplus since ...Read More


Most of South Africa’s fish exports go to EU

Half of all the fish caught in South Africa is exported to the European Union (EU). Cape hake is the most popular fish species, making up more than 50 percent. South Africa is a net exporter of fish with the ...Read More


Norway signs deal to resume salmon exports to China

Norway moved closer to resuming its exports of farmed salmon to China on Tuesday after the two countries signed an agreement, Norway's Fisheries Ministry said on Tuesday. The exports have mainly been blocked since the 2010 award of the Nobel ...Read More

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UK pork exports slow down but imports up

UK exports of fresh and frozen pork during March were 3% lower than last on year but imports rose by a massive 47%. The fall in export volumes to 19,100 tonnes highlights the lack of supply in both clean pigs ...Read More

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Exports to Asia May Slow

The Asian Export boom may be about to end. Demand from consumers and manufacturers in China, a key driver for an unexpected jump in Asian exports so far this year, is likely to reduce as Beijing shifts its focus toward ...Read More

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Swiss Boom in Clothing Exports deceptive

A large increase in Swiss exports of clothing and shoes isn’t quite what it appears; export shipments of textiles and footwear rose 10 percent in 2016, second only to pharmaceuticals and chemicals. But that really reflects dissatisfied shoppers sending back ...Read More

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Georgia wine exports to China to increase

Georgian wine exports to China are set to grow; the two countries have officially signed a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) on 13 May. China will drop import tariffs on 93.9% of exported products from Georgia. The import tariff on remaining ...Read More

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Tunisia Seeks to Increase Exports to Russia

Tunisia is hoping to increase its exports to Russia. Many government and private institutions are seeking to boost the Tunisian presence in the promising Russian market. The capital Tunis hosted a workshop to study potential to export to Russia, the ...Read More

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Decline in food exports from Ireland

Export growth from Ireland to the UK fell sharply from 12% in 2015 to just 2% last year. Total exports to the UK, which account for 35% of net Irish indigenous exports, were worth €7.5 billion last year. Enterprise Ireland ...Read More

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German Exports Increase

German exports rose for a third month in March- a sign that Europe’s largest economy is benefiting from a pickup in global trade. Exports rose 0.4 percent from February, the Federal Statistics Office said last week. The data come a ...Read More

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Turkey’s exports rise in April

Exports for the month of April rose to $12.83 billion, which is a 7.83 percent increase from April 2016, according to estimates. Imports also increased by 9.58 percent. In April, the country’s total foreign trade volume soared by 8.65 percent ...Read More

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Pakistani Women entrepreneurs go to Europe to explore export potential

A delegation of women entrepreneurs has left Islamabad for a 10-day visit to explore the European market and find ways to increase exports. The delegation, led by Islamabad Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IWCCI) Founder-President Samina Fazil, will visit ...Read More


Scotland’s whisky exports on the rise again

The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) has released new figures showing that Scotch represents more than 20% of the UK’s total food and drink exports. It is 73% of Scotland’s export output. The SWA says scotch exports increased last year by ...Read More


Exports of Scottish farmed salmon leap by 17%

Exports of farmed salmon from Scotland rose 17% by value last year, but there was another big reduction in the volume of fish sold overseas. There was also a big recovery in exports into the European Union, up by more ...Read More


Swiss Watch Exports Break Record

Swiss watch exports rose for the first time in 21 months in March. This ended their longest slump on record. Shipments to Hong Kong pulled out of a two-year decline. Exports gained 7.5 percent to 1.6 billion francs ($1.6 billion), ...Read More

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Irish exports to Britain rebound

Ireland’s trade surplus fell by 9 per cent to €4.7 billion in February, after a record-high €5.74 billion a month earlier as imports jumped 16 per cent. Preliminary data from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) indicates exports rose 3 per ...Read More

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Indian Export recovery on stream

The Indian export sector started the last financial year badly, with exports falling by 6 percent in the very first month. By the end of the year the sector has distinctly reversed the trend, growing for seven months in a ...Read More

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White fish exports from Norway rising

Fish from Norway are continuing to enjoy an export boom; sales of the main white fish species are showing a steady increase. The Norwegian Seafood Council published statistics showing that the country exported 129,000 tonnes of cod, haddock and saithe ...Read More

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Harvest and exports up for Rhône Valley in 2016

Export volumes of Rhône wines declined very slightly by an estimated 2.7% to 913,000hl: – this was broadly in line with the global downward trend for French exports of still wines. Export values however rose and stayed stable on €460m ...Read More

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North East England exports fall for second quarter

Export sales in the North East ofEngland have fallen for the second quarter in a row, in spite of the fact that many manufacturers claimed that the weak pound was boosting business. The statistics were quoted in the North East ...Read More


Cyprus Imports and exports up

Both imports and exports rose markedly during the first two months of this year, compared with the same period in 2016, according preliminary data from the Statistical Service. This is in spite of the turmoil at the port of Limassol, ...Read More

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USA Beef Exports growing

U.S.A beef exports continue the 2016 trend with more improvement so far in 2017. In February total beef exports increased by 19.3 percent and combined with the January figures add up to a 20.1 percent year over year increase. Japan ...Read More

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UK manufacturers take extra export cash due to weak pound

British car manufacturers are benefitting from the weak pound. New figures show that exports are generating higher revenues once translated into sterling. Exports are now accounting for a bigger share of turnover for UK car and trailer companies, reversing the ...Read More


Dutch exports increase

The volume of Dutch exports rose by 8% in February compared with the same period a year earlier. The increase was due largely to exports of machinery, chemical products and transport equipment. Imports in February were 4% higher year-on-year. The ...Read More

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Falling exports haunt experts

Exports need from Pakistan currently account for only 7.4 percent of Pakistan's GDP, whereas Bangladesh's exports that are equivalent to 14.8 percent of its GDP. Despite its improving GDP growth, Pakistan's exports are declining, creating a big trade deficit. With ...Read More


UK-China rail freight service starts in Essex

The first direct rail freight service from the UK to China departed from Essex on Monday. A train with 30 containers filled with British-produced exports began the 7,500-mile journey from the DP World London Gateway rail terminal in Stanford-le-Hope. Whisky, ...Read More

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Rwanda:Targeted Support to initiate Exports Growth

There is currently a drive in Rwanda to diversify agriculture exports, and National Agriculture Exports Board (NAEB) is already promoting horticulture exports including flower farming and growing of fruits. This initiative is mainly designed increase non-traditional cash crop exports. Besides, ...Read More


Exports boost for manufacturing in Ireland

There was a marked rise in new export business during March, according to the latest Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) for the sector. An economist with specialist bank Investec,said: "More than twice as many firms reported growth in new export orders ...Read More

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Danish exports to Britain growing

Denmark’s exports to the UK have continued to increase even after the Brexit vote, says Sydbank’s chief economist Jacob Graven. At the end of 2016, Danish exports to Britain were about 37 billion kroner. According to Graven, Britain was Denmark’s ...Read More

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EU farmers seek exports as quotas end

EU farmers are increasing production of sugar beet this year, when they will be freed at last to grow as much as they want and export it globally, after a decade of strict quotas and export limits. Several EU member ...Read More

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Scotch meat exports excel

SCOTTISH MEAT has made a great contribution to the country's record year of food and drink export growth. New figures released by the Scottish Government showed that total food and drink exports from Scotland grew by £421 million in 2016, ...Read More

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USA Protectionism threatens exporters

President Donald Trump has singled out Japan, China and Germany for their high net exports to the American market. This is a concern for exporting countries, who fear that global trade could falter. Japan and the US will start a ...Read More

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Japan February exports up

Japan's exports had the biggest increase in more than two years in February. Exports recovered from a Chinese New Year slowdown in January, as a widening trade surplus with the US potentially raises tensions in expectation of rising protectionism from ...Read More

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Brazil’s meat exports drop sharply

According to Brazil's Trade Ministry, the country's meat exports have dropped to $74,000 (68,500 euros), compared with the daily average of $63 million - a drop by 99.9 percent. Last week a police investigation showed the existence of a corrupt ...Read More

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Exports up, revenue down for 2016-17 cherries from Chile

By the end of February, total exports were 17% higher, but total FOB returns were 28% down at US$444 million. The drop is revenue is due to the significantly lower unit price, which was US$4.70 per kilo on average – ...Read More

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Log exports from British Columbia under threat

Log exports are a contentious issue.; some politicians, policy analysts and unions have argued for a ban on log exports, whereas the current government has allowed limited exports of logs, but with an excessively complex export-approval process. Some commentators think ...Read More

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Tea exports from India drop in January

Tea exports fell by 6.62 per cent to 19.02 million kg in January this year from 20.37 million kg in the corresponding month a year ago, according to Tea Board data.  By value, exports fell 4.14 per cent.  Most of ...Read More

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Scottish ministers to boost exports

Scotland could struggle to meet export targets because of "significant cuts" to the enterprise budget,Scottish Conservatives have warned. The party has asked the Scottish Government to do more to help boost exports from businesses. MSPs were debating a report on ...Read More

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South Korea exports to China increase by 28.7%

South Korean exports to China rose for a fourth month in February, leaping 28.7 percent compared with a year ago, trade ministry data showed. The February rise was the strongest since November 2010, driven by exports of intermediate goods like ...Read More

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Exports from Pakistan

The textile export figures in January 2017 have finally registered an increase. This means that the government’s textile package for exports may be working and perhaps it's now time to further strengthen it. Commentators say that the government should quickly ...Read More

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Chile leads fruit exports to China in 2016

Chile became the leading exporter of fresh fruits to China in 2016, overtaking Vietnam and even Thailand, local media reported last week. Chile exported $1.2 billion of fresh fruit, mainly cherries, to China last year, the report said, citing data ...Read More

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US trade policy may affect pigmeat exports

Donald Trump's trade policies, could damage the USA'S future pigmeat exports, causing a knock-on impact on other exporters, including the UK, according to one pork producer. “President Trump has been supporting a protectionist, anti-globalisation agenda which he believes will support ...Read More

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Swiss Watch Exports Continue Decline

The Swiss watch industry began the year where it left off, with exports falling in January, albeit at a slower pace than in 2016. Export shipments of Swiss timepieces fell 6.2 percent, according to the Federation of the Swiss Watch ...Read More

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Swiss trade surplus rises due to big fall in imports

The Swiss trade surplus rose to CHF 4.7 billion in January from CHF 2.7 billion in the previous month, attributable to sharp declines in imports during the month. The report showed that imports during January slid 5.3 percent compared to ...Read More

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Sterling devaluation reduces value of Irish exports to Britain

The Brexit-related crash in sterling reduced the value of Irish goods exports to Britain by about half a billion last year, the latest trade figures show. According to the Central Statistics Office, exports to Britain fell by €496 million to ...Read More

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Trade shows increase UK fashion exports

UK exports of clothing and textiles increased by 7% year on year to £9.1bn in 2016, following success at European trade shows. The UK Fashion & Textile Association reported that exports have increased by 28% in the last five years. ...Read More


Pakistan government offers exports package

The export package enabled exporters to improve cash flows for the next six months, as the eligible sectors got refunds on all exports made between January and June. Thereafter, producers would need to make a10 percent export increase to receive ...Read More


Honda enjoys export bounce to the US and Japan

Honda UK is producing more cars as the lower pound has boosted exports of its new British-built Civic hatchback to the USA and other international markets including Japan, executives said last week. Honda’s European spokesman Nik Pearson said: ‘The lower ...Read More

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Thai Rice Exports fall due to Vietnam Competition

Rice exports from Thailand, the largest world supplier after India, are likely to decline about 4 percent this year because of increased competition from Vietnam and other producers. Exports will total 9.5 million tons in 2017,the honorary president of the ...Read More

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SNP to miss exports target

The Scottish National Party government is set to miss a target to increase international exports by four years, the Scottish Labour Party claims. They said the government will probably miss a target set in 2011 to deliver a 50per cent ...Read More


Newcastle and Sunderland exports go to the EU

A new report shows that Sunderland is in the top 10 cities in the country to be reliant on the European Union for exports. It is also one of only seven which are heavily reliant on a specific industry for ...Read More

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Russia needs new markets for grain exports

Russia needs to find new markets for its grain exports and export to xisting customers more quickly, to ease pressure on the domestic market. There was a record crop of 119 million tonnes in 2016, the SovEcon agriculture consultancy said. ...Read More

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Scottish exports grow

According to figures from the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe), exports from Small and Medium Enterprises were worth £12.4billion to the Scottish economy in 2014.This represented a 59% rise since 2006. As a percentage of total exports from Scotland, SMEs ...Read More


Exports of Scottish-made gin and beer on the rise

Exports of gin and craft beer from Scotland have grown during last year, new figures show. Whisky remains the "driving force of the UK food and drink industry", however. It accounts for nearly a quarter of all exports each year. ...Read More


Weak pound boosts exports

Rain Newton-Smith, the CBI chief economist, said: “UK manufacturers are firing on all cylinders right now, with domestic orders up and optimism rising at the fastest pace in two years. “The weaker pound is driving export optimism for the year ...Read More

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Taiwan cabbage exports troubled

Cabbage is not yet one of Taiwan's major agricultural export products, due to a lack of integrated marketing systems. The Council of Agriculture showed that Taiwan dedicates 9,000 hectares of farmland to cabbages, with annual production estimated at over 360,000 ...Read More

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Cognac exports reach highest level yet

Cognac exports reached their highest ever level in 2016,mainly because of the expansion of the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) zone, according to the Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac (BNIC). AFter a positive 2015, Cognac exports continued to rise ...Read More

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Ireland cost of imports rise

The value of Irish imports increased by 18 per cent to €6.15 billion in November, as weakness in sterling could be inflating the cost of British-manufactured goods. The latest trade figures also reveal the value of exports fell by 1 ...Read More


Greek exports continue recovery in November

Greek exports continued to rise in November, coming to 4.2 percent on a monthly basis. This was the fourth consecutive month with a rise in the value of exports. Data analyzed by the Panhellenic Exporters’ Association showed that the total ...Read More

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Exports add £35 a pig to UK industry

Pork exports add about £35 to the value of UK pigs, with products going to China making a major contribution to that total, an industry lader told participants at the Oxford Farming Conference. According to some current estimates, pigmeat exports ...Read More


German output lower, but exports surge

German exports surged 3.9% in November from the month before, while imports increased 3.5%. But total exports in the first eleven months of the year were only 0.8% higher than in the same period in 2015, a sign that global ...Read More

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Good citrus exports end difficult year for Australia

Queensland citrus growers are expanding their planting of export varieties because of good prices for exports, which outperformed domestic markets. Prices for fruit popular in export markets are encouraging compared with the domestic market. A grower said that export prices ...Read More

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Italian machinery exports recover

A third-quarter 2016 recovery in exports of plastics and rubber machinery by Italian machine makers helped improve sales. In the nine months from January to September 2016, imports of machinery to Italy increased by 8.5 percent. Exports climbed by 1.5 ...Read More

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Sterling exchange rate affects RDF exports

Since the Brexit referendum in June, the significant change in currency has had a direct impact on exports of Refuse Derived Fuel from the UK.  The majority of gate fees  and a high proportion of the logistics costs are paid ...Read More

Afghanistan exports decline

Cool relations between Kabul and Islamabad have slowed down Afghanistan’s plans to boost fruit exports. Pomegranates and grapes have long been a part of Afghan exports, but trade from the landlocked country has suffered due to poor air connectivity and ...Read More


Rwanda Flower exports gain momentum

After more than three years of planned rose exports from Rwanda’s Gishari Flower Park in Rwamagana District, ‘encouraging’ flower shipments have been exported to key European markets. Since production started in July, the project managed by Bella Flowers, has shipped ...Read More

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New export markets for English wine in 2017

Wine producers in the UK intend to increase exports by ten-fold by 2020, and have claimed strong early progress, with bottles of English and Welsh sparkling wine being exported to 27 countries in 2016. Even France and Italy, which produce ...Read More

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UK car exports at record high

The car industry in the UK reported record exports in the first 11 months of the year. It is thought that the low pound boosted sales. UK car exports increased to 1.25m, the highest ever. Factories had put on more ...Read More


Cultural goods exports from Turkey rise by 120 per cent

Cultural goods exports from Turkey, which mainly consists of the exports of handicrafts, has increased by 120 percent in the past five years. The exports value of cultural goods was 17.8 billion Turkish liras ($5.06 billion) in 2015, compared to ...Read More

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Burgundy Exports to UK increase

Despite yields in Burgundy falling to 1.15 million HectoLitres from an average 1.5 million HectoLitres due to frost and hail in the Spring, the region saw gains in exports to the UK, recording a17.7% rise in wine exports. Meanwhile Beaujolais ...Read More

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Cool-climate wines increase French exports

Overall wine exports from France dropped 1.4% in volume in 2015, with FranceAgriMer
 reporting AOC wines down 1.5% for AOC and PGI wines down 5%. However cool climate wines remained level and an increase in export volumes, with key US ...Read More

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Russian wheat exports up 1.9% on year

Russian wheat exports in the 2016-17 marketing year from July 1 to December 14 were up 1.9% year on year at 14.317 million mt, Ministry of Agriculture data showed last week. Wheat exports from Russia have been slower than expected ...Read More

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Georgia wine exports to China highest ever

Georgia’s wine exports to China registered the highest growth rate among all export markets in the first 11 months of the year. According to the latest figures released by Georgia’s National Wine Agency under the Ministry of Agriculture, wine exports ...Read More


Afghan dried fruit, herbal exports up

Officials of the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) last week claimed an increase in the export of dried fruit from the province of southern Kandahar. They said that the quality of dried fruit had driven up demand in ...Read More

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Uncertain outlook for exports to US, China from Germany

German engineers expect low growth in 2017, with an uncertain outlook for exports to the United States and China offsetting a recovery in exports to other markets such as Russia and India. They warned it was unclear what path the ...Read More

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Brazil’s export lull precedes record soybean shipments

Although Brazil's exports Shipments of corn and its byproduct, ethanol, were down by nearly 80 percent in October and November versus a year ago, encouraging results are expected for 2017. Soybeans fared slightly better in October/November, with exports down two-thirds ...Read More

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Small business sector produces 26% of Dutch exports

More than 26% of the Dutch exports last year were made by independent small businesses, the Dutch statistics bureau CBS said last week. CBS noted that most of these goods were manufactured in the Netherlands. The export figure for the ...Read More

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American agriculture export fears

Since winning the presidential election, Donald Trump’s anti-trade tone has moderated, but not completely faded. Farmers and ranchers, remain wary, because 20 percent of all U.S. farm production is exported. In 2015, U.S. agriculture exported $133 billion of bulk commodities ...Read More

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Russia intends to boost agriculture exports

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has announced an obujective of increasing exports of Russia’s agricultural products from $17 to $19 bn. He added that the goal is to "boost the potential of exports in the future, keeping in mind that the ...Read More

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Continued decline in machinery exports to Russia

Exports of plastics and rubber machinery to Russia have continued to fall sharply this year, figures issued by a German industry association have revealed. Before the Interplastica exhibition which will happen on 24-27 January 2017 in Moscow, the association put ...Read More

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Turkey’s exports in October

The main destination for Turkish exports in October was Germany with $1.308 billion, followed by the U.K. with $1.049 billion, Iraq with $774 million and Italy with $739 million. The overall volume of exports decreased in comparison with the same ...Read More

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Autumn Statement good news for Exports

In his autumn statement earlier in November, the Chancellor announced doubling support for export shippers as the government looks to make it easier for British companies to export. He has extended the export credit guarantee and increased the number of ...Read More

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Dutch flower/plant exports to UK fall by 7%

Floridata said overall exports increased in September by almost one per cent during the month, but exports to the UK dropped by seven per cent, while France consumed four per cent fewer products. Germany showed average growth in imports from ...Read More

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Value of UK Pork Exports Increases

The value of pork exports from the UK during September increased 16 per cent on the year, reaching £21.7 million. A 26 per cent rise in average unit prices supported the total export value. The weak the pound which protected ...Read More


Donald Trump may jeopardize New Zealand wine exports

The New Zealand Export Organisation is concerned that Donal Trump's election as US President will reduce opportunities for NZ exporters. His apparent desire to introduce protectionist measures for international trade may mean that it is no longer economic for exports ...Read More

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France’s trade deficit widens as exports fall

France's trade deficit widened in September as declines in exports were sharper than the fall in imports, the French customs office said this week. The eurozone's second-largest economy recorded a 4.77 billion euro ($5.28 billion) trade deficit in September after ...Read More

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Low point for beef exports from Queensland

Released last week the export figures showed that just 72,607 tonnes of beef were dispatched to overseas markets in October, a figure not seen since April 2012 By contrast peak export tonnage over the same period was 123,000 recorded in ...Read More

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Taiwan October exports increase

Taiwan's exports rose at their fastest rate in over two years in October, suggesti8ng strong year-end shopping demand for hi-tech goods remains on track. Exports related to microchips and smartphone components rose by double-digit percentages, and a surge in imports ...Read More

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Output stable as declining sterling drives exports surge

A trade report by a Northern Ireland trade consultant said sterling's slump since the Brexit vote had helped manufacturers rake in more export orders from America, China and the EU. However, it added that the currency weakness had also increased ...Read More


Sweden exports more to Nigeria

Nigeria’s trade exports to Sweden have continued to increase reaching N222.713 billion as at 2015 while exports from Sweden to Nigeria is N74.237 billion according to Swedish Minister for European Union (EU) Affairs and Trade, Mrs. Ann Linde. Speaking to ...Read More

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Growth in Scotch exports

Trade in Scotch whisky – the UK’s biggest food and drink export – grew by 3.1% during the first half of the year, helped by booming demand in India where exports have risen by a record 41%, new figures show. ...Read More


Concerns rise over declining exports

Latest customs data show South Korea’s exports tumbled by 18.2 percent from a year earlier in the first 10 days of October, making it almost certain that this month will post another sharp decline in outbound shipments. The country’s exports ...Read More

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Swiss Watch Exports Drop for fifteenth month

Swiss watch exports are in their longest slump since monthly records began in 1988 after lower shipments to Hong Kong led a decline in September. Exports dropped 5.7 percent to 1.7 billion francs ($1.7 billion). “We’re seeing export data flatten ...Read More

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Wood Exports from Sweden in July up 5%

Significant increases in exports of softwood lumber and planed lumber to Africa (+3%), and particularly to Asia (+42%), led to an increase in exports from Sweden by a total of 5% to approximately 986,000m³ in July. Concerning sales in Africa, ...Read More

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Container shipping lines see export growth

The Indian unit of global shipping company Orient Overseas Container Line, is also seeing an exports revival, helped by a “slight rebound” of demand in the U.S.A and Europe. Orders for exports of agricultural goods and cars was strong among ...Read More

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India’s Exports Showing Signs of Recovery

Container shipping companies, which handle about 55 percent of India's merchandise trade, say exports volumes are picking up. The improvement they have witnessed is starting to show in official exports figures, which in September rose at the fastest pace in ...Read More

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Live sheep exports from Australia sink by 16 per cent

MONTHLY live sheep exports from Queensland, Australia, have dived 16 per cent below the average export volume this year at 157,855, performing 11 per cent below the volume for this time last year. The volume of sheep exports began rallying ...Read More

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Australia air freight crunch affects exports of fancy foods

An unprecedented shortage of air cargo space, after years of booming exports to Asia, is forcing Australian producers of premium foods to potentially miss out on hundreds of millions of dollars in exports of everything from lobster to cherries. Australia ...Read More

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Air freight demand improves

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has released data for August 2016 global air freight markets which shows that demand, measured in freight tonne kilometers (FTKs), rose 3.9 per cent year-on-year. Freight capacity measured in available freight tonne kilometers (AFTKs) ...Read More


British gin exports skyrocket

The rest of the world has developed a bigger taste for British gin than ever before. New figures show global exports have risen 166 per cent by value since 2000. According to the Wine and Spirit Trade Association, exports since ...Read More

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Thailand Suspends Exports of Seahorses

Thailand, the largest exporter of dried seahorses, has announced that it will temporarily ban exports of the fish. The announcement was made on Sept. 23 in Johannesburg. Thailand exports about three-quarters of all seahorses in international trade. “We’re pleased they’ve ...Read More


Canada Exports Rise

Canadian exports rose for a third month in August - the country posted a smaller-than-expected trade deficit, adding to signs of a modest rebound in the trade sector. Canadian exports rose 0.6 percent during the month. The largest component of ...Read More

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EU to control cyber-security dual-use exports

The European Commission has proposed measures to increase controls on exports of cyber-surveillance goods and technologies. The Commission had earlier identified deficiencies with the current system, which also imposed heavy administrative burdens on industry and authorities and sometimes lacked legal ...Read More


Basmati exports from India on credit banned

Basmati rice exports are likely to be affected temporarily by a ban on their export on credit. The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (Apeda) has restricted exporters from shipping basmati on credit, known as 'document against acceptance' ...Read More

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Japanese Exports Decline for 11th Month

Japan’s poor exports performance continued in August; shipments fell for an 11th consecutive month as a strong yen and tepid global economy reduced demand. Exports dropped 9.6 percent in August from a year earlier, the Ministry of Finance said last ...Read More


Polish exports set record

In 2015, Polish exports to Germany, which is its main trading partner, totalled 48.7 billion euros. Exports to Russia, however, were worth 5.1 billion euros, according to a report by Poland’s Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers (ZPP). The Association said ...Read More

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Czech exports to Russia continue to fall in 2016

Czech exports to Russia have continued to fall in 2016. According to figures released by the Czech Statistics Office earlier this week, exports to Russia fell by 12 percent in the first six months of this year compared to the ...Read More

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Ports company to invest £50 million to support growth of UK exports

Britain's leading ports company is to invest £50 million to support the growth of UK exports. The Port of Southampton is number one in the UK for handling vehicles, with more than 900,000 vehicles passing through in 2015, including around ...Read More

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How Rwanda Can Achieve Flower Exports Target

As part of export promotion and diversification, Rwanda wants to more than double its flower exports by the end of the year. A new flower park project plans to export flowers by the end of the year. Emmanuel Hategeka, permanent ...Read More


Vietnam’s coffee exports conquer historic drought

Vietnam’s coffee exports hit 1.27 million tons in the first eight months of 2016, increasing by 40 percent compared with the same period last year, according to data from from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Export value also ...Read More


Gems, jewellery exports from India rise

Exports of gems and jewellery grew 11.7 percent to $11.4 billion during the first four months of the current year, driven largely by demand in India's major markets like the USA. In the April-July period of last year, exports from ...Read More


Venison import fears

Venison imports could dramatically overtake domestic production volumes in the next five years, the Scottish Venison Partnership (SVP) has warned. They forecast that if UK market trends continue, the UK will import more than double the amount of venison it ...Read More

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Australian potato imports rise

New data suggests Australian potato imports have increased over 2016, igniting concerns about the profitability and competitiveness of the domestic industry. Figures released by Global Trade Atlas for the first quarter of 2016 indicate that imports rose by 23 per ...Read More

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Nepal garment delegation seeks incentives to boost exports

Nepali apparel manufacturers have sought incentives from the government to boost their exports. In a meeting with Finance Minister Krishna Bahadur Mahara, a delegation of Garment Association Nepal (GAN) — an umbrella body of readymade garment producers and exporters — ...Read More


China may exempt some US farm exports from Zika rules

U.S. farm exports from regions not affected by the Zika virus may eventually be excluded from China’s new rules requiring mosquito treatments for incoming goods. Currently, however, agricultural exporters have to treat outgoing shipping containers with pesticides to kill the ...Read More

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New Zealand wine exports rising

Exports of New Zealand wine rose by 10% in value to reach nearly NZ$1.6 billion in the year up to 30 June, said New Zealand Winegrowers. Extra wine from the 2016 vintage is expected to boost export volumes by a ...Read More

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German exports to Iran soar

German exports to Iran, mostly machines and equipment, jumped in the first half of the year after the removal of international sanctions against the Islamic Republic, official trade data showed earlier this week. Exports to Iran surged by 15 percent ...Read More

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Irish Exports increased ahead of Brexit vote

Exports of Irish goods rose sharply in the weeks before the Brexit vote, but analysts say that that favourable conditions may be reversed in the coming months after the euro lost much of its competitiveness against sterling. The figures show ...Read More

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Questions Over Export Finance are Raised in UK

The Office for National Statistics recently released trade figures for the month of June, showing a widened trade deficit, meaning the difference between imports and exports has widened by around £900m since May 2016. Import / export data are important ...Read More

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Value of Irish exports rises

The value of Irish exports rose 5 per cent to €9.5 billion in June 2016, while imports fell 8 per cent to €5.05 billion. As a result, the State’s trade surplus for the month rose €826 million or 22 per ...Read More

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Sumatra robusta exports down 66%

Robusta coffee exports from Sumatra, Indonesia's main growing region, dropped 66% in July, reflecting drought damage from last year's El Nino event. Sumatran robusta exports for July were 12,350 tonnes, compared to 36,644 a year ago, government data shows. Exports ...Read More


Vietnam exports more coffee

Exports of Robusta coffee beans from Vietnam are running ahead of last year's pace. The Vietnamese government forecast July exports at 130,000 tonnes, up 17% year on year. The year-on-year rise in exports has less to do with production, than ...Read More


Rapid growth in Polish exports expected

Poland’s Deputy Development Minister Jerzy Kwieciński has announced that Polish exports could grow by up to 7 percent over the whole of 2016. Kwieciński told journalists: “Our exports are rising. We expect them to rise this year by around 6-7 ...Read More

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Sales and exports soar for cleaning product firm

A Yorkshire based cleaning products company has recorded what it described as “unprecedented” sales at the end of its financial year, with export sales up by 68 per cent. Demand for the range from overseas, from countries including Norway, China ...Read More

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Scotland’s £12bn ‘exports’ to Europe are at risk

BREXIT puts almost £12 billion a year worth of Scotland's exports to Europe at risk, a new report has warned. A briefing by Holyrood researchers highlights the significance of access to the single market. The briefing by the Scottish Parliament’s ...Read More

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Nigeria: Govt will encourage Crop growth for Exports

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr. Audu Ogbeh has disclosed that the federal government will continue to encourage the production of some crops for export. Ogbeh said the measure was in line with the government's efforts to diversify ...Read More


Less-than-expected fall in Japan’s exports

Japan's exports fell less than expected in June. This may show that overseas demand could be recovering from persistent weakness which began last year. Slowing decline in exports could ease concerns for Japan's policymakers, who are trying to revive growth ...Read More

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More evidence of China’s “booming” pigmeat imports

Chinese pork imports continued to “boom” throughout the first half of 2016, with June imports of fresh/frozen pork up 138% on the year at 762,000 tonnes. China has been rationalising its breeding herd, and domestic production has yet to recover. ...Read More

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Jamaica to resume mango exports to the UK this year

Jamaica is to resume exports of mangoes to the United Kingdom (UK) this year, after voluntarily suspending exports in 2014 when there was a spike in detentions due to pest contamination. Speaking at a Fresh Produce Forum organised by JAMPRO ...Read More


Hong Kong June exports fall for 14th month

Hong Kong's total exports in June fell for the 14th straight month, dampened by a slowdown in China. Hong Kong's total exports in June fell 1 percent from a year earlier to HK$296.5 billion ($38.2 billion), government data showed last ...Read More

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Rising fruit sales help offset falling dairy exports

Japanese and Chinese consumers' appetite for kiwifruit continues to soar, with Japanese sales rising by $55 million and Chinese by $39m in June, compared to the same month last year. Annual exports of all fruit were up $617m and apples ...Read More

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Kiwifruit lead NZ Export increase

New Zealand fruit exports have been the shining star over the past year, countering a weak period for exports of dairy products. The country's merchandise exports advanced 2 per cent to $49.34 billion in the 12 months ended June 30, ...Read More


Afghanistan optimism over Iranian port

Afghani fresh fruit merchants are complaining of Pakistani officials’ attitude toward Afghanistan’s fresh fruit exporters. Chabahar port in Iran is viewed as a golden opportunity for Afghan businessmen to swiftly move their goods and services across borders. The Chabahar port ...Read More


Afghanistan has high hopes for its grape exports

In Afghanistan's Kandahar province, fresh fruit businessmen expecta higher grape harvest this year and are hoping to export 40,000 tonnes of the fruit. Around 50 tonnes of the fruit are exported to Pakistan from Kandahar on a daily basis, Haji ...Read More


Dutch flower and plant sales exports continue to rise

The Netherlands exported cut flowers and plants to the value of €3.2bn in the first six months of this year, a 3% rise on 2015, export organisation VGB said last week. Much of the rise was due to exporters raising ...Read More

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Alcohol leads Finnish food exports

In the small town of Isokyrö in Ostrobothnia, rye-based gin and whisky maker Kyrö Distillery Company is growing so quickly that its one million euro turnover for last year is set to quadruple in 2016. Napue gin, is flying off ...Read More

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Royal Welsh Show: Welsh meat exports depend on unity

Farmers and meat processors must present a united front if the sector is to maintain or even grow its export markets when the UK leaves the EU. Dai Davies, chairman of Wales’s red meat levy body, Hybu Cig Cymru (HCC), ...Read More


German business group forecasts fall in exports

A German business group is forecasting that Germany’s exports to Britain will fall 1 percent this year, and drop by 5 percent in 2017 following British voters’ decision to leave the European Union. The Association of German Chambers of Commerce ...Read More

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EU to investigate rise in Russian, Brazilian steel imports

The European Commission will investigate whether Russia, Brazil and three other countries are flooding the bloc with cheap hot-rolled flat iron and alloy and non-alloy steel products. The investigation follows a complaint from European steel producers. As well as Russian ...Read More

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India leads China in pharma exports

India has maintained its lead over China of pharma exports, according to a statement by the ministry of commerce and industry. The country’s pharma exports rose 7.55%, from 2014 to 2015. China’s pharma exports rose 5.3% from $6.59 billion to ...Read More

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Revealed: massive increase in Cambridgeshire exports

There has been a dramatic increase in worldwide exports from Cambridgeshire in the past month. Exports from the county's companies exceeded £47 million in June – almost double the value of the same month the previous year. The annual increase ...Read More

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Brexit: Farming exporters share their market worries

An exit from the EU may have a big impact on trade – particularly for those farming businesses and sectors that rely heavily on exports to other member states. The weak pound may have helped make UK exports more competitive, ...Read More


South Africa aims to boost exports to India, France

Trade and Industry Minister of South Africa, Rob Davies says the country will use the up-and-coming state visits involving India and France to boost trade and investment, in a bid to boost exports to those markets. The Minister also said ...Read More

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India maintains lead over China in pharma exports in 2015

India maintained its supremacy over China in pharmaceutical exports in 2015 with a growth of 7.55 per cent to $12.54 billion, the commerce ministry has said. "India's pharmaceutical exports continued its lead over China in 2015...India maintains its supremacy over ...Read More

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Creative exports can ‘grow to £31bn’ following Brexit

Creative exports can grow to £31bn by 2020 following Brexit, the Creative Industries Council (CIC) has claimed. The organisation, which is a partnership of industry and government, has released a five-year blueprint called 'Create Together' to help creative exports grow ...Read More


Norwegian fish exports surge 25% in value

NORWAY has unveiled a ‘fantastic first six months’ for its fishermen and fish farmers, as figures show exports were up by 25 per cent on the same period last year. Seafood exports hit a new high of 42.6 billion kroners ...Read More


Brexit will not affect Pakistan’s exports

The British vote to leave the European Union (EU) would not immediately affect Pakistan’s exports, Pakistan's Commerce Minister Khurram Dastgir said on Wednesday. The ministry, however, fears that Pakistan might lose Britain's support voice in Brussels for the continuation of ...Read More


Exports face Brexit squeeze

THAI exports and capital markets may face a prolonged negative impact from Britain's vote last week to quit the European Union, local analysts have said. Although Thai exports to the UK are relatively small - worth around 1 per cent ...Read More


China to stimulate economy as UK exports expected to decline

China’s exports to Britain and Europe will face barriers in the post-Brexit world, impinging on the mainland’s economic growth. A report by investment bank China International Capital Corporation (CICC) suggests the government will stimulate growth as a precaution. China’s export ...Read More

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India’s apparel exports to decline 5%

India's apparel exports are likely to decline by five% during the first quarter (April-June) of the current financial year. This is because of the global economic slowdown and uncertainty over recovery. Apparel export was $4 billion in the same quarter ...Read More

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Danish exports may recover slightly in future

Danish exports have been weak and had dropped 3.7 percent in the first quarter of 2016 on a year-on-year basis. Very weak trade growth globally in 2015 was one of the reasons for weak exports in Denmark. The nation’s shipping ...Read More

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Irish exports holding up despite Brexit nerves

A €254m jump in the value of goods exports helped drive a near 22% surge in Ireland’s trade surplus in April; according to the latest seasonally adjusted data, the value of Irish goods exports increased by 3% to €9.24bn in ...Read More

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Big hopes for kiwifruit, pipfruit exports

Horticulture has boosted export revenue for New Zealand over the past year, prompting the Ministry for Primary Industries to predict a 3 percent rise. The ministry is hoping export revenue from the export revenue sector will rise to $36.7 billion ...Read More


Cambodia rice exports dramatically increased

Agencies in Cambodia announced in May that the country's rice exports have increased more than fivefold over the past five years. A joint statement released by the International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group, and the Cambodia ...Read More


Strong USA demand for exports from Canada

In the motor vehicles and parts sector, export growth from Canada is due to strong prices and an upswing in demand from U.S. consumers and businesses for heavy trucks and SUVs. According to Export Development Canada, this sector's exports will ...Read More


Nova Scotia’s Exports Charge Ahead in 2016

Nova Scotia's exports will grow by six per cent this year and by four per cent in 2017, according to Export Development Canada's (EDC) bi-annual Global Export Forecast. The positive outlook is being driven by a weaker Canadian dollar and ...Read More

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Mango exports to start early

Pakistan started mango exports from May 20 this season, aiming to export 100,000 tons which is expected to fetch over $75 million, Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Exporters, Importers and Merchants Association (PFVA) said. PFVA Chairman Waheed Ahmed said the country ...Read More

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Whisky exports affected by commodity prices

The Scottish Whisky Association has found that export sales are affected in countries whose economies were driven by oil and other commodities. The industry organisation said that the recession in Brazil in particular had "a notable impact" on overall export ...Read More


Decline in Scotch Whisky Exports Decline Slowing

The decline in Scotch whisky exports in recent years is showing signs of slowing, according to a report by the Scotch Whisky Association. (SWA) said the customs value of overseas sales fell by 2.4% last year to £3.86bn, compared with ...Read More

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India doubles grape exports to Europe

Exports of grapes from India touched an all-time high in 2015-16, with exports to Europe more than doubling compared to that in the previous financial year. At the same time, India became an importer of many other commodities such as ...Read More

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French Wheat Exports Improve

French wheat stockpiles will be much smaller than previously forecast, as exports accelerate and farmers hold back grain in hopes of higher prices. French wheat exporters are benefiting from increasing demand from Morocco, where severe drought slashed the harvest by ...Read More

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Russian Wheat Exports Threatened by stronger Ruble

A strong ruble is threatening to slow Russia’s wheat exports, as grain from Ukraine and European nations including France remains cheaper. In May Russian wheat prices were more than $20 above French prices and about $6 more expensive than in ...Read More

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Brexit ‘already impacting Irish exports’

Ireland exported nearly €14billion of goods in 2015 and over €20bn of trade in services in 2014 to the United Kingdom. Most Irish companies aiming to export test the water and begin expanding their business through exports to the UK. ...Read More

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China Announces Measures to Boost fall in Exports

China's Cabinet has approved measures to boost exports. This may increase tensions with Western trading partners, who are accusing Beijing of flooding their markets with steel and other goods at improperly low prices. Beijing is struggling to reduce a glut ...Read More

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UK exports to Germany, India and China increase by 7.2% in 2015

The amount by which UK businesses are exporting to Germany, India and China increased by 7.2% in 2015 compared to 2014, according to export data from the government’s Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (DBIS). Germany remained the UK’s biggest ...Read More

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German exports pick up

German exports rose by 1.9 percent in March month-on-month, the National Statistics Office (Destatis) reported,with monthly shipping abroad amounting to 107 billion euros ($122 billion). It was the biggest monthly increase in half a year, and came as a surprise ...Read More

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North American wood pellet exports reach record high

North American overseas pellet exports increased for the third consecutive quarter in the 4Q/15, rising seven percent from the previous quarter. In the 4Q/15, total Canadian pellet overseas exports increased by 17 percent from the previous quarter with exports increasing ...Read More

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Group tries to ban US exports of fur

Wildlife advocates earlier this month said they will seek a court order, halting a United States government program that allows the export of tens of thousands of pelts from bobcats and a small number of gray wolves. The exports are ...Read More


Senegal’s plans to boost mango exports

In Senegal, the mango fruit is among the key agricultural exports of the country. Last year, Senegal exported about 16,000 tons of mangoes, mostly to Europe and Asian markets. Authorities now consider export of the fruit as an important sector, ...Read More


Australian citrus exports growing across Asia

Australian citrus exports to Asia are set to grow, as trade missions and changes to export protocols continue to open up key markets in the region. Citrus Australia CEO, Judith Damiani, says two recent trade missions showed there is great ...Read More

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Onion exports from India fall 6.75%

Onion exports fell by 6.75 percent to 8.28 lakh tonnes in the first ten months of 2015-16 because of restrictions on the overseas sale of this key vegetable. However, in terms of value, exports rose over 35 percent to Rs ...Read More

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Japan’s auto exports up 1.8% on year in March

Japan's exports of cars, trucks and buses increased 1.8% year over year in March for the second consecutive month, the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association said Thursday. Exports totaled 404,004 vehicles in March, up from 396,796 vehicles in the same month ...Read More


RDF exports see strong start to 2016

Exports of refuse derived fuel (RDF) from the UK have shown a strong start to the year.More than 600,000 tonnes of material were exported to Europe during January and February, according to the latest provisional Environment Agency data. This suggest ...Read More

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China imports offer hope to NZ dairy farmers

Desperate dairy farmers in New Zealand can now see a glimmer of hope. After being suffering from a plunge in prices in a world market flush with supply, things are finally improving as China is importing more. New Zealand-based Fonterra ...Read More

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Imports from UK to surge in the next 10 years

The value of imports into Ireland from the UK will grow by 66% in the next 10 years, adding a further €26bn to the overall level of imports which currently stands at a record-high of €40bn, a recently published forecast ...Read More

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British drink exports hit £391m

More than 220 million pints of ale, including from Yorkshire’s Ilkley Brewery and Aberdeenshire-based Brew Dog, were shipped to the USA in 2015. Exports of British ale are up 35% since last year, with figures hitting £164m. Exports of gin ...Read More


Uganda cocoa exports surge: Farmers hope to reap big profits

There is a bumper harvest for cocoa in Central Uganda. Farmers are looking forward to more earnings as world market prices increase. A campaign to popularize cocoa as a cash crop by the Uganda Agriculture Ministry has been ongoing for ...Read More


Boost exports to grow sales and jobs – plan in Philadelphia

Offering tantalizing growth prospects, economic-development officials in Philadelphia USA last week released a three-year export plan. Prepared by the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia and the World Trade Center of Greater Philadelphia, it was the cornerstone of Wednesday's World Class ...Read More

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First Chinese export growth in nine months

Healthy growth in Chinese exports helped Asian stock markets make huge gains this week, as trade data revealed that the world’s second largest economy was much more robust than previously believed. Chinese exports rose by 11.5pc in March, compared with ...Read More

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Kenya: Mango exports rising

Kenya registered a significant increase in mango production across the 2015/2016 season compared with the previous year. Mangos From Kenya reported 30% jump in exports, mainly due to their intense continuous training which guides farmers to plant and maintain mangoes ...Read More


Dairy segment gets Russia exports boost

India’s efforts to boost falling farm exports has got a boost as Russia has agreed to drop a stringent condition which was obstructing Indian exports of dairy products to that country. Once formalities are completed, major dairy producers like Amul ...Read More

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Turkish Exports Rise First Time in 4 Months

Turkey’s trade gap shrank in February from the previous year, as exports rose for the first time since October. The shortfall narrowed to $3.17 billion from $4.7 billion in February 2015, compared with the median estimate of $3.2 billion in ...Read More

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Poor standards damage Bangladesh veg exports

Bangladesh's reputation as a vegetable exporter is suffering, due to a lack of health regulations affecting exports. The presence of pests and harmful organisms in vegetables, and local exporters' presentation of fake phyto-sanitary certificates are tainting the country's image as ...Read More

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Exporters should diversify markets as Egypt cuts imports

Exporters who ship products to Egypt have been advised to improve their competitive edge and/or explore new export markets following the announcement of a plan to slash Egypt’s imports by 25 percent. An economic analyst from the University of Indonesia ...Read More

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`Brexit’ Debate helps Wheat Exports

U.K. wheat sales jumped to the highest in four years, due to a slumping pound as the country approaches a vote on whether to leave the European Union. British wheat exports climbed to almost 310,000 metric tons in January, the ...Read More

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Irish State’s export trade fell by €624 million in January

The value of the Republic’s export trade fell by €624 million in January, according to the latest figures from the Central Statistics Office; preliminary figures for January 2016 show that seasonally adjusted goods exports decreased by 6 per cent to ...Read More

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German exports fall in January, imports soar

German exports dropped for the second consecutive month in January but imports jumped more than expected, data showed on Thursday, in a sign that weak foreign demand held back growth in Europe’s biggest economy at the start of 2016. Seasonally ...Read More

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Sweden December exports higher than 2014

With an increase of 0.6% to a total of 904,200 m³, Swedish exports of softwood lumber and planed products in December 2015 were only slightly higher than the previous year. Exports to buyers within Europe were raised by roughly 13% ...Read More

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French Wheat Exports increased In January

France exported 1.1 million tonnes of soft wheat outside the European Union in January, the second-highest monthly volume since the start of the 2015/16 season. This was helped by substantial sales to Morocco, Egypt and Algeria, customs data showed. In ...Read More

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Turkey’s exports rise for the first time in 14 months

Turkey's exports have increased slightly in February compared with the same period last year. Exports totaled $10.8 billion last month, with an increase of 3.1 percent year-on-year, while it reached $20.4 billion in the first two months of 2016, which ...Read More

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Turkish January exports worst since 2011

Turkey's monthly exports fell below the $10 billion mark for the first time since 2011 in January, while regional political crises dealt a major blow to Turkish exports to such traditional markets as Russia and the EU, government data showed ...Read More

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Vietnam Pepper Producer to boost Exports

Pepper shipments from Vietnam, the world’s biggest producer, will probably rise 13 percent this year, pushing down export prices, according to the chairman of the nation’s industry group. Exports will climb to 150,000 metric tons from about 133,000 tons in ...Read More


Treasury Wine Estates wants government to boost exports to China

Treasury Wine Estates CEO Michael Clarke says that China's free trade deal with Australia will bring major benefits to the company, and the entire Australian wine industry. But he said a lack of harmonisation between customs officials in Australia and ...Read More

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Bulgaria Increases Wine Exports to China, Germany, UK

Bulgaria's wine production industry is working under the conditions of a drop in exports to Russia and a surge to China, Germany, and the UK. The Agriculture minister said that estimates suggested that the output of the wine production industry ...Read More

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Shandong Fuji apple exports recover

Recently, China's export volume of apples has risen, especially for the Shandong Fuji apple. At the same time, a price decrease in the domestic market has increased demand. In 2014, Fuji apple prices soared in the autumn. This led directly ...Read More

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US farming company helps boost Ukraine exports

A US agriculture firm, has announced a $100m (£71.5m) investment in a Ukrainian port. Under a deal with Ukraine's M.V. Cargo, the money will be used to build a grain terminal on the Black Sea which will boost agricultural exports. ...Read More

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Russia banning imports of US soy

Moscow's ban on imports of US soybeans may have forced Russia to use genetically-modified crops to gain enough oilseeds for its burgeoning livestock industry – at least, according to US officials. In 2014 Russia banned a swathe of agricultural imports ...Read More

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German exports to Russia likely to drop 5 pct

German exports to Russia are likely to fall 5 percent this year. In 2015 they fell by about 30%, because of sanctions over the Ukraine conflict and low oil prices, the head of foreign trade at Germany's DIHK Chambers of ...Read More

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Russian vodka exports slump by 40 per cent

Exports of Russian vodka have hit a 10-year low, falling by more than 40 per cent largely, because of economic sanctions. Sales of the national drink fell by 42 per cent last year, the lowest level in a decade. Russian ...Read More

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Kenya’s Exports Spike

Kenya is seeking ways to take advantage of the turnaround in exports, which have risen faster than imports for the first time in over five years. It appears that falling energy prices helped fuel a 13 per cent year-on-year fall ...Read More


French wine and spirit exports reach all-time high

France scored record-breaking sales of wines and spirits in 2015, due mainly to robust exports of champagne and cognac, with €11.7 billion ($13.15 billion) flowing in. "This good result should not distract from the constant erosion of our export market ...Read More

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Sweden expects trade with India to grow in 2016

After a lull in bilateral trade with India from 2011 to 2013, Sweden saw an increase in trade with India in 2015 and expects its trade prospects to be much better in 2016. During the first nine calendar months of ...Read More

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NFU welcomes DairyUK Exports Strategy

Dairy UK has published a new export strategy to help the dairy industry unlock a ‘new world of opportunity’ on international markets. The strategy, ‘United Kingdom: Exporting Dairy to the World’, identifies a raft of actions and recommendations that will ...Read More

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Salmon gives Norway exports a boost

NORWEGIAN seafood exports surged to 6.7 billion ironers in January, a rise of 18 per cent or one billion kroners. The farmed salmon sector accounted for well over half that total. Although salmon export volumes were down during January, continued ...Read More

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Government’s new push to increase farming exports

British farmers must be helped to sell their produce to countries in Asia and America as part of the Government’s new push to increase exports, the farming industry’s union leader said. National Farmers’ Union president Meurig Raymond welcomed the announcement ...Read More

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Japanese food exports hit record high

Japan's exports of agricultural, forestry and fishery products, as well as foods, in 2015 rose 21.8 percent from a year earlier to ¥745.2 billion, hitting a record high for the third straight year, a preliminary government report showed last week. ...Read More

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Georgia’s hazelnut exports decreased 2015

In 2015 the volume of hazelnut exports from Georgia, in the Caucasus region, decreased 2.5% in comparison with the previous year; the monetary value of exports also dropped to US $176.4 million (a decrease of 3.8 percent on the year). ...Read More


Timber exports from Sweden rise

Swedish exports of sawn and planed softwood were up 5% in January-November 2015 compared with the same period 2014, according to Statistics Sweden. Exports in November were up 2% compared with the same month last year. Sweden’s biggest export market ...Read More

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Record for New Zealand wine exports

New Zealand's most improving markets included the USA, where the value of its exports grew 26% to £207m, and Canada, which witnessed an 18% rise to reach £45 million. The UK market for New Zealand wine also grew; exports here ...Read More


South Korea exports suffer

For a country whose exports account for roughly half of its economic output, 2015 was a difficult year for South Korea, with overseas shipments declining for 12 months in a row. A number of factors contributed to the export downturn, ...Read More

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Ethiopia Coffee Exports to Rise 45 Percent

The Ethiopian government has announced its intention to raise coffee exports by 45% this year. This is to be done by offering incentives and increased government support to farmers. Shimelis Arega, a Trade Ministry spokesman said in a statement early ...Read More


Aussie wine exports fuelled by China growth

Rocketing Chinese demand and new free trade agreements in Asia have helped lift the value of Australian wine exports to their highest level since before the global financial crisis. The value of wine exports to China grew by 66 per ...Read More

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Great British Food Unit launched to help exporters

A new Great British Food Unit launched on 21 January, with the aim of matching France and Germany for food exports. Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss said the unit would support exporters and industry to help meet the target of increasing ...Read More

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Mango exports in Maharashtra may see 15% jump this year

After a disappointing 2015 due to the vagaries of climate, mango growers in the state of Maharashtra in India are hoping for a 15 per cent increase in exports this year. Although the European Union lifted ban on imports of ...Read More

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Scottish manufactured exports down

SCOTTISH manufactured export volumes fell by 0.4 per cent in the third quarter of 2015, and overseas sales of the key drinks sector, which includes Scotch whisky, were flat, official figures have shown. A 15.7 per cent tumble in exports ...Read More


Australian wine exports value surges to $2.1 billion

The value of Australian wine exports has surged 14 per cent to $2.1 billion in 2015, the highest value since late 2007. The annual export report by the statutory authority Wine Australia tracks Australian wine exports globally. The latest report ...Read More

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Australia’s exports of infant milk affected by China economy

Exports of one of Australia's hottest-selling products, infant formula, has been caught up in the market woes about the health of China's economy. Shares in some of Australia's most-popular infant formula brands have plummeted. One dairy executive said that despite ...Read More

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Turkish exports drop in value

Turkey’s exports in 2015 showed a decline of 8.7 per cent compared with the previous year, falling to US$144bn, according to data from the Exporters’ Assembly of Turkey. TIM attributed the disappointing result to fluctuations in parity, decreasing commodity prices ...Read More


Britain’s manufacturing exports ‘approaching stagnation’

Britain's manufacturing exports are 'approaching stagnation', while sales and orders for both the domestic and international markets are now 'well below' their pre-recession levels in 2007, a UK business body has warned. Although the dominant services sector remains resilient to ...Read More


Australia to boost crocodile exports

Crocodiles have been a protected species in Australia for decades; the resulting population explosion is endangering the human population, and the Northern Territory government wishes to profit from this by exporting excess crocs, eggs and skins. The new Trade Management ...Read More


Norway seafood exports hit new high

Norway seafood exports reached a record 74.5 billion Norwegian kroners (NOK) during 2015, NOK 5.8 billion more than the previous year. Farmed salmon again took the lead. In fact, farmed salmon and trout accounted for around two thirds of this ...Read More

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RDF Exports growth may level out

The level of export growth for Refuse Derived Fuelis clearly slowing:some UK RDF operators expect 2015 to be the final year of growth, with attention beginning to turn to the domestic market as capacity of continental incinerator continues to reach ...Read More


RDF exports to pass 2.75m tonnes in 2015

Exports of refuse derived fuel (RDF) from England during 2015 are expected to pass a record total of 2.75 million tonnes when provisional Environment Agency data for December is published soon. The latest provisional international waste export shipment figures published ...Read More


Turkey Exports affected by currency

The dramatic rise in the U.S. dollar against other currencies has had a huge negative effect over the Turkey's exports. Under normal conditions, the loss of the Turkish Lira’s value against the dollar would be expected to be good for ...Read More

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Turkey’s exports drop 8.7 percent in 2015

Turkey’s exports decreased by around 8.7 percent to $143.7 billion in 2015 compared to 2014 due to fluctuations in parity, a plunge in commodity prices and escalating geopolitical risks, according to data from the Exporters’ Assembly of Turkey. The developments ...Read More


Decline in $A helps Australian wine exports

The Australian dollar has tumbled in value against its US counterpart for the third straight year, but wine exporters are only now starting to fully savour its benefits. A survey by National Australia Bank showed the country's exporters had about ...Read More

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US lobster exports to Europe down

Canada and the U.S. export the same species of lobster to Europe — the American lobster, known for its big, meaty claws and popularity with summer tourists to the northeastern New England states. Exporters started shipping large amounts of lobster ...Read More


CBI recommends Exports Commission to boost UK exports

With CBI forecasts predicting that the UK will fall over £300 billion short of its 2020 exports target, action is needed to ‘move the dial’ on exports and - the North East can lead the way. In its new report ...Read More

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Vietnam Garment exports to US near $10 billion

Total exports of textiles and garments from Viet Nam to the USA gained a year-on-year increase of 11.7 per cent to US$9.88 billion from January to November 2015. According to the Viet Nam Textile and Apparel Association (Vitas), during these ...Read More

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Swiss Watch Exports Fall in November on Steep Hong Kong Decline

Swiss watch exports fell in November, led by a 28 percent decline in shipments to Hong Kong, the industry’s largest market. Export shipments slid 5.6 percent to 1.95 billion Swiss francs ($1.96 billion), according to figures released Tuesday by the ...Read More

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Welsh industry talks to boost Dubai lamb exports

Welsh red meat industry exporters have met up with more than 50 of Dubai’s influentialfood purchasers in an Hybu Cig Cymru-hosted networking event, aimed at boosting PGI Welsh Lamb exports in the Middle East. “We invited Dubai’s important decision-makers from ...Read More


WTO ends subsidies on agriculture exports

The World Trade Organization on Dec. 19 agreed to eliminate subsidies for farm exports, marking the "most significant outcome on agriculture" in the organization's 20-year history, according to WTO Director General Roberto Azevêdo. "WTO members — especially developing countries — ...Read More

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Singapore’s exports dip 3.3% in November

Exports of electronic products from Singapore grew by 0.7 per cent on a year-on-year basis in November in contrast to the 3.2 per cent decrease in the previous month. The growth was largely due to telecommunications equipment (41.4 per cent), ...Read More

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State wants to market food exports to Middle East

Hawaii is hoping to export its food products to the Middle East, but both product and packaging will need to adhere to strict Islamic guidelines. In 2014, Hawaii’s agricultural exports totaled $122 million; the total so far in 2015 is ...Read More


Japanese Farm exports projected to hit record high in 2015

Japanese exports of agricultural, forestry and fishery products, as well as other foods, are expected to hit a record high in 2015, agriculture minister Hiroshi Moriyama said. Exports of such products from January to October reached ¥602.9 billion, jumping 23.2 ...Read More

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Exports of British gin rise 37 per cent in the last five years

Over the last five years, global exports of British gin have risen 37 per cent, with sales worth £1.76bn in 139 countries, according to the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA). Two-third of gin distilled in the UK goes to ...Read More

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Slump in Basmati Rice Exports

A slump in the export of basmati rice is having a damaging effect on the economy of Pakistan. It has exacerbated rural poverty with often catastrophic consequences for small farmers. The causes of the slump are complex and both national ...Read More


China imports and exports falling again

Chinese imports and exports both fell in November, official data showed on Tuesday, the latest poor figures from the world's second-largest economy. Exports sank 6.8 percent year-on-year to $197.2 billion in November, Customs said; a marginal improvement on the previous ...Read More

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Pakistan Exports in trouble

Exports from Pakistan have been static at $24-25 billion for the last many years, and their share in global export market ($19,002 billion: 2014) remains nominal 0.13 percent. In comparison, Bangladesh’s exports valued $33.2 billion, while exports of Malaysia and ...Read More


UK output eases but exports up

A recent report said that while UK manufacturing levels are slowing, exports are lifting slightly. The report added that export levels rose for the third consecutive month, boosted by new business from the USA, Germany, Sweden, Turkey, the Middle East, ...Read More

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Forecast increase in US exports to China

The US Department of Agriculture forecasts a considerable increase in China's imports of coarse grains, soybeans, cotton, beef, and pork by 2024. Furthermore, growth in U.S. exports of horticultural goods, dairy, and alcoholic beverages to China bode well for future ...Read More

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US agricultural exports to China increase

Over the past decade, the U.S. agricultural exports to China have risen sharply, propelling China into its position as the fastest-growing and highest-value export destination for U.S.A farm and food products. In 2011, China surpassed Canada to become the top ...Read More

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Nicaragua coffee exports drop more than 60 percent

Coffee exports from Nicaragua plunged by about 62 percent in October, the first month of the current 2015/2016 harvesting season, compared with the same month last year, the national export center Cetrex said on last week. Coffee exports in October ...Read More


Fastest growing exports – New Zealand

Food and beverage accounts for just under half New Zealand's exports, but the country has significant untapped capacity to export more, according to a Government-commissioned report. The report said New Zealand was still discovering its comparative advantages in the food ...Read More


Norway’s Economy Boosted by Exports Amid Krone Weakness

Norway’s economy grew more than estimated in the third quarter as a weaker krone boosted exports. Seasonally adjusted gross domestic product, excluding oil, gas and shipping, grew 0.2 percent, after expanding a revised 0.3 percent in the second quarter, Statistics ...Read More

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Irish beef exports to UK back 4% on September 2014

Exports of Irish beef to the UK are back 4% on the September 2014 at 16,000t, a drop which AHDB contributes entirely to lower imports of frozen boneless product. However, it states that overall export volumes moving from Ireland to ...Read More

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Exports roadshow to hits Telford

A travelling export roadshow called into Telford ON Thursday 19th November, week as part of a major campaign to get 100,000 more businesses exporting by 2020. As part of the Government’s Exporting is GREAT campaign, the roadshow visited Telford’s Welcome ...Read More

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Ontario exports to rise

A new forecast by Export Development Canada predicts that Ontario will see broad-based gains in exports this year and next, thanks to a favourable exchange rate and rising demand caused by a strong recovery in the U.S. economy. The Crown ...Read More

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Drinks sector could double exports for Ireland

Ireland’s drink industry could grow exports to more than €2 billion over the next 15 years and create an additional 13,000 jobs across the country, according to a new study. The report warns however that potential growth could be harmed ...Read More

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UK exports through Heathrow

U.K. exports to China via London's Heathrow Airport more than doubled in the year to July, which emphasises the importance of the world's second-biggest economy in global trade, despite its slowdown. Over £7 billion worth of British exports traveled to ...Read More

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Scotch Whisky Exports Fall due to Brazil Downturn

Scotch whisky exports continued to decline in the first six months of this year, as the economic downturn in Brazil and high import taxes in India curbed demand for the spirit. Export volume fell about 3 percent to 517 million ...Read More

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Florida exports fell 10.9% in August

Exports of manufactured goods contributed significantly to the state’s international trade, accounting for 75 percent of all state exports in August. Exports from state manufacturers decreased in August by 7.1 percent from the previous month to $2.99 billion. Meanwhile, exports ...Read More

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German trade body expects 6% rise in exports

Germany's BGA wholesalers and exporters body raised its forecast for export growth for this year. They said that demand from Europe and the United States would offset weaker emerging export markets and any negative impact from Volkswagen's emissions scandal. The ...Read More

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Cretan Olive Oil Exports Grow Fivefold

Exports from the Greek island of Crete nearly doubled to €295 million for the first six months of 2015 according to Alkiviadis Kalabokis, president of the Exporters’ Association of Crete. This is mainly due to increased olive oil exports which ...Read More


UK exports have fallen to lowest levels for six years

New research has shown exports have fallen to their lowest level for six years. A survey of 1,250 firms found that just over half said export orders have remained constant in recent months. Both measures have fallen to their lowest ...Read More


Scottish food and drink exports could be at risk from Brexit

The SNP has warned that Scottish exports worth £733 million could be put at risk if Britain leaves the EU. External Affairs Secretary Fiona Hyslop said the union was “essential” to maintaining trade in products such as whisky, which provides ...Read More

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Russia Plans Cheese Imports From Iran

Iran is ready to start shipping cheese to Russia, a little over a year after Moscow imposed an embargo on dairy products from most European countries. Iranian dairy products to be supplied to Russia successfully passed an inspection by Russia's ...Read More

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Asia’s love for Australian wine fuels export boom

As the world’s palate for fine wines evolves, Australia’s local export market is reaping the benefits. This year, Australia’s wine export value is experiencing its strongest growth in eight years. This follows Treasury Wine’s $750 million acquisition of Diageo Wine’s ...Read More

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Exports to turn around South Africa’s economy

South Australia's export sector, which has created more than 200,000 jobs, will help turn around the state's economic fortunes, the government says. Almost 30 per cent of SA's workforce is linked to interstate and overseas exports and tourism, Investment and ...Read More

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South Africa stone-fruit growers see record exports

South Africa’s export volumes for nectarines, peaches and plums are expected to rise to a record in the 2015-16 season. Demand from the Middle East is climbing and new cultivars are being planted. The nation may export 3.9 million 2.5-kilogram ...Read More


Coffee exports drop from India

India's coffee exports declined marginally to 3,00,522 tonnes in the 2014-15 marketing year due to multiple factors, including drop in global prices, according to the Coffee Board. Exports stood at 3,03,250 tonnes in the previous year. The coffee marketing year ...Read More

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Ukrainian exports slump in first half

New figures show that the Ukraine has been hit by an export slump of 17% in the first half of 2015 fuelled by a combination of political instability and a lack of confidence in future development. The latest freight traffic ...Read More


China slowdown continues as imports fall

The release of Chinese trade figures this week showed a nearly 18 percent fall in renminbi terms for imports in the year to September and a decline in exports. In dollar terms, the decline in imports comprised of raw materials ...Read More

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German exports show biggest fall since 2009

German exports suffered their worst month since the global recession, raising fears that Europe's manufacturing powerhouse is being hampered by slowing global demand. Exports in Europe's largest economy collapsed by 5.2pc in August. This was their largest drop since January ...Read More

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Exports set for record year despite August dip

Germany is still on course for another record year of exports in 2015 in spite of a drop of 5.2 percent in August compared with the previous month, the Federal Statistics Office (Destatis) reported on Thursday. "The world economy is ...Read More


Argentine apple exports to Brazil crumble

Apple producers in the provinces of Río Negro and Neuquén fear that rising domestic inflation and the falling real could mean the disappearance of the Brazilian export market for Argentine topfruit. The warning follows the release of data which show ...Read More

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UKTI deal with to boost UK exports

Amazon have done a deal with the Government, in an attempt to give more support to small businesses wishing to export. Last year the number of UK businesses using Amazon Marketplace to export was up by more than 90%. The ...Read More

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India’s biggest Jewellery exporter has designs on Europe

India's biggest jewellery exporter has informed the Bombay Stock Exchange that it plans to market designer jewellery in Europe and North America. The jewellery exporter said in a filing to the Bombay Stock Exchange that it has developed a special ...Read More

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Estonia exports and imports led by transport services

In the first half of 2015, transportation and storage represented the biggest share of exports and imports of services. Transport and storage formed 31% of exports and 17% of total services imports. According the Central bank of Estonia, in the ...Read More

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China beef exports faltering

Australia will sell less beef to China next year but more to Japan and South Korea, where free trade agreements are already in place, according to new export projections. The forecast that beef and veal exports to China will fall ...Read More

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Foreign imports cause trouble for Kashmir

Many locals in the Kashmir walnut industry are struggling because India has begun importing the nuts from other countries. Traders say demand in the world markets was initially high, but now there are virtually no export orders. Traditional import countries ...Read More

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Greek Exports Expected to Decline in 2015

Greek product exports are expected to fall in 2015, the Federation of Northern Greece Exporters (SEBE) said in September. In a report, SEBE said that the introduction of capital controls in the country exacerbated an already difficult situation and were ...Read More

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South Africa promotes premium wines to boost exports

South African wine makers are promoting higher-priced product to boost exports in established European import markets. They are also trying to establish export business in the US and Asia, where they hardly have a presence. Wine exports fell to 422.7 ...Read More

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Irish Exports fall

Exports have fallen to their lowest level since March, official figures published in September showed, raising the first question about whether a remarkable upsurge which is driving the economic recovery in Ireland can last. Exports fell in July to €8.76bn ...Read More


Kenya Flower Exports Stalling as El Nino Threatens Disease

Kenya’s flower exports may stall this year, as wet weather curbs production and costs increase because of the weakening shilling, the Kenya Flower Council said. Exports totaled 54.6 billion shillings ($519 million) in 2014, and the industry will be “doing ...Read More


Weak euro bolsters exports from Germany

Germany's trade surplus hit a record high in July, as a weaker euro helped bolster exports to countries outside the eurozone, particularly the U.S. The Federal Statistical Office said that exports rose 2.4 percent to 103.4 billion euros ($115.25 billion), ...Read More

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Brazil’s Poultry Exports to Decline

Brazil's export market is strongly affected by economic events in China, according to a joint Agricultural Outlook report from the OECD and FAO. Brazil’s agricultural exports to China have surged since 2000, especially in the last five years. The main ...Read More


Canadian exports jump in July

Canada’s export sector posted healthy growth for the second month in a row in July, helping cut the country’s trade deficit. Exports grew by 2.3 per cent from June to $45.46-billion, the second highest figure on record. The main areas ...Read More

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Only 0.8% of UK Renewable Electricity Lost To RDF Exports

The RDF Export Industry Group has launched a report examining the legal, environmental and economic reasons for refuse derived fuel (RDF) export in the UK. The report suggests that if the 2.6m tonnes of RDF currently exported was processed domestically, ...Read More

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Florida exports drop 9.9% in June

The latest international trade figures show that $4.54 billion worth of goods left Florida for international markets in June, a decrease of 9.9 percent from May. Exports of manufactured goods contributed significantly to the state's international trade, accounting for 75 ...Read More

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Scottish Salmon Company reports ‘record’ Q2 exports

National figures indicate that exports of whole, fresh salmon rose again in 2014 to an all time maximum, with a value of £494M. While the USA remained the top export destination with sales worth £213M, there was also significant consolidation ...Read More

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Fruit and meat exports from NZ rise

The value of total goods exported from New Zealand was $4.2 billion in July 2015, up $514 million (14 percent) compared with July 2014. Fruit exports led the rise, up 51 percent ($105 million) to $311 million. Meat exports rose ...Read More

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Northern Ireland exports feel chill from China

Exporters in Northern Ireland expressed concern that other markets will be caught up in China's problems. PwC chief economist Esmond Birnie said that Chinese sales were probably around £90m out of total manufacturing exports of about £6bn ever year. Jonathan ...Read More

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Chinese crash could affect Plymouth exports

PLYMOUTH’S manufacturers are becoming victims of their own success;an increased focus on exports means they are being hit by turmoil in the global economy. Manufacturing experts say firms with a focus on exports are likely to experience further disturbance, particularly ...Read More


Finnish exports to Russia down more than 35 percent

Finnish Customs reported last week that exports to the eastern neighbour had fallen 35 percent in the months up to May this year compared to 2014, reflecting a shrinkage of exports in almost every sector. Customs official said that Finnish ...Read More

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Rosy outlook for exports from Denmark

Strong competitiveness, favourable exchange rates, lower oil prices and continuing positive growth outlooks in Europe and the US will result in a 35 billion kroner increase in Danish exports in 2015. This is the message from the Foreign Ministry, which ...Read More

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China Imports beef offal

According to a recent report, the majority of Irish beef exports to China are in the form of edible offal and are worth in the region of €8m annually. Irish exports of edible beef offal to China were worth €7.8m ...Read More

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Irish beef exports to China and US increase

Irish beef exports to China and the USA for the first six months of 2015 stood at 3,325t, according to latest figures. However, the majority of these exports, particularly to China were in the form of fifth quarter products. Only ...Read More


NZ Marlborough Sauvignon exports rise

Total exports of New Zealand wine rose 7% to reach NZ$1.42bn in the 12 months ending 30 June, initiated by Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc sales to the US, according to the 2015 Annual Report of New Zealand Winegrowers. Exports to the ...Read More

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Japan exports stumble on China slowdown

Exports from Japan slowed in July, official data showed last week, adding to concerns about the fragile recovery in the world's number three economy as demand falls in neighbouring giant China. While the value of Japan's exports rose 7.6 percent ...Read More

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Peru: Mango exports grew by 26.2% in first half of year

Comexperu has announced that since 2010, mango exports have been growing at an average annual rate of 11.5%. Peruvian exports in the first half of 2015 did not perform well, with a drop of 15.5%. At the same time, however, ...Read More


Minister works with agencies on exports

Indonesia's Minister of Trade is confident that his ministry can find a way to boost exports despite weak global demand, saying it is coordinating with other state agencies to support export-oriented industries. He said the ministry had laid out several ...Read More


Swiss July exports fall

Switzerland's exports fell in July, as the strength of the Swiss franc curbed demand in the European Union and Asia for chemicals, pharmaceuticals, machinery and watches. Exports in July fell 4.9% from a year earlier, in real terms, to 17.93 ...Read More

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SMEs account for most Turkish exports

The percentage of exports stemming from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) was 56.5 percent in 2014, according to data released by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat). SMEs also accounted for 37.8 percent of imports. According to the report, 62,987 enterprises ...Read More

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New Zealand Craft beer exports soar

Sales of craft beer outside pubs, clubs and restaurants have soared 42% in a year in New Zealand. It found the number of craft brewers has more than doubled to 111 from 52 in 2010 and about 25 of them ...Read More


Russian boycott damages Dutch food exports

The value of Dutch agricultural exports fell in the first four months of 2015, the first time exports have gone down since 1996, the national statistics office CBS said last month. Compared with the year earlier period, exports fell 2.7% ...Read More

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China leads wine export growth

Wine Australia will be working hard to improve producer access to the United States, as exports continue to slide in the industry's most valuable market. The Wine Australia export report for the 12-months to June this year shows that exports ...Read More

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Britain’s farmers face less red tape to help food exports

During a visit to the Royal Welsh Show in Powys, the Prime Minister announced that red tape would be cut to help Britain's farmers export more produce. He said that 20,000 fewer farm inspections will be carried out under a ...Read More


Russia eases ban on seafood imports from Japan

Russia’s agriculture ministry said that it has partially lifted a ban on seafood imports from Japan which was imposed in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear crisis. A total of 23 fish processing companies in Aomori Prefecture will now be ...Read More

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Pakistan struggles to avoid ban on mango exports

For the second year in a row, Pakistan is struggling to avoid a possible ban on its fresh food exports to the European Union. Last year, when the EU put a ban on the import of a few Indian fruits ...Read More


Watches thwart declining export trend from Switzerland

According to the Federal Customs Administration, Switzerland has seen a 2.6% decrease in exports in the first half of 2015. But while exports to the eurozone continue to drop, those to the United States increased, as did exports in the ...Read More

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Asia boosts Australian export value

In the 12 months to 30 June 2015, the value of Australian exports rose 5% to AU$1.89 billion, driven mainly by the value of Australian exports to Asia, while the total volume of exports increased by 4% to 724m litres, ...Read More

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Marine product exports from India raises huge foreign exchange

The ministry of commerce and industry in India has stated that during the financial year 2014-15, exports of marine products reached an all-time high of $5511.12 million. Marine product exports crossed all previous records in quantity, rupee value and USD ...Read More

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India onion exports fall

Onions from India have gained fame worldwide for their pungency and good quality. In the last five years, however, erratic weather and shifting policies on export have left the country behind others. Countries such as China and Pakistan are fast ...Read More

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German exports strong monthly rise

German exports rose at their fastest pace this year in May, encouraging expectations that Europe's largest economy will achieve stronger growth in the second quarter after expanding modestly in the first. Seasonally-adjusted exports climbed unexpectedly by 1.7% on the month ...Read More

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Greek firms fear slow death as bank freeze cuts off imports

Thessaloniki is famous for its wines and spirits that are in high demand across the world, regardless of Greece’s economic crisis. But it cannot be exported without bottles, which have to be imported. “We don’t make bottles in Greece, we ...Read More

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Australian miners boost exports

Australian miners are continuing to expand coal exports despite weak demand in China and sliding prices, with three ports in Queensland setting new export records for the 2015 financial year. Minerals Council analysis found Australian coal exports rose 5 per ...Read More

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US trade deficit widens in May as exports struggle

The U.S. trade deficit widened slightly in May, reflecting declines in sales of American-made aircraft and machinery as exports continued to suffer from a strong dollar. The deficit increased 2.9 percent to $41.9 billion in May, up from an April ...Read More

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Top 20 Irish building firms exports top €1bn

The companies have a combined turnover of €3.8bn, according to a recent report from the Construction Industry Federation, with estimates suggesting growth of 20% on last year. The recovering strength of construction firms is helping them take advantage of opportunities ...Read More


Australian Beef exports hit 1.35m tonnes

Helped by increased cattle slaughter, the Australian dollar steadily weakening against the US, and a shortfall in US beef production, perfect conditions were created for Australian beef exporters in 2014/15, with export shipments hitting 1.35 million tonnes slaughterweight. This was ...Read More

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Greek Exports Hurt by Capital Controls

Greek exporters could lose 80 million euros per week after the imposition of capital controls and the closing of banks, estimates the Panhellenic Exporters Association (PSE). Also, PSE predicts a shortage of imports adding up to 600 million euros per ...Read More

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Turkey’s exports and imports both sink in May

According to data released by the Turkish Statistical Institute (Turkstat) on last week, Turkey's exports decreased by 18.8 percent to $11.11 billion and its imports decreased by 14.4 percent to $17.86 billion in May 2015 when compared with the same ...Read More

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Campaign boost for Western Australia wine exports

A NEW campaign to help Western Australia wine producers satisfy the growing global thirst is planned. The State Government is in talks with the local wine industry to set up a specialist “export development office” in Perth. If given the ...Read More

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Increase in exports to key African nations from Vietnam

Viet Nam's exports to major African markets recorded high growth over the past five months of this year, the Vietnam Economic News reports. Major export products included mobile phones and components, computers, electronic products, vehicles, machines and equipment, as well ...Read More


Export activity falls in Scotland

In the latest survey of business performance, a balance of 24 per cent of Scottish companies reported a fall in export activity in the three months to May. In the preceding three months, a net six per cent had reported ...Read More


UK Export progress disappointing

A commission set up by Ed Balls and led by Graham Cole took evidence from thousands of companies to come up with an action plan to increase exports. Recommendations include reforms to government bodies dealing with exports, more focus on ...Read More


Turnover grows but exports tumble in Scotland

SCOTTISH companies have achieved growth in overall turnover in the latest three months, but the production sector remained weak as services firms drove the improvement, a key survey has revealed. Bank of Scotland's latest business monitor,conducted by Strathclyde University's Fraser ...Read More


Make exporting easier; says manufacturer

One of the fastest growing exporters in Norfolk, pet food manufacturer Natures Menu, based in Watton, 
said exporting would be easier if complex paperwork outside the EU was cut. “Selling in the EU is easy. Being part of the EU ...Read More


Small Manufacturers want export support

“If we are serious about exports, we have to change the culture. UK governments for the last generation have favoured the service sector and dismissed manufacturing as...something we can buy-in from overseas,” said Mr Mawdsley. “[They] have been quite happy ...Read More


Norfolk business calls for ‘culture’ change on exports

national drive to reduce the trade deficit would be boosted by making it easier to export to non-EU markets such as India, China, the US and Canada, business leaders have said. It comes as a report has claimed that the ...Read More


Turkey’s exports decline sharply

Turkey’s exports in May 2015 were 19% lower than for the same month last year. Exporters Assembly of Turkey has announced that exports that were $12.87 billion in May 2014, but this year have fallen to $10.82 billion. Total exports ...Read More


Fertilizer curbs threaten German wheat exports

Pending fertilizer legislation could threaten Germany's role as a key exporter of hard wheat, by cutting the protein content in grain, industry players warned. Verein der Getreidehändler der Hamburger Börse (VgD) the German grain trade body, warned of "drastic consequences" ...Read More

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Export/Import balance narrows

The latest figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS), published last month, showed a slight narrowing of the UK’s trade deficit; imports of goods outstripped exports by £10.1bn in March, down £700m from February. Exports of goods rose by ...Read More

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Winderpower blasts lack of support for exporters

An engineering firm recently praised by Chancellor George Osborne has criticised lack of Government support available for boosting exports. Winderpower called on the Government to provide tax relief to businesses looking to grow their exports. Group managing director Laurence MacKenzie ...Read More


France expects threat from Russia to wheat exports

French crop officials, ending a series of upgrades to wheat export forecasts, highlighted the threat to the country's trading prospects due to Russia lifting an export a tax on shipments of the grain. FranceAgriMer, which had raised its forecast for ...Read More

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Strong pound constrains exports

THE STRENGTH of sterling is serving to stilt Britain’s economic growth by constraining export performance and driving a surge in cheap imports, experts have warned. The chief economist of a financial information firm, called on the new Government to revive ...Read More

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New rules on Japanese food imports to be enforced

A new measure that will tighten regulations on Japanese food imports will be enforced from May 15 as scheduled, a Cabinet spokesman said earlier this month. Sun Lih-chyun reaffirmed the government's stance after Japan again criticized the new measure. Sun ...Read More

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South Australia expects to grow China exports

South Australian businesses have the potential to create jobs and double in size by embracing exports to China, said Australian Trade Minister. The minister is about to lead the state's largest trade mission to China, which is South Australia's biggest ...Read More

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Scottish salmon exports worth £500 million

Scottish salmon brought in £500 million in overseas sales for the first time in 2014, as it leapt to the top of the UK food export league. Figures released by industry body the Scottish Salmon Producers’ Organisation (SSPO) showed the ...Read More


Malaysia’s March exports rebound

Malaysia’s exports in March 2015 rebounded with a 2.3% growth to RM66.47bil from a year ago, defying economists forecast of a 4.2% decline. The International Trade and Industry Ministry (MITI) said that exports were higher than the RM64.96bil a year ...Read More


France leads world wine exports

The world wine export market is largely dominated by Spain, Italy and France, who represent more than half of the world’s wine exports in terms of value of sales as well as in terms of volume. Whereas Spain exported the ...Read More

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Ghana’s exports to Italy on the rise

Ghana’s total export to Italy in 2013 amounted to $751 million dominated by petroleum oils, cocoa beans and tuna, Dr Ekwow Spio-Garbrah, Minister of Trade and Industry at the launch of Milan Expo in 2015. He said while the country ...Read More

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California nut exports beat competition in March

Led by almonds and walnuts, California exports slipped slightly in March but managed to do better than Texas, its primary shipping rival, and the rest of the USA. California businesses shipped merchandise valued at $14.9 billion in March, down about ...Read More

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Seedless Grape Exports Surge

South Africa’s table grape farmers are switching to seedless varieties, with exports more than doubling over 5 years as consumer demand for the seeded varieties collapses. Exports of black seedless grapes increased to 482 million cartons last year, compared with ...Read More


Oswestry the place for exports expertise

Oswestry was the destination for exporters from across the region when the Shropshire branch of UKTI held an event to look at exports. The 'Exporting for Growth' conference at Walford & North Shropshire College’s campus in Oswestry was aimed at ...Read More


Exports soar 77 per cent in Sheffield

Exports through Sheffield Chamber of Commerce leapt 77 per cent last year - sparking a visit from the head of a national commission which aims to tackle the UK’s 30-year trade deficit. South Yorkshire International Trade Centre, part of the ...Read More


EU threatening to ban seafood imports from Thailand

The EU has given Thailand, the world’s third-largest seafood exporter, six months to crack down on illegal fishing or face a trade ban on its fish imports. “The commission has put Thailand on formal notice, after identifying serious shortcoming in ...Read More

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Ontario Expands Wine Exports to China

Ontario exports of the province's wine into China are significantly expanding due to two important agreements that will bring millions in investment. As part of the 2015 Agri-Food Trade Mission to China, Ministers Jeff Leal and Michael Chan participated in ...Read More

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Scottish salmon exports ‘reach £500m for first time’

Figures released last week show that exports of Scottish salmon grew by £50 million last year, reaching £500 million for the first time ever. This announcement comes as Scotland’s salmon farmers head for the Seafood Global Expo, the world’s largest ...Read More

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Japan exports improve

Japan posted its first monthly trade surplus in nearly three years in March, due to falling import costs from cheaper oil prices, along with a modest recovery in exports. It is unclear how long surpluses will continue - Japan's oil ...Read More

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Weakening euro causes concern for Northern Ireland exports

Northern Ireland's economic growth has been healthy in the first quarter of 2015 but there are concerns about manufacturing exports, research has shown. The Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce and Industry's quarterly survey said that the balance of firms here ...Read More


Irish Exports up 17% to €7.93bn

Ireland’s trade surplus decreased by €34 million (or 1 per cent) to €3.8 billion in February, as exports rose 3 per cent, according to new figures from the Central Statistics Office (CSO). Exports increased by €238 million or 3 per ...Read More

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Manufacturing exports on the rise in the Black Country

An economic survey of the first three months of the year, carried out by the Black Country Chamber of Commerce, found continuing confidence in both the manufacturing and service sectors. Unveiling the survey results, at the Park Inn, West Bromwich, ...Read More


Food exports from Sweden increase potential

The Swedish Food Federation believes that there is money to be made from increased export sales of Swedish pork, peas and Daim cakes, made from fragments of Daim bars, the globally famous Swedish sweet snack that first launched in Stockholm ...Read More

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USA February meat exports lower

While still affected by severe congestion in the West Coast ports, February exports of U.S. beef, pork and lamb bounced back to some degree from the totals posted in January, according to data released by USDA and compiled by the ...Read More

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Facilities improving for live animal exports

Calgary airport has set up a live animal facility with 28 000 sq ft of warehouse and a 14 000 sq ft of loading area. The system has been designed to make handling of animal exports more humane and quicker. ...Read More

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Cotton exports to fall as China curbs buying

Cotton exports from India, the world's second-biggest producer and seller, are expected to fall 41 percent to 7 million bales this crop year, ending on Sept. 30 as top importer China curbs purchases, the Textile Commissioner of India said. Last ...Read More

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Dutch exports boost on downtrodden euro

Dutch exports have been boosted by the low rate of the euro and the sharp fall in oil prices. The top three most important export markets for the Netherlands are the United States, Canada and Turkey. This is the first ...Read More

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Japan trade gap narrows on lower oil prices

Japan's trade deficit narrowed in February, due to a plunge in import costs due to lower crude oil prices. The Finance Ministry said two weeks ago that the trade deficit fell 47 percent from a year earlier to 424.6 billion ...Read More

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Peru fruit and veg exports increase

Fruits and vegetable exports from Peru increased 5.1% in January compared to the same period last year: the Minister of Trade and Tourism (Mincetur), Magali Silva announced the positive results which mean that Peru has 19 consecutive months of expansion ...Read More


LEDs brighten Taiwan exports

While exports of Taiwan-made bicycles took a minor dip in 2014, exports of LED cycling lights registered a 41 percent increase as cyclists paid more attention to their safety, according to government data released at the opening of Taipei Cycle ...Read More

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Swiss exports slip as franc strengthens

Switzerland's exports fell in February as the strong Swiss franc eroded demand from the European Union and Asia for the country's pharmaceuticals, chemicals and machinery products. Exports in February dropped 3.9% from a year earlier, to 16.12 billion Swiss francs ...Read More

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Government invests to boost exports

The increase in funding for UKTI in China will help companies tap into the fast-growing Chinese economy, which is expanding at a rate of more than £600bn a year as the country's domestic consumption booms. The extra money will be ...Read More

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Budget 2015: Incentives to export

Following last year’s announcement to double export lending to £3bn, the government pledged a continued commitment to improving economic ties in emerging markets in the 2015 Budget. George Osborne revealed plans to nearly double funding for UK Trade and Investment ...Read More

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New Zealand wine exports hit record in 2014

Wine from New Zealand became the country’s sixth biggest export commodity last year, albeit still lagging traditional product sectors such as dairy products and meat. The news comes as New Zealand’s 2015 grape harvest gets ahead, with prospects so far ...Read More


USA Wine exports hit near record levels

Despite two significant challenges, U.S. A wine exports in 2014 hit near-record levels in volume and dollar value.  These are important benchmarks since 90 percent of all exports come from California, according to the San Francisco-based Wine Institute. Exports reached ...Read More

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Buffalo meat exports decline

Buffalo meat exports from India are likely to fall, due to traders’ reluctance in bringing animals for slaughtering in registered abattoirs following a ban on certain kinds of cattle in Maharashtra and Haryana. The other big challenge for Indian exporters ...Read More

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Exports increase from China, but slide in imports

Imports to China shrank in February for a second month in a new sign of weakness in the world's second-largest economy. Imports contracted by 20.5 percent to $108.6 billion compared with a year earlier, customs data showed. Trade data for ...Read More

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Lower ringgit boosts rubber glove exports

Top Glove Corp, the world’s biggest rubber-glove maker, said the fall in Malaysia’s currency to its weakest level in six years would benefit the country’s exporters. The stronger US dollar “augurs well” for exports, chairman Tan Sri Lim Wee Chai ...Read More

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Strong pound hits exports

THE UK’s economic recovery suffered a setback after industrial output unexpectedly fell in January, increasing concerns over the impact of a strong pound on manufacturing exports. The Office for National Statistics said overall production fell by 0.1 per cent from ...Read More


Rose imports bloom in Japan

Rose imports to Japan are starting to peak before the nation’s annual rites for graduation ceremonies and corporate personnel reshuffles. Workers at the flower importer Classic Japan Ltd. have been especially busy this week inspecting rose imports from Kenya at ...Read More

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Rwanda Starts Exports Drive

According to the recently presented Monetary Policy and Financial Stability statement, exports from Rwanda show a slight decline compared to 2013, and 2012. Rwanda's exports grew moderately by 4.7% in 2014; a significant slow down as compared to 18% in ...Read More


Poultry from Turkey risk export loss

The Turkish poultry sector, which has the fourth largest share in the world’s poultry market, has faced a risk of losing its biggest market, Iraq, due to additional import taxes.  With the new taxes, which began to be enforced in ...Read More

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Surging gold exports limit Turkish export decline in February

An apparent surge in Turkey's gold sales limited a general decline in the country's exports in February. February exports fell 4.36 percent from a year earlier to $12.241 billion, the Customs and Trade Ministry said on Monday. Their figures were ...Read More


Exports Germany to Iran increase on sanctions easing

German exports to Iran jumped 30 percent last year to 2.4 billion euros, data from the Federal Statistics Office showed. Western sanctions were eased as progress was made in talks on the country's nuclear programme. Germany is traditionally Iran's biggest ...Read More

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UK Rioja wine imports up 10.3%

Imports of Rioja wine to the UK rose 10.3% by volume year on year in 2014. Total exports of the wine reached a record 106 million litres. The UK imported more than a third of this volume. Most of the ...Read More

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Japan exports surge, imports shrink

Exports from Japan continued to rebound in January while imports shrank, as the yen's sharp fall and the nation's powerful manufacturing industry helped the country deal with a weak domestic economy. Exports for the month grew 17% from a year ...Read More

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US Meat Exports Face adverse conditions

US meat exports are facing significant barriers at the moment, be this due to the sharp increase in the value of the US dollar, lower prices for competing meats in other countries or the slowdown strike in West Coast ports. ...Read More

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Action to increase exports from Peterborough

Business leaders in Peterborough are taking action in an endeavour to increase the amount of goods and services city firms export. Currently, the value of exports from Peterborough companies is rising - recent figures showed that across the county it ...Read More


Fruit exports halved

Citrus and fruit growers in California complain that ongoing port congestion on the US West Coast, saying it was costing them US$3m a week during the peak export period. One company complained of shipping half of its usual 350 containers. ...Read More

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China food exports to grow

China’s fruit and vegetable exports will continue to grow globally, according to studies done in Australia. China is moving away from low value added manufacturing to high value added sectors. although they are labour intensive, fruit exports have a high ...Read More

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Budvar Beer exports hit by Ukraine conflict

The current conflict in the Ukraine affected Czech brewery Budějovický Budvar’s exports to both Russia and Ukraine last year. Exports to Russia halted completely at the year's end, and those to Ukraine fell by 60 percent. This year, the brewery ...Read More

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Swiss exports fall

Swiss exports fell 0.8 percent in January in real terms from the previous year. Export sales of chemicals and pharmaceuticals were hit hard, the Federal Customs Office said on Thursday. The surge in the Swiss franc since the country scrapped ...Read More

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Car exports to China up

Car exports from the UK to China have increased seven-fold since 2009, according to figures released last week by a British industry body. The export growth has been driven by a demand for luxury brands such as Rolls-Royce and Jaguar. ...Read More

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Norway GDP Expanding as Exports Increase

Exports and domestic consumer demand prompted a greater than expected increase in the economy of Norway for the fourth quarter of 2014. The largest economy in Scandinavia expanded its GDP by 0.5 percent, according to Statistics Norway. This excludes oil, ...Read More

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December Exports in Greece Better than expected

Projections were surpassed by the Greek exports recorded in December 2014, significantly reducing the decline records of the first nine months of the past year. The Panhellenic Exporters Association (PEA) announced that the total value of Greek exports for last ...Read More

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UK factories expect export down-turn

British factories expect their export orders during the next three months to be the weakest since the middle of 2012, the Confederation of British Industry said last month. Expectations for export order volumes fell, showing a balance of +1, down ...Read More


Champagne exports to ‘overtake’ sales in France

The Comite Champagne is predicting that more champagne will be exported that sold in France in 2015. The new managing director of the Comite said that export sales will continue to go, and will overtake French sales by the end ...Read More

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Indian Government prepares China export strategy

Concerned about the widening trade deficit with China which is expected to surpass $40 billion this financial year, the Commerce ministry of India is preparing an export strategy identifying specific products to boost outbound shipments to the neighbouring country. "The ...Read More

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Food and Drink Exports from Ireland on increase

Irish food and drink exports earned €10.5 billion in 2014, which is a four per cent increase and the fifth consecutive year of export growth, says The Irish Food Board (BordBia). Changing destinations for Irish exports in 2014 were one ...Read More

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Australia wine exports bounce back

Wine exports from Australia to the rest of the world have grown 1.9% in 2014. This is the first time that exports have risen in value since the global recession in 2007. Australian wine was imported into 121 countries in ...Read More

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New Export Markets for Ireland

The Irish food industry has made stringent efforts to reach markets outside the EU. The shift in market destination was demonstrated by increases in the value of exports to Asia to reach €850 million (+45 per cent), as well as ...Read More

Georgia Wine Exports hit all-time high

Georgian continues to be exported to foreign countries, resulting in the highest volume of wine exports in 2014 in for the last 20 years. By 15 December, Georgia had exported 59 million 0.75 litre bottles of wine, valued at $183 ...Read More

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English Wine exports to hit high

English wine could be the toast of the country’s farmers this week, with more than £100m in export sales expected this year for sparkling and still varieties combined, the environment secretary will announce on Wednesday. Elizabeth Truss, secretary of state ...Read More


Exports from Ireland down by 7 % in November

Exports from Irelandfell sharply in November, while imports rose by 2 per cent:this was mainly due to a 57 per cent increase in the number of vehicles coming into the country. Preliminary figures from the Central Statistics Office indicate that ...Read More

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China December exports rise

Exports from China exports rebounded in December, but imports shrank in a sign of weak domestic demand. Total trade in 2014 grew just 3.4 percent, well below the official 10 percent target. Exports rose 9.7 percent in December to $227.5 ...Read More

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Exports from Latvia dropped by 13.4%

Provisional data of the Latvian Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) show that in November 2014 compared to the previous month exports value of goods at current prices dropped by 13.4%. Imports value of goods decreased by 5.7%. The balance of trade ...Read More


Turkey hoping to increase exports

The Economy Minister of Turkey said on Dec. 26 that things would be much better in 2015. “We live in such an unpredictable region, where everything can change in a matter of weeks. So many negative developments happened in 2014 ...Read More

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Regional conflicts stem Turkish exports

Turkish efforts to diversify trade partners, which have been ongoing following the 2008 global financial crisis, stalled in 2014 amid regional conflicts. Since the financial crisis that erupted in the USA in 2008 before affecting the world economy, the Turkish ...Read More

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Road Haulage & Freight Forwarding Welcome Road Development

Representatives from both the Road Haulage Association (RHA) and the British International Freight Association (BIFA), which represents the freight forwarding community, have welcomed the government’s plans to invest £15 billion in the country’s road infrastructure. Both organisations however tempered their ...Read More

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Small Airports restrict export growth

Although the West Midlands has been increasing its exports significantly, Birmingham airport was until recently a limiting factor. The runways were simply too short to enable take-off for jumbo jets, so the second largest city in the UK did not ...Read More

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Midlands Exports to continue growth

West Midlands exports are expected to continue growing, according to a report last year by Ernst & Young. the report described the area as an export “powerhouse”, predicting growth of over 8% between 2012 and 2017. Apart from automotive, the ...Read More

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West Midlands export success

Exports from the West Midlands are on the increase, having grown by over 100% in the past five years, according to figures from HMRC. While growth in exports from all other English regions have slowed down this year, growth in ...Read More

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Singapore exports slide in October

Non-oil domestic exports in Singapore contracted 1.5 per cent on-year in October, dragged down by a decrease in both electronic and non-electronic exports. The fall comes after a 0.9 per cent growth in the previous month, according to statistics released ...Read More

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Pact With China facilitates Australian Exports

China and Australia have sealed a trade agreement that significantly expands ties between Asia’s largest economy and one of Washington’s closest allies in the region. Separately, China said that it was giving Australia more access to its capital markets and ...Read More

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Eurozone Exports Jump

The eurozone's trade surplus widened in September as exports surged. The European Union's statistics agency on Friday said the eurozone economy grew at an annualized pace of 0.6% in the third quarter, a slight acceleration from the second, with France ...Read More

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USA Pork Exports Increase Dramatically

Pork exports have increased dramatically since the 1990s and currently account for over 20 per cent of total domestic production in the USA. The US is by far a net meat protein exporter and as such, it is in the ...Read More

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Declining Irish exports

Exports from Ireland fell by 4 per cent, or € 323 million from August to September, pushing the trade surplus down, also by 4 per cent, to €3.3 billion. According to statistics from the Central Statistics Office, when considered on ...Read More


Turkey exports to Russia slide

Turkey’s exporters may have reported their best-ever October, but exports to Russia have dropped one-fifth year-on-year. There had been hopes of boosting trade after Russia downgraded links with the West, figures released by the country’s leading export organization have shown. ...Read More

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Saudi Export Increase

Saudi exports continued their consistent growth in August after realizing SR18.5 billion in returns, a 22 percent increase over the same period last year. Monthly volatility noticeably dampened this year, averaging at around SR18.2 billion a month. The contractual nature ...Read More

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China exports may be weaker

The China Import and Export Fair, held in Guangzhou has just finished, with a slight decrease in forward orders compared with the last event. Popularly known as the Canton Fair, it generated 179.2 billion yuan ($29.30 billion) in export orders, ...Read More

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Vietnam to stop fresh fruit imports from Australia

Australia's Department of Agriculture (DoA) has confirmed that Vietnam has 'raised concerns with Australia's fruit fly management systems and is considering suspending trade in Australian fruit'. The export market is worth about $40 million, including grapes and cherries. Alan Bramble, ...Read More

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Canada import barriers

When it comes to the value of goods that can be shipped into the country before duty is assessed (referred to as the de minimis level), Canada comes near the bottom of the list. Americans can import $200 worth of ...Read More

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Skye brewery gets £100k grant boost for exports

A brewery based on the Isle of Skye has received a £116,000 grant from Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) to boost exports. Overall, the Isle of Skye Brewing Company intends to spend £450,000 to expand production and re-brand their products ...Read More

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Manufactured Scottish exports grow by 2.8%

The volume of Scottish manufactured exports grew by 2.8% during the second quarter of 2014, according to new statistics, lifted by strong performances from the chemicals and engineering sectors. However, there was a slight quarterly fall in export figures for ...Read More


Rise in red meat exports from Scotland

A modest 4 per cent increase in red meat exports from Scotland in the past 12 months was welcomed last week by Quality Meat Scotland chairman Jim McLaren. He said that - while it was good to see exports rise ...Read More


Heathrow calls for expansion as freight grows

The chief executive of Heathrow has re-iterated calls to expand the airport;its freight business grew rapidly last month. and Heathrow now handles a quarter of all UK exports by value. According to Heathrow's CEO, cargo traffic was up 7.8 per ...Read More

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China Exports and Imports Surge

China's exports and imports in September were far higher than expected, according to official data: exports were 15.3% higher than last year, while imports rose 7%, giving a trade surplus of $31bn for the month. The data beat the expectations ...Read More

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Musketeers and Mr Selfridge drive exports

'The Musketeers' and 'Mr Selfridge' have helped cause a 5% rise in British TV exports, a new report has revealed. The findings by Pact, which represents independent television producers, show that international sales in 2013/14 of £1.28 billion, up from ...Read More

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Mystery of North Korean exports to China

It is believed that millions of North Koreans are suffer from malnutrition, but Pyongyang has reportedly increased rice exports to its powerful neighbour by more than a third this year. It emerged last week that the isolationist state may be ...Read More

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German exports dive

Exports from Germany plunged in August by their largest volume since the height of the financial crisis, and leading institutes slashed forecasts for growth. The figures fuelled debate on whether Berlin is doing enough to prop up the domestic and ...Read More

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Drought cuts California food exports

Exports of California food products dipped in August, with fruit and tree nuts decreasing by 8 percent when compared to the same time last year and vegetables dropping by 7.8 percent, according to data released on Friday by Beacon Economics. ...Read More

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Swiss Watch Exports Remain Flat in August

Watch exports from Switzerland remained flat year on year at $1.569 billion (CHF 1.493 billion) in August, according to the Federation of the Swiss ‎Watch Industry.‎ The federation noted that August is one of the weakest months of the year ...Read More

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Apparel exports from India expected to increase

India's cotton and apparel exports are expected to climb by around 10 percent this year as higher wages, political instability and concerns about workplace conditions in other markets lead international buyers toward Indian exporters, industry officials said. The rise in ...Read More

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USA top nation for Australian beef

The US also can't get enough of meat farmed in Victoria state, with the country remaining the top export nation for the state's beef ($266 million). Japan remains the third-highest meat importer. "A significant fall in the value of the ...Read More

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Record meat exports for state of Victoria

The growing appetite for beef and lamb farmed in Victoria, Australia in both China and the USA has helped drive the value of the state's food and farm exports into another record-breaking year. Victoria's total food and fibre exports reached ...Read More

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USA Onion exports suffer

The huge crop of onions in Europe has created a glut of product available for export. The continent's onion shippers have found markets for their products in the Caribbean and South America; this has squeezed out American onion exports there. ...Read More

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UK Exports Increasing

The UK Environment Secretary has been giving encouraging news to the Conservative party conference about food exports. She said that almost 600 new markets had been opened overseas, adding that exports had increased by more than £1 billion in the ...Read More

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Food imports ‘a disgrace’

British children should grow up knowing the taste of Melton Mowbray pork pies, Norfolk turkeys and black pudding, Liz Truss, the Environment Secretary, has said. She said that the UK imports of large quantities of apples, pears and cheese at ...Read More

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Polish Miners Block Cheap Coal Imports from Russia

Miners in Poland protesting against imports of cheap Russian coal have blocked a border route into northern Poland, according to mining union leaders. More than 200 workers blocked the passage in order to protest against imports of Russian coal. Polish ...Read More

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Food and drink exports from UK

UK food and non-alcoholic drink exports rose to £6.5bn in the first six months of the year, according to a report released today by the Food and Drink Federation which is an increase of 4.8% on the same period in ...Read More


Brazil starting dairy exports to Russia

Three Brazilian companies have received permission to export dairy products to Russia, and one of them has already started to send cargo there, the secretary for international affairs of the Brazilian Agriculture Ministry Marcelo Junqueira told reporters last week. According ...Read More


Russia to increase imports from Vietnam

Russia is enacting measures to import more agricultural products from Vietnam due to sanctions imposed by the West over Moscow’s involvement in the Ukraine crisis. The increase in imports is also meant to boost trade ties between the two countries, ...Read More

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Vietnam Seafood Exports to Russia

Ten Vietnamese seafood companies are currently exporting products to Russia, according to a report by the Export Department. However, the Russian trade representative in Vietnam said the number of Vietnamese businesses entering the Russian market has increased on a daily ...Read More

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Euro zone July trade rises on exports

The euro zone's trade surplus rose year-on-year in July as exports grew faster than imports, indicating a positive contribution to economic growth at the start of the third quarter, the European Union's Statistics office data showed. Eurostat said the non-seasonally ...Read More

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Dutch exports grow thanks to previous imports

The volume of exports in June 2014 increased by 4.1 percent over June 2013, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) in Holland has reported. The bureau said in a statement that this was mostly due to transshipment of goods through ...Read More

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Argentine seafood exports up 3.9% in value

The volume of exports of seafood from Argentina reached 285,608 tons, 3% more than in the same period in 2013, when 277,389 tons were shipped abroad. Exports to China grew 30% compared to those of the first half of 2013 ...Read More


Whisky exporters oppose Independence

Whisky exporters in Scotland have been vocally opposed to the independence movement. "Internationally, as an export oriented sector, we rely on effective support from government in our overseas markets, whether in influencing EU negotiations or pressing other governments to allow ...Read More

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Will a Yes Vote Impact Scotland’s Exports?

'No' campaigners are adamant that Scotland, a nation of just five million people, is economically ill-equipped to deal with life alone. The crux of the argument is the fact that its exports sector is weighted towards international communities which, after ...Read More


Exports of French Wine and Spirits Drop

Exports of wine and spirits from France dropped sharply in the first half of the year, hit by a dramatic slowdown of demand for luxury drinks in China. Exports of wines and spirits—one of France's top 10 exports—fell 7.3% to ...Read More

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France will be top wine producer despite fall in exports

There was good news for France’s wine industry this week as it emerged the country is set to overtake Italy to become the world’s largest wine producer, although a fall in demand from China has seen exports plummet. Italy was ...Read More

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Non-EU markets key for sheep meat exports

EXPORTS of sheep meat in the first six months of 2014 have hit their highest half-year level since 1998, according to industry body EBLEX. Global freight shipments totalled 48,000 tonnes in the first half of the year, an increase of ...Read More

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Manufacturers reluctant to export

Only one in three small manufacturing businesses is relying on exports for business growth, it is shown in survey results released last week. More than two thirds of the firms questioned by the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) feel they will ...Read More

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German exports at record high

German exports for July were up 8.5 percent year-on-year to 101 billion euros ($130.8 billion):this was the first time a single month's exports were above the 100-billion euro mark, according to Destatis, Germany's Federal Statistics Office. Nearly 60 billion euros' ...Read More

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Export Plans for Taiwan

It is hoped that the new law allowing consolidations of cargo for different destinations will make Taiwan one of the most competitive logistics hub in the world. Consolidating goods in Taiwan and re-exporting them to Europe and America should increase ...Read More

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Taiwan Measures to Increase Export Trade

Measures are in hand to ensure that Taiwan stays abreast of its partners and competitors with regards to exports both within, and beyond, the local region. The recent decision to allow the country’s freight forwarders to operate multi-destination export consolidations ...Read More

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Lamb exports go outside EU

Increases in exports of lamb to the Far East have been particularly encouraging, while other key markets outside the EU included Ghana, Congo and the Ivory Coast in West Africa and Norway and Switzerland in Europe. Export values in total ...Read More


Exports of British lamb rising

UK export volumes of sheep meat in the first six months of 2014 have hit their highest half-year level since 1998, according to latest statistics. Global shipments totalled 48,000 tonnes in the first half of the year, an increase of ...Read More


Australian cherry growers ramp up exports

Australian cherry growers want to increase exports of fruit. Their objective is to send half the annual crop to overseas markets. About 25 to 30 per cent of last season's cherry crop was exported, with about 80 per cent of ...Read More

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India – PM says port development will increase exports

IndianPrime Minister Narendra Modi said development of ports is essential to promote exports from India and take the 'Made in India' brand global. The recently elected PM was speaking as he laid the foundation of a special economic zone (SEZ) ...Read More

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Exports essential to India

As the Indian Prime Minister laid the foundation of a highway connecting the country's biggest container port to the hinterland, he emphasised repeatedly that if India wants to focus on exports it needs to focus on port-led development. "Port development ...Read More

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Eurozone exports to Russia down 14 per cent in 2014

Exports and imports between the Eurozone and Russia have plummeted in the period January to May, figures from Eurostat revealed last week. The was a 14 per cent decline in exports to Russia in January-June 2014 compared with the same ...Read More

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Singapore July exports down

Singapore's exports in July fell less than expected, as freight shipments to major economies picked up. This suggests that the manufacturing sector may have bottomed out, on the back of an improving economic outlook in the United States and signs ...Read More


America biggest exports market for British businesses

The majority of the United Kingdom’s small and medium exporters are targeting the US market, according to a new survey from Barclays Business. Identifying the top UK export destinations, the study found that 55% of small and medium-sized exporters are ...Read More

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Singapore exports fall 3.4% over last year

A drop in electronics shipments continued to oppress Singapore's exports in the second quarter, trade agency IE Singapore said last week. Non-oil domestic exports from Singapore fell by 3.4 per cent in the April to June period over last year, ...Read More

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UK wheat imports top forecasts

UK wheat imports finished high in 2013-14, far exceeding expectations, as exports put in their worst performance in more than 20 years, with imports of corn rising too. The UK imported 2.21m tonnes of wheat in the year to the ...Read More

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Exports from Dorset increase by 25 per cent

BUSINESSES in Dorset exported nearly £132m worth of goods last year, which represents an increase of 25 per cent. The Dorset Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) has shown that it processed 12,022 export documents between 2013 and 2014, up ...Read More


Finland fears crisis as Russia curbs food imports

Finland warned last week that Russian retaliation against EU sanctions could push its economy into crisis, while President Vladimir Putin ordered curbs on food imports from countries that join the Western action over Ukraine. The central bank warned that import ...Read More

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Canada’s export recovery firmly on

Canada’s trade surplus soared unexpectedly to a two and a half high of $1.86-billion in June, boosted by record exports and falling imports, Statistics Canada data indicated last Wednesday. This was the largest surplus since the $2.43-billion recorded in December ...Read More

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Warning of over reliance on food imports

THE PROPORTION of food which the UK produces for itself is continuing to fall, with the country able to feed itself only up until today without imports, farmers have warned. The UK’s self-sufficiency in food dropped by two percentage points ...Read More

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Small USA firm exports to Africa

The Obama administration is this week encouraging U. S. companies to boost investment and exports and imports with Africa. One small business is already was embracing the challenge. Hann Powerboats, of Sarasota Fla., recently changed from making fishing and patrol ...Read More

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UK Exports to Chile, China and UAE Increase

UK exports to Chile, China and United Arab Emirates (UAE) grew faster than to any other countries in the world in 2013. Overall, the UK's exports grew by just 1.4% in 2013 - but exports to Chile grew by 72% ...Read More


Washington State exports up in 2013

Washington clocked in $81.6 billion in exports in 2013, compared with $75.7 billion in 2012. The nearly 8 percent gain is healthy, but less than the 16.8 percent gain shown from 2011 to 2012. In addition to distortions such as ...Read More

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Singapore June exports falling

Non-oil domestic exports from Singapore are expected to fall on an annual basis in June for the second straight month, a Reuters poll showed on earlier this month, adding to signs of a slowdown in the city-state's manufacturing activity. The ...Read More


Nepal Pashmina exports rebound

Nepali pashmina exports are doing well again in the international market despite facing stiff competition from other countries, said traders. Manufacturers had been trying to boost business and come out of an extended slump by creating new design ranges, and ...Read More

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Nepal concentrates on quality exports

According to the Nepali pashmina industry, shawls, stoles and scarves in natural, multi-colour and artistic designs are the most popular Nepali products among importers. The country’s industry had plunged into a prolonged downturn after some traders began shipping poor quality ...Read More

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Export Sector joins Irish recovery

"The trade data for May provides further evidence that the export sector is joining in the Irish economic recovery and will contribute to GDP growth in 2014," according to analyst Conall MacCoille. Preliminary figures for May from the Central Statistics ...Read More

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Exports from Ireland soar

EXPORTS from Ireland soared in May as technology and pharmaceutical companies boosted sales overseas. The trade surplus hit the highest level in more than a year, after exports of goods rose 15per cent from the previous month. Exports in the ...Read More

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Drop-off in Wine Exports to China

Australia's top five export destinations held their places in the last financial year, with the United Kingdom remaining in the top spot. Record grape harvests in the United States have seen demand for wine imports drop significantly, reflected in the ...Read More

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Bulk Wine Exports from Australia on the increase

More and more Australian winemakers are choosing to bottle wines overseas to save costs, and this is reflected in increased bulk wine exports. Bottled wine exports dropped in volume by 10 per cent, although their value has been rising steadily ...Read More

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Australian wine exports drop by two per cent

The value of Australian wine exports has fallen as more winemakers export in bulk containers, according to a report by the Australian Grape and Wine Authority. Total wine exports dropped by two per cent in volume, to 684 million dollars ...Read More

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UK trade gap widens in May on higher aircraft imports

Britain's goods trade deficit widened in May, increased by imports of aircraft, official data showed last week. The Office for National Statistics said the goods trade deficit grew to just over 9.2 billion pounds from 8.8 billion pounds in April, ...Read More

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Norway seafood exports hit by Ukraine crisis

The military and political crisis in Ukraine has caused Norwegian seafood exports to the country to drop by nearly 40% so far this year, according to figures from the Norwegian Seafood Council. The country’s February Maidan revolution has plunged it ...Read More

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Pakistan exports more Bed-linen than rice and cotton

Bed linen is a significant value-added segment of Pakistans textile exports; about $27.3 billion worth of Pakistan-made bed linen has been sold overseas between 2003 and 2013. In the textile value-added sector, bed linen, cotton woven fabrics and men's suiting ...Read More


Export, Import boost for India

If everything goes as per plan, then gradually all minor ports in the state will be converted into commercial ports to promote export and import. Minister for ports and fisheries Baburao Chinchansur said that very soon the cabinet will discuss ...Read More

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Bhubaneswar State, India targets 10% export growth

The state government aims to achieve annual growth rate of 10% in exports from 2014-15 and has prepared a draft policy for it. The draft export policy has proposed several initiatives like business to business (B2B) exchange, district-level export promotion ...Read More

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Majority in Sweden against weapons exports

Sweden has become a major world supplier of arms, but most Swedes are against having weapons exports at all, a new study has revealed. Just over half of Swedish people say no to weapon exports, a survey from pollster Ipsos ...Read More

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Iran resumes car exports to Russia

Iran began exporting cars to Russia for the first time in five years on Sunday, after meeting upgraded emission standards, the country's largest car manufacturer said. Workers at Iran-Khodro's factory in Tehran loaded the first shipment of auto freight, which ...Read More

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Beef, pork exports continue growth trend

Beef and pork exports from the USAcontinued their positive growth trend in April, increasing by double digits in volume and by an even healthier margin in value, according to statistics released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and compiled ...Read More

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Exports from Finland to Russia drop

Finnish exports to Russia dropped sharply in the last quarter, making Germany in the top position for international sales, according to new figures. Machinery, equipment and chemicals suffered the biggest declines in exports to Russia. Imports from Finland’s eastern neighbour ...Read More

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Value of Irish exports drops in April

The value of Irish exports fell again in April, preliminary figures from the Central Statistics Office show. Seasonally adjusted exports were €6.8 billion in April, a reduction of €45 million or 1 per cent on the previous month.But imports saw ...Read More

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China’s exports rise 7% in May, imports fall

Exports from China increased in May thanks to firmer global demand, data showed on Sunday, but an unexpected fall in imports signalled weaker domestic demand which may continue to weigh on the world’s second-largest economy. Exports rose 7 per cent ...Read More

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UK Suffering Weak Exports

Britain's manufacturing sector recovery is largely caused by increasing demand at home rather than from abroad as exports continue to be weak. A report from the manufacturers organisation EEF upgraded its growth forecast for the sector in 2014 to a ...Read More


Tasmania exports live bees to Canada

Tasmania - being relatively free from most serious bee diseases - has opened up a niche export trade in live bees. During the last three months 2,800 packets of bees have been exported by air freight from Tasmania to Canada. ...Read More


Exports soar for rice fields of Italy

Italy is Europe's top rice producer. Exports are growing thanks to small-scale farmers growing premium rice varieties which are popular with health conscious connoisseurs. "It's considered a chic product for people who have money," said Sandro Guerrini, who farms 80 ...Read More

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E.U Bans Citrus Imports From South Africa

On 27 may, the European Commission announced restrictions on citrus imports from South Africa due to an outbreak of “black spot” plant disease there. South African politicians are concerned about the economic ramifications for the world’s largest citrus exporter. The ...Read More

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Swiss April Exports Steady

Switzerland had modest export growth in April. This was mainly stimulated by demand from Asia and the USA for pharmaceutical and chemical products, as well as watches and jewellery. Exports during April rose 0.4% compared with the previous year in ...Read More


Poland now top customer for Norway fish exports

Poland is now Norway’s largest export market for seafood, partly due to soaring cod exports to the country. Figures from the first quarter of 2014 show that Poland is now the biggest buyer of Norwegian seafood, in value, noted the ...Read More

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Freight Forwarders Vietnam Fears

Freight Forwarders believe import and export demand to and from Vietnam may be affected for an extended period after many of the country’s key industrial parks closed.  A dispute with China over maritime rights escalated into violent anti-China protests earlier ...Read More

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Australian Exports To China Top $100 Billion

Last week the Australian Bureau of Statistics released figures showing that the $6.881 billion in services exports which Australia made to China, tipped total Australian exports over $100 billion for the first time in history. This shows that the bulk ...Read More

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Spanish fruit exports static

The volume of fruit and vegetable exports from Spain increased by only 0.5 per cent in the first quarter of 2014 compared with the previous year, reaching 3.4m tonnes, according to the latest figures from export federation Fepex. The value ...Read More

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Sweden defence exports soar

As the third largest arms exporter per capita after Israel and Russia, Sweden's booming industry has stirred up ethical concerns among Swedes about some countries it is doing business with. Sweden-based firms including BAE Systems and Bofors have been hugely ...Read More

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Irish beef imports affect prices in Wales

There has been an increase in Irish beef being imports to the UK, which reports say are undercutting Welsh beef at 310p/kg, compared to 352p/kg for Welsh steers. The Welsh Red meat body's chairman Dai Davies said: “Throughput at Irish ...Read More

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UK Exports start to rise

ON 9 May the Office for National Statistics released trade figures for March,also the first quarterly trade statistics for the year. The data once again shows a mixed picture of export performance, with some areas of improvement against a continued ...Read More


Egyptian exports decline in April

Non-petroleum exports from Egypt declined 11% during the month of April, earning $1.8 billion compared to $2bn during the same month the year before, according to the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade, and Investment’s monthly report. Since the beginning of ...Read More

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China approves Irish dairy exports

Ireland’s dairy sector had reason to celebrate after it was one of the countries to pass an audit by the Chinese authorities, which means that Irish plants have been found to meet fully the standards of China’s new food safety ...Read More

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Japan exports weak

Japan's exports are falling short of the central bank's forecasts, threatening the economic recovery in the country. Growth has returned to Japan, helped by massive monetary stimulus 13 months ago when Haruhiko Kuroda took control at the bank. Early signs ...Read More

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US beef industry wants China to resume imports

China is working hard to resolve issues that would allow imports of US beef to resume for the first time since 2003 when a Washington State outbreak of "mad cow disease" prompted Beijing and other countries to restrict them. The ...Read More

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Exports from Australia to China soar

Australia is running its first $50 billion trade surplus with exports out of Western Australia to China soaring to record heights. Figures from the Bureau of Statistics confirmed that China was now more important to Australia than Japan was during ...Read More

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Irish Fishing fleet lands €493m of exports

IRELAND'S fishing fleet is already attracting almost half a billion euro in exports; figures show Irish seafood was exported to more than 80 markets worldwide last year. The haul was valued at €493m, a massive 32pc jump since 2010 when ...Read More

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Record cashew exports from India

Cashew exports rose to a record high last financial year in volume and value compared with the previous year. Total exports during 2013-14 increased by over 13 per cent to 1,13,620 tonnes from 1,00,105 tonnes. “Performance in all the segments ...Read More

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Free Trade Agreement may have big consequences for Norway exports

The Norwegian government said that the free trade agreement being negotiated between the EU and US could have serious consequences for Norway’s seafood exports. At the end of March, the government issued a new report on the consequences of an ...Read More

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New foreign trade policy to boost exports from India

The Indian government has said that a new Foreign Trade Policy will focus on ways to boost India's exports, and reduce dependence on imports. "India being part of WTO cannot only think in terms its export promotion without equally supporting ...Read More

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US restricts high tech exports to Russia

U.S. restrictions on high-tech exports to Russia will be a blow to Russian companies in the sector, the Interfax news agency reported. The White House said on 28 April that the United States would deny export licenses for any high-technology ...Read More

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German Military Exports on Hold

The government of Germany says it isn't authorizing any exports of military goods to Russia at present "because of the current political situation," leaving nearly 70 export applications on hold. The Economy Ministry replied to questions from the opposition Green ...Read More


Scottish manufactured exports fall after dispute

Manufactured exports from Scotland fell by 4% as the effect of the Grangemouth petrochemical plant dispute hit sales. Official figures from Scotland’s Chief Statistician Roger Halliday showed the drop-off in activity in the fourth quarter of last
year. In spite of ...Read More


Surge in value of Irish exports

THE value of Irish exports rose by 3pc in February when compared with the same month last year, official figures show. One of the main reasons for the positive data was a 15pc increase in the value of exports of ...Read More

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China Fair shadowed by weak exports

The Canton Fair - officially known as the 115th China Import and Export Fair-is expected to draw 200,000 international buyers, an increase of more than 180,000 over the autumn session when there was a drop-off in numbers, said Liu Jianjun, ...Read More

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Prosecco exports to UK leap by 40%

The Italian sparkling wine enjoyed a huge increase in popularity last year as exports to the UK soared 40.2 per cent in a single year, according to new research. This follows a dismal year for champagne, UK sales of which ...Read More

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Euro zone rising exports in February

The euro zone's trade surplus widened in February from the previous year due to rising exports with imports unchanged, the European Union's statistics office Eurostat said on 8 April. Exports from the 18 countries using the euro increased by 3 ...Read More


US craft brewers export beer around the world

Small independent U.S. craft brewers are exporting all over the world, from Sweden to Japan. The tables in the global beer garden have turned: An industry which started in the U.S.A three decades ago by emulating styles brewed in other ...Read More

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German exports slump in February

In February, Germany's export-driven economy shipped goods and services worth 92.4 billion euros ($127.4 billion) - a drop of 1.3 percent compared with the previous month of January, according to latest figures released by the German statistics office in April. ...Read More

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Anarchy Brew Co exports first shipment to Sweden

A North East brewery is preparing to bring it’s own brand of chaos to Scandinavia after being sought out to export its beers to Sweden. Morpeth-based Anarchy Brew Co has sent its first shipment abroad. The company will now need ...Read More

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BCC: UK services export sales ‘at all-time high’

The UK service sector's export sales and orders are at record levels, the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has said. At the same time, manufacturing is growing consistently, the BCC's survey for the first quarter has found. Nevertheless, the UK's ...Read More


Exports revive flat Champagne sales

Export demand is likely to drive Champagne sales over the coming decade as any consumption growth in France lags behind that in newer markets overseas, including Asia, the French region's trade association says. Mainland China and Hong Kong, while outside ...Read More

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Vinho Verde UK exports surge

The United Kingdom is now the eighth most important marker for Vinho Verde in terms of volume, which rose from 667,731 litres in 2012 to 751,001 litres in 2013 – up 13%. Over the last five years the export volumes ...Read More


UK Food Exports to China Grow

Exports of food to the USA generated £525m in total sales in 2013, up 7pc on the previous year, while China has grown 82pc to become the UK’s second-largest export market, representing £201m in revenue. According to new research from ...Read More


Indian Yarn exports to China fall on pricing policy

Indian yarn exports have come under pressure as China has slowed down yarn imports from the country. China is also offering a lower price for Indian yarn because the rupee has strengthened against the dollar. The Chinese price for Indian ...Read More

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Scottish salmon improves UK food exports

Salmon exports from Scotland helped to increase Britain's export sales by 5pc last year. Exports of the Scottish fish to the USA rose by £43m to hit £199m, while sales to China almost doubled from £23m to £50m. “These impressive ...Read More

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Pakistan Textile exports up 8.28pc in 8 months

Exports of textile products from Pakistan witnessed positive growth of 8.28 percent during the first eight months of the current fiscal year when compared to the corresponding period of last year. The overall textile exports from the country were recorded ...Read More


UK Food And Drinks Exports To China Soar

China's imports of U.K. food rose 82 percent in 2013 from 2012, driven by spectacular sales of pork and salmon, making the world’s second largest economy a prime market for British food exports outside the European Union. The value of ...Read More

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Hong Kong Exports Decline For a Second Month

Hong Kong's exports declined for a second straight month in February, while imports increased strongly, leading to a larger trade deficit than a year ago, data from the Census and Statistics Department revealed Tuesday Exports fell 1.3% year-on-year, after decreasing ...Read More

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EU bans fish imports from Belize, Cambodia, and Guinea

At €10 million annually, the value of these countries exports to the EU is relatively low, but NGOs say it sends a strong signal to other larger fishing countries on the commission’s warning list. “These are not the major importers ...Read More

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Budget 2014: UK firms get tax relief and export boost

Help for firms to encourage investment and exports were among the measures for business announced by the chancellor. The government wants UK exports to reach £1 trillion by 2020, and for 100,000 more UK companies to be exporting by 2020. ...Read More

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Non EU Food Exports increasing

The Food and Drink Federation reports that non-EU markets saw 11.5% growth in 2013, with exports to China soaring by 82%. Pork sales rose 92% and salmon sales by 90%. Ireland, the UK’s biggest export market, saw sales rise 7% ...Read More


Red Meat and Cheese exports to EU grow

There is great demand for red meat from the West country from abroad. Exports to Italy and France are particularly encouraging. West country lamb and beef have gained European Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status that will help to boost demand ...Read More


Devon farmers help lead rise in food and drink exports

Farmers and food producers in the West Country are helping to lead a revival in UK exports, boosting the economic recovery. After a disappointing 2012, total UK food and non-alcoholic drink exports rose 5%, or about £600 million, to £12.8 ...Read More


Seafood exports from Norway show continued growth

Seafood exports worth NOK 5.4 billion (USD 903 million) from Norway in February, represented an increase of NOK 1.2 billion (USD 200.7 million) or 29 per cent compared to February last year, according to figures from the Norwegian Seafood Council. ...Read More

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China Blocks Imports of American apples

The Washington Apple Commission has suffered a setback in its attempts to persuade China to import their apples. In December, Chinese officials appeared ready to resume imports of Washington Reds and Goldens after one more inspection trip, but they have ...Read More

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Tea exports rise marginally in 2013 – Economic Times

Tea exports from India during 2013 increased by only two per cent at 212 million kilograms as compared to 208 million kilograms in 2012, according to data by Indian Tea Association (ITA). Production of tea during 2013 increased 6.6 per ...Read More

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Norway expects a 5% to 10% increase in salmon exports to Malaysia

Norway expects to increase the volume of its salmon exports to Malaysia this year by 5% to 10% from 1,900 tonnes in the previous year. Norwegian Seafood Council Regional Director South-East Asia, Christian Chramer, said the target would be achieved ...Read More

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German exports, imports surge at fastest pace for 2 years

German exports and imports increased in January at the fastest pace in nearly two years, data showed on Tuesday. Data from the Federal Statistics Office showed seasonally-adjusted exports up 2.2 percent in January, well above a consensus forecast for a ...Read More


Live animal exports return to Ramsgate

Last week dozens of demonstrators gathered at the Port of Ramsgate to protest about the resumption of live animal exports. Campaigners gathered at the port ahead of the ferry's scheduled berthing at 9am. The campaigners are demonstrating against the resumption ...Read More


Exports from Estonia decrease by 20%

According to official statistics, exports from Estonia in January reduced by 20% compared with the previous year. The substantial decrease was partially influenced by the high reference base of January 2013 caused by single transactions involving sea vessels. After eliminating ...Read More

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Norway wood exports to EU increase

Norway's exports to the EU countries are performing very well. The volume of softwood logs shipped by Norway to European Union member countries, from January to November 2013, has increased by 51% compared with the same period in 2012. In ...Read More

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German exports drive growth in Q4

Exports helped drive the German economy to 0.4 percent growth in the fourth quarter of 2013, while domestic demand dropped. The statistics help to substantiate underlining concerns that Europe's largest economy is relying too heavily on foreign trade. The Federal ...Read More


Imports can help us unlock Britain’s export potential

A report by a leading international bank shows that British manufacturers – particularly in the automotive, pharmaceutical and machinery industries – have started to import more semi-finished parts, allowing them to focus on value added. But this increase in imports ...Read More

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India rejects EU demand for zero-duty auto imports

The European Union is seeking zero-duty import of automobiles, as part of a trade agreement with India. The Indian government has dismissed this demand. In addition the 28-member grouping wants further customs duty removal for 29 auto components, again a ...Read More

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India Cotton exports rising

China has started increasing imports of cotton from India. Demand from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Vietnam has also increased. So far this year (October – September) over 6 million bales (1 bale = 170 kg) of cotton have already shipped ...Read More


Japan exports rose in January

Exports from Japan rose by 9.5 per cent in January, compared with the previous year.   This is lower than the expected 12.6 per cent. Imports increased by 25 percent, partly caused by the weak yen.  With the big increase ...Read More

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Fruity imports to U.SA. Grow

Imports of fruit to the USA will account for about half of total per capita fruit and nut use by 2023.   Imports of vegetables will make up 25% of per capita vegetable use. Those new projections from the USA's ...Read More

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Norway Fish Exports at all-time high

EXPORTS of Norwegian seafood in January soared in value by 25 per cent to 5.9 billion Norwegian kroners (NOK) – an increase of NOK 1.2 billion over January last year. One of the reasons for this was the continued high ...Read More

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Western Australian winemakers expect strong exports

The wine producers of Western Australia believe they are better placed than other parts of the country to survive a nationwide decline in exports. Wine exports have decreased by six per cent last year, with a number of factors to ...Read More


Scotland: Manufactured exports fall by 2.2%

Manufactured exports from Scotland fell in the third quarter of 2013, according to official estimates.The volume of exports dropped by 2.2% on the previous quarter and were down nearly 1% over the year to September. The drinks sector,dominated by whiskey, ...Read More


British beef suffering from Polish imports

In the wake of the horse meat scandal last year, British retailers turned to domestic supplies of beef, but now they are buying imports from Poland at a cheaper price. While imported beef doesn't fit the Red Tractor requirements to ...Read More

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Record Buffalo meat exports from India to China

Though China has yet to formally open its doors to buffalo meat exports from India, a threefold rise (in dollar terms) in exports routed through Vietnam has lifted traders. China has, in principle, decided to allow direct imports, but the ...Read More

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Factories hit by falling exports in January

The CBI's survey of more than 360 factory bosses showed the weakest reading for exports since July last year, which led to a fall in the sector's total order book this month r elative to normal levels. A balance of ...Read More


Air freight growth for Middle East carriers

IATA statistics show that Middle Eastern carriers reported the largest increase in air cargo growth in November 2013, compared to the same month in the previous year. Middle Eastern carriers reported a 16.5 per cent jump in air freight, measured ...Read More

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Freight takes off at Shanghai Pudong Terminal

Shanghai Pudong cargo terminal saw freight tonnage rise by 2.83 percent to a total of 1,173,784 tonnes in the first 11 months of 2013. In 2012 the total was only 1,141,472 tonnes. Domestic cargo volume grew by 17.05 percent year-over-year ...Read More

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Russia banning fish imports from Norway

Russian vets recently returned from a visit to Norway;they are unsatisfied with the food safety control and want to stop all import of fresh fish and fish products from Norway. Norway exports salmon to 120 different markets; only the Russian ...Read More

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Exports boost Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce sales have increased so much that the luxury car maker will be increasing its workforce.  Much of this growth was built by exports to developing economies, where the new wealthy show their status by purchasing imports from the ...Read More


Sweden timber exports to China to triple

Swedish exports of sawn wood products to China is increasing rapidly. This fact was confirmed during Sino-Swedish Wood Day, a Swedish initiative and event designed to further increase interest in Swedish wood products in China. Sino-Swedish Wood Day, a conference ...Read More

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SwedenExports down

Sweden's trade surplus in November remained the same as for the previous month, the latest figures from Statistics Sweden revealed. The trade surplus was SEK 4 billion, steady compared with October. In November 2012, the net trade surplus was SEK ...Read More

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More US cars Shipping to China

Exports of cars from the USA to Saudi Arabia and China are increasing revenue for shipping vessel operators. The U.S.A exported a record 1.8 million cars and light trucks last year. Exports rose another 8.9 percent in the first 10 ...Read More

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Grangemouth freight terminal news

THE heart of Scotland’s rail freight industry lies in hub railheads along the Mossend-Coatbridge-Grangemouth axis. This is the north end of the West Coast Main Line  which is the busiest trunk route for freight in Britain., where millions of tonnes ...Read More

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Freight earnings in India increase by 8 per cent

Railways in India have earned Rs 59,069.73 crore from freight traffic during April-November 2013, compared with Rs 53,923.37 cr during the corresponding period last year. This represents a 7.9% in rail freight traffic. The national rail company carried 677.58 million ...Read More

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Import from Oslo of famous tree

The world's most famous Christmas tree was exported from Norway via Immingham to London. Shipping free of charge on DFDS, the tree arrived on Saturday 30 November and is on forwarded by lorry. It is decorated in traditional Norwegian style, ...Read More

Anglia exports to USA

The Anglia region is increasing its exports to the US; the value of exports has increased by 22.9 per cent.  Exports to India increased 13.7 per cent, while exports to China and Brazil are up 8.6 and 7.6 per cent. ...Read More

Anglia Exports rise

Exports from the Anglia region to countries outside the EU are continuing to rise. According to HMRC statistics, exports to non-EU destinations are rising by 8.7 per cent year on year, and now stand at £12.11 bn.  The proportion of ...Read More

Norway Seafood Export Record

Last month, seafood exports from Norway were up in value by 32 per cent, compared with last year.  This represented the highest-ever value of Norwegian seafood exports for one month.  The increase is largely due to sales of salmon for ...Read More

Scottish Textiles Export Growth

The Scottish Textile Industry has raised its growth targets, as it has already exceeded the targets set for seven years hence.  The sector has huge demands in markets across the world, and now intends to increase exports by 50% by ...Read More

Gluten Free Exports

A company in Scotland which has only been established for eighteen months has ambitious export targets.  Their gluten free biscuits are already exported to Portugal and Malaysia, and the founders are hoping to develop exports, particularly to Germany, Denmark and ...Read More

North East Exports to China

The North East of England exported goods and services worth about £327 million in 2012 to China.  The biggest volumes were in machinery, transport equipment and chemicals.  Local manufacturers say that there is potential to increase the exports, even though ...Read More

Immigrants Increase Exports from Sweden

A recently published study in Sweden says that foreign-born workers increase Swedish companies' export activities.  According to the study, for every foreign-born person employed by a Swedish manufacturing company, the export to that person's homeland increases by almost one per ...Read More

Barley Exports

This year Britain has a much larger barley crop than usual, due to a we autumn in 2012. In October, one cargo of 50 000 tonnes of barley was loaded for shipping to the world's top importer of the grain, ...Read More

Food and drink export plan

Earlier this month the government outlined plans to add £500m to the UK economy by hoping 1000 food and drink companies. The Environment Secretary launched an updated food and drink export action plan, and announced that a new team uniting ...Read More

Food Exports to China Booming

Last year the UK Government signed a deal allowing UK exporters to sell certain pork products, including offal, trotters and ears, to China.  Of the £57 million increase in food exports to China, pork and animal fats accounted for £45 ...Read More

Russia Opens door for Meat Imports

Last month the Environment Secretary signed a major trade agreement with Russia, which will allow beef and lamb exports from the UK to be imported into Russia. This ends an 18 year ban imposed after the outbreak of BSE in ...Read More

Export Growth for Vietnam

Vietnam exports billions of dollars' worth of cargo to the USA and Europe, and is expecting to increase this as Vietnam becomes more dominant as a world trade hub. Labour costs are a third of those in China, which has ...Read More

Refrigerated Shipping Uncertainty

Shipping of refrigerated perishable goods increased by about 3.6% per year between 2002 and 2012 but the future is uncertain. Specialised refrigerated fleets are reducing in number due to the cost of maintaining them, although refrigerated exports and imports are ...Read More

Syrian turmoil affects Turkey’s exports

Turkey's reliance on customers in the Middle East has tripled during the past decade.  It sells approximately one fifth of its exports to the area.  The civil ware in Syria and conflict in Egypt are threatening this trade: having lost ...Read More

China container trade knocked by economy

This year rates of growth of freight volumes have eased, victim of muted demand for China's manufactured goods. In May, both imports and exports fell.  It is hoped that in future imports will be a source of sustainable growth; the ...Read More

Fake Exports Stopped

French Customs authorities stopped a UK-registered express delivery van, carrying counterfeit goods to Belgium, initiating a full investigation. The perpetrators were identified and have recently been sentenced.  The goods were originally sourced from China.

Fashion Exports help Italy

Exports from Italy are steadily increasing and have brought the Italian trade deficit into surplus.The strongest areas for export freight are food, leather, and marble goods, plus fashion. There has also been an increase in car spares exported to Latin ...Read More

Exporters’ Shipping Choices

A recent study carried out by a freight rate comparison website suggests that the majority of exporters find shipping companies on line.  36% of respondents research freight companies on line, while 27% admitted to asking other companies for advice to ...Read More

Exports through Gothenburg rise

Container trade through the port of Gothenburg has so far improved by two per cent during the first six months of the year.  Exports increased by four per cent, and imports fell by one per cent.  About 30 per cent ...Read More

China exports and imports recover

Growth in Chinese exports and imports was higher than expected in July, representing a sharp recovery from the previous month. Exports rose 5.1% compared with a year earlier, while imports gained 10.9%. The rises were large swings from June's figures, ...Read More

Exports from Sweden slow

Official Swedish Statistics show that exports, which account for about half the Swedish economy, fell from the same period a year ago for the second quarter in a row. The Swedish economy has contracted due to declining exports to key ...Read More

Export Sales increasing

According to research published by the British Chambers of Commerce, the export Index for Q2 2013 has increased by 2.94 per cent compared with the previous year. A spokesman for the BCC says that export sales and orders have gone ...Read More

West Midlands Exports Expect to Grow

The West Midlands is forecast to grow its exports by 8.1% per year according to a report issued last week.  This is based on a strong hi-tech and auto manufacturing base.  The East Midlands is expected to show growth of ...Read More

UK Export Forecasts Disappoint

An economic forecast published last week suggests that the UK can anticipate export growth of 0.3 per cent growth per year, until 2017 which is well behind the European average of one per cent.  It appears that exports to the ...Read More

Timber exports support China housing

In the first half of 2013, house building activities in China increased so much that imports of timber have grown significantly.  The biggest exporters of timber are Russia and Canada, while New Zealand is the biggest exporter of logs. Timber ...Read More

Asia Export Growth Slows

Export growth from seven of East Asia's biggest exporters - Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore - slowed to a stop in the second quarter of the year.  Increased trade between China and its neighbours did ...Read More

China Policies to boost import/export trade

The Chinese government is aiming to maintain stable growth in the second half of the year by fine-tuning economic policies.  The policies cover a wide range of areas, including customs clearance, foreign exchange, taxes and inspections. The outlook for exports ...Read More

Exports from China faltering

In June, exports from China contracted by 3.1% compared with the previous year, the first monthly decrease since January 2012. The Chinese government is drafting detailed policies to help exporters use the internet to promote cross-border commerce.

Low Growth for China Exports

According to one of the major shipping lines, export volumes out of east and central China have grown by just 3% in the first half year of 2013. Customs data suggests that overall import-export value grew 1.1% over last year; ...Read More

Logistics Changes in China

The logistics requirements of the country's export, import and domestic industries are changing with the expanding domestic economy. Global Third Party Logistics Providers are being forced to move with their customers, expanding the size of their distribution centres or seeking ...Read More

Japan exports more to China

Exports to China from Japan rose 0.3 percent in April compared with the previous year, while exports to the USA jump 14.8 per cent. However, imports increased 9.4 per cent which increased the trade gap.

Japan Exports Grow

Economic conditions have improved in Japan, where growth in exports helped business confidence to increase. The government is trying to reflate the economy, partly by weakening the yen to make exports cheaper.  However, exports rose less than expected due to ...Read More

Southern China Provinces Lose out

As land, labour and other production costs rise in China's southern provinces, producers are moving north and inland. In the Southern province of Guangdong, ocean exports from manufacturers there fell by more than 5% last year. Shanghai also saw a ...Read More

GM Threatens USA Grain Exports

Unapproved genetically modified wheat has been found on a  farm in Oregon; it is not known yet whether any of the wheat was included in grain shipments, but export customers may act with caution.  Japan and Mexico are among the ...Read More

Air Freight Capacity Crisis

Just less than 50% of all exports by value from the UK go by airfreight, and industry spokesmen fear that Uk airport capacity will not be able to sustain expected volume increases.  Heathrow processes around 65% of the UK air ...Read More

Exports Fell in February

Exports from the UK were lower than expected, prompting the Confederation of British Industry to request government help for exporters.  The reduction was mainly due to a fall in exports to non-EU countries. The CBI has asked the government to ...Read More

Norway exports waste

Norway has been exporting its waste to neighbouring Sweden, to fuel that country's heat producing incinerators.  Sweden has more burning capacity than Refuse Derived Fuel, so Norway is paying its neighbour to take delivery of its excess RDF. The ashes ...Read More

China exports exceed expectations

Exports from China rose more than expected in February; shipments increased by 21.8% over the previous year, helped by strong demand from the USA and South East Asia. Exports have recently slowed due to a slowdown in key markets but ...Read More

Finnish Ship Investigation

The captain and crew of a vessel owned by a Finnish shipping line were under investigation last week by Finland's customs authority. A shipment of military cargo destined for Syria was found to have no export licence.  No official export ...Read More

Irish Exports to China

China is expected to become the fourth largest export market for Ireland according to HSBC's trade forecast. Ireland's main export markets of the UK, USA and Germany will remain at the top, but the main growth area will be in ...Read More

Prison for illegal waste shipping

A waste disposal company has been prosecuted for illegally shipping waste to South America. The company dispatched 89 shipping containers of rubbish collected from London and Lincolnshire, breaching strict export rules by mixing ordinary waste with legitimate recycling. The directors ...Read More

China Exports Increasing

In January this year exports from China froze by 25%, while imports soared 28.8%.  This suggests that external and domestic demand are both strong, although exports of tableware to Europe have been hit by excessive import duties.

Freight Containers made in Chile

The world's largest shipping line has set up its new insulated container factory in San Antonio, Chile.  This is the first such production facility outside China;the reason is that there is a huge amount of food exports from the west ...Read More

Portugal Recovering through Exports

Portugal's exports have grown by more than 5 percent for the third consecutive year.  Credit rating agencies say that Portugal is one of the peripheral economies in Europe which is adjusting quickly to to changing economic conditions, with exports leading ...Read More

Exports from Portugal rise

Portugal increased exports by 5.8% in 2012, with an increase of almost 20% in shipments outside Europe.The trade deficit was cut by 5.6 bn euros as imports dropped by 5.4 per cent and exports increased.

UKTI encourages SME Exports

According to studies carried out by UK Trade and Investment, many small and medium size enterprises which are in a good position to export, do not actually do so.The government is taking measures to encourage potential exporters to use UKTI ...Read More

Seafood exporters criticize freight increases

The shipping services sector pays little attention to the scale of port handling rates set by the Indian Tariff authority, and the port of Kochi has recently increased handling rates tot he detriment of seafood exporters.  Handling rates compare unfavourable ...Read More

Bangladesh Ceramic Export Boom

The government of Bangladesh is expecting a large increase in exports of reasonably priced tableware to Europe.  The European Commission is proposing implementing anti-dumping duties on exports of tableware from China in May in order to increase its defences against ...Read More

UK Port Traffic falters

Department for Transport statistics show that total freight traffic through UK ports was 2% down over last year, based on the rolling 12 months to the end of September 2012.  In 2011, ports handled 519 million tonnes of freight traffic, ...Read More

Baltics chase Eastern Freight

Lithuania and Latvia are investing in port infrastructure and rail freight systems in an effort to become the gateway to Western Europe for exports from China and Japan.  Lithuania is offering favourable freight transit rates to China and Japan through ...Read More

Higher Freight rates for Indian rail

Haulage rates for container train operators will be increased on Indian Railways by up to 31%.  Rail Freight operators pay haulage charges to Indian Railways for using tracks, locomotives and signalling structure. This makes up 4% of IR's total annual ...Read More

Norway import/export Trade Increases

Imports of seafood from Norway to Grimbsy are growing.  Both salmon and cod imports are increasing year by year.  Various trade events have helped to promote good business relationships between Grimsby and Norway, in addition to a reduction in salmon ...Read More

Duty free holiday for Pakistan exports

The European Parliament recently approved a regulation to allow more goods to be exported duty free to the EU on a temporary basis.  The measure is designed to help Pakistan with economic recovery after the floods.  Duties can be re-introduced ...Read More

Downturn in Auto Freight through Sweden

Of all the freight cargo moving through Gothenburg port this year, the biggest fall in volumes has been in cars. During the third quarter, 30 000 cars were shipped, compared with 45 000 in  2011.  These figures cover movement of ...Read More

Swedish Imports/Exports stable

Although growth in imports and exports through Gothenburg was down slightly in January - September, volumes in the third quarter increased.  The most common containerised export goods from Sweden are paper, timber products, industrial components and steel. Imports are mainly ...Read More

Norway Fish Exports Sinking

This year exports of fish from Norway are showing an overall decline of 5%.  In September, the main reason for this was the fall in the value of mackerel exports.  Even exports to growing markets like China have fallen again. ...Read More

Scotland Exporters Target China

Total Scottish seafood exports to Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and China in 2011 increased by 56% over the previous year.  The value of exports to China in 2011 was up 103%.  Scottish exporters are hoping to improve on this by ...Read More

Exports increasing for some manufacturers

39% of UK exporters reported that export sales for Quarter 2 increased, but this is down from nearly half of exporters in the previous quarter.  The majority of firms said that export orders and sales remain constant.

Olive Exports help Spain

The vast majority of the world's olives comes from Spain, which exports around 60 per cent of its crop. In the midst of the economic gloom, commentators believe that this and other native food industries can help the economy to ...Read More

Exports from Spain on high

According to Government statistics, Spanish exports have increased to an all time high this year.  This is in spite of the fact that public opinion has perceived Spain to have lost competitiveness.  Commentators say that companies making traditional Spanish products ...Read More

China Import Export Fair Disappoints

The China Import and Export Fair opened on Monday 15 October with disappointing attendance. The Canton Fair spokesman attributed this to flagging external demand, rising trade fractions, the rising value of the Chinese currency and seasonal factors.  

China Export Growth Slows

Many Chinese exporters have experienced slowing foreign trade due to reduced overseas demand.  Others have managed to maintain growth by technical innovation and exploring new markets.  China's exports in the first three quarters of the year rose only 6.2%, compared ...Read More

USA Exports to Surge

The USA is becoming one of the lowest-cost producters in the developed world, which means - according to some commentators - that exports are set to increase.  It is expected that by 2015 the USA will have an export cost ...Read More

Ukraine Grain Exports

Exports of grain from the Ukraine, of which about 97% are carried by sea, rose by about 68% for the year starting 1 July, compared with the same time last year. With recent reforms in the law applying to seaports, ...Read More

Container Record at Gothenburg

Container exports through the port of Gothenburg were at their highest ever in the first six months of the year. this was mainly due to strong exports to countries outside of Europe. A new deep sea service between Gothenburg and ...Read More

Japan exports fall

A slow down in China and economic difficulties in Europe have caused Japanese exports to fall and the trade deficit to increase.  Higher prices for oil meant that imports became more expensive, and shipment to the EU fell 25 per ...Read More

Russia Imports likely to increase

Now that Russia has joined the World Trade Organsation, exporting countries, especially Finland, are expecting to benefit.  Russia is expected to reduce some import tariffs immediately and others after an interim period.  Taxes on wood exports will probably ease, and ...Read More

Record Fish Exports from Norway

Demand for exports of fish from Norway remains high, even in countries which have been badly affected by the economic crisis.  In the first half of 2012, Norwegian salmon export prices were lower than in the previous year, bt volumes ...Read More

Swedish Exports Strong

Exports from Sweden are supporting the economy in the face of the eurozone debt crisis.  Exports grew by 1.7 in the second quarter of 2012, although exporters are now seeing orders slowing down as recovery in the USA stalls and ...Read More

Freight volumes down at Schipol

Schipol Airport in Amsterdam handled 3.5% less tonnage in the first half of 2012 than in the previous year.  Exports - which made  up 48.7% of the total - held up slightly better than imports, which were 3.5% down.  The ...Read More

Salmon Exports from Norway growing

In July, the value of exports of Norwegian Salmon totalled NOK 2.3 billion, an increase of  NOK 58 million or 2.6% over July last year. This year to date, the value of Norwegian Salmon exports declined by  5% compared to ...Read More

Export of cashews from India may fall

A 40% volume decrease in exports from India is expected as consumers have reduced purchases due to recession in the Western economies. Last year India exported a record value of $727 last year.  Unit prices have also fallen due to ...Read More

Guaranteed Exports through London Gateway

A major UK paper exporter has committed to using the new London Gateway port for a significant proportion of its freight.  The Nottingham based paper company, which exports through deep-sea shipping to Asia,  will use the port when it opens ...Read More

UK Exports to China grow

Led by the export of luxury cars, the UK's exports to China have grown over the first five months of 2012 by 201%.  Although China is a minor export market for the UK, other sectors could repeat the success of ...Read More

Car Exports from Felixstowe

As second-hand car exports from the UK continue to grow, Felixstowe port has introduced a new facility to pre-check bio-security and structure.  One of the main export destinations is New Zealand, which has stringent bio- security regulations, and the facility ...Read More

Fall in Eurozone Exports

Exports to the most troubled parts of the Eurozone, such as Spain and Greece, are falling as consumer demand in these countries shrinks due to economic difficulties.  Spain and Greece are still exporting seasonal fruits to the UK, but many ...Read More

Norway Oil Exports threatened

A strike at one of the world's largest exporters was unresolved on Wednesday as unions failed to agree with employers over changes to pension rights.  Exports of oil have slowed down, although gas exports have been largely unaffected. There have ...Read More

China reduces rare earth exports

It appears that China has begun stockpiling strategic reserves of rare earths in case of future shortages. China has so far granted companies the right to export 21,226 tonnes of rare earths this year. In 2011, the government granted rare earth ...Read More

Norway Oil Exports

Although 700 workers on North Sea oil platforms off the coast of Norway have been on strike since Sunday, government officials are saying that this will not affect exports of oil. Not every platform is affected, and oil companies are ...Read More

Midsummer exit from Stockholm, Sweden

With the main summer festival of Midsummer Eve taking place on Friday 22 June, many workers will leave Stockholm and the other main cities for the countryside. Import and export traffic with Sweden has traditionally slowed down at this time ...Read More

Wedding dress exports boom

Exports of wedding dresses from China are buoyant in spite of the general economic gloom.  Chaozhou in southern China's Guangdon province is a leading supplier of wedding and evening dresses. The city's garment and textile exports totaled $367 million last year, up 24 percent year-on-year. Exports in the first quarter of this year increased by 5.9 percent on thesame period last year, according to the city's foreign trade and economic cooperation bureau. Wedding and evening dresses account for a huge 80 percent of this trade. The city is ...Read More

China Export Growth

Official statistics issued by China's government over the  weekend show that the economy is still growing, although more slowly than expected in some areas. Exports, however, rose 15.3pc in May, according to customs figures released on Sunday. This is more ...Read More

Norway Oil Exports may be strike bound

Oil rig workers in Norway are in dispute with Statoil, one of the largest producers, over plans to change the pension system.  The National Mediator has set a deadline of 23 June for resolution of the dispute, but workers will ...Read More

Slow growth in Europe import/export

Trade volume figures for the first quarter of 2012 suggest that growth will be slower than in 2011. Deepsea imports to Europe are forecast to increase by 2.3% in 2012, with a 2.8% gain anticipated in North Europe and a ...Read More

Air Cargo limited by Norway Strikes

Although the strikes in Norway are not supported by 100% of workers, air cargo at Oslo has been restricted by the lack of security guards.  Air cargo handlers are coping with limited gate opening times, which means that most exports ...Read More

New Shipping Service to Cork

The port of Cork in Ireland has invested heavily in new equipment, enabling it to welcome the first direct shipping service from South America.  Weekly services will carry mainly exports of bananas, which have not been shipped direct to Ireland ...Read More

UK Pig Exports to China

The UK is exporting thousands of pigs to China, to interbreed with the inferior Chinese pigs. The Food Minister flew out to China last week, and will spend much of the time drumming up trade for British food exports. Demand for ...Read More

Food Exports to Grow

The UK food industry is planning to hugely expand its exports, especially to China, where there is pent up demand for pork meat and pigs. According to the Food Ministry, China will not be self-sufficient in pork for some years. ...Read More

China Export Recovery

The Chinese government said in a press conference that export growth  showed recovery during the first ten days of May, but the country is still facing difficult trading conditions. Chinese exports grew 27.3 percent and imports rose 28 percent in ...Read More

Record Imports and Exports in March

Exports from and imports to the UK hit a record high in March.  Export growth was mainly due to sales of pharmaceuticals and cars to non EU countries but also to Germany. However, there was a decline in manufacturing exports ...Read More

UK Car Exports Boom

The first quarter of 2012 has been an exciting one for the UK car industry - export sales increased to a level of £6.1 billion. For the first time since 1976, car export values exceeded import values. There has been ...Read More

Hamburg export and import volumes

Volumes of both import and export traffic through the Port of Hamburg in Germany increased in the first quarter of this year.  This was in spite of falling volumes of imports from the Asian continent. Hamburg is the second-largest port ...Read More

India to export wheat

India has a massive stockpile of wheat which is surplus to its requirements.  The State Trading Corporation is inviting wheat traders to buy this surplus stock.  If the offer is well received, this huge amount of exports will help to ...Read More

Solar Exports to fall

AS Germany has reduced the level of subsidy for solar power industries from 1 April, China is expecting that exports of solar panels will reduce in volume.  China is home to the biggest producers in the world of solar panels, ...Read More

China Exports to target BRICS

Analysts in China are advising exporters to concentrate more efforts on emerging markets such as Brazil or India.  In the first quarter of 2012, exports from China fell by 1.8 percent, and imports rose by 9.8 per cent. Brazil, Russia, ...Read More

Fragrant Exports

Yunnan, in south West China, is one of the major world suppliers of geranium oil, which is an essential ingredient for many perfumes. In 2010, exports from Yunnan's fragrance manufacturers amounted to 80 million euros worth - a 20% increase ...Read More

Export Licences for British Pork

The international manager of the organisation for the British pig industry was in China early in March to finalise details of the logistics of the pork trade with Chinese officials. They hope to export 'fifth quarter products' such as offal ...Read More

China restricts rare earth exports

It is likely that the USA, EU and Japan will lodge complaints with the World Trade Organisation over China's restrictions on exports of rare earths. These commodities contain 17 elements which are essential for the manufacture of high tech products, ...Read More

Incentive for Chinese Exports

The Commerce Ministry of China has said that tax rebates for exports are likely to be increased this year.  Exports have declined sharply due to the European debt crisis, and the government wishes to stabilise export growth.  The announcement was ...Read More

Lower Exports for China

Trading partners are worried that China's lower growth targets will mean that they import less from Europe and the USA.  China's exports grew 20.3 per cent last year, but economists say that it is important to concentrate growth on domestic ...Read More

China lowers import duties

A former deputy commerce minister in China announced that the import taxes on a large number of consumer and luxury goods will be lowered this year. The aim is to promote domestic consumption in China. This is encouraging news for ...Read More

Ireland exports to China

Ireland is hoping to increase its exports of agri-food products like dairy goods, meat and seafood.  They are forecasting that shipments will grow by nearly 42 per cent by 2020 from the average in 2007 to 2009. The sector is ...Read More

Spectacle of falling exports

Wenzhou, in the provide of Zhejiang in China, is one of the main regions for the manufacture of spectacles.  Manufacturers there are expecting to reduce production by about 20% this year because of falling demand from Europe. Last year, the ...Read More

China Exports Prospects

Chinese exports to Europe fell 9% in October compared with the same period in 2010.  The foreign trade director of the Ministry of Commerce in China told the BBC last year that the 'foreign trade situation will be severe' in ...Read More

Beaujolais Nouveau Exports

China is now the top export destination for the Bordeaux region of France, and wealthy Chinese are increasingly investing in wine. Perhaps more surprising is the growing fashion for Beaujolais Nouveau, and Chinese are buying this wine in bulk as ...Read More

Record Car Exports

Prospects for British car exports are bright as they ended 2011 on a record high.  The industry has been growing since the recession on the basis of exports which have been encouraged by the weakness of sterling and investment in ...Read More

China Exports Slow

Growth in China's exports is expected to be slow in the first half of this year because of the complicated situation in the world economy.  It is expected that growth in imports will be higher than that in imports. Exporters ...Read More

Irish Shipping still declining

The latest statistics from the Irish Maritime Development Office show that only one of the five principal freight segments showed any growth over the same period last year. Exports  grew by 4% in Q3 and by 6% for the first nine ...Read More

Whisky exports to China grow

The UK trade association for the Scotch whisky industry have published figures showing that the value of China's imports of Scotch whisky is increasing steadily.  In 2001 the value was 2.9 million dollars, in  2010 it was more than 85 ...Read More

China Exports slowing

Exports from China to the rest of the world slowed in October, as growth in Europe stagnated.  But China continued to buy products from the rest of the world and imports grew by over 28%. Exports to the USA grew ...Read More

PM urges small companies to export

Last week the Prime Minister launched a drive to help companies to export. He said that if the UK matched the European average for companies trading overseas, the extra activity could add £30bn to exports which is  the equivalent of the ...Read More

China Exports Slow

With demand from the European Union and the USA slowing in September, China is expecting the export sector to face difficult times in the months ahead.  Imports of processing materials remained slow in September. China engages a lot in the ...Read More

Non Euro Exports on the increase

The Office for National Statistics has published figures showing that exports from the UK increased in August, compared with July.  The trade deficit narrowed more than expected with exports rising and imports falling slightly. The reduction in imports was inevitable ...Read More

China exports increase in price

According to Customs Data, Chinese export prices are increasing as growth is slowing. Meanwhile, the nation's foreign trade with countries such as India, ASEAN members, Russia, Brazil and South Africa is growing. The average price of Chinese exports rose 10.3 percent ...Read More

Felixstowe’s New Freight Terminal

On 28 September Felixstowe, which is the largest freight container port in the UK, opened two new berths.  They will be the only container berths in the country which are large enough to handle the largest container ships which are ...Read More

Growth slow-down for freight

The International Transport Forum is an intergovernmental strategic think tank for transport policy with 52 member countries. Their latest data indicate a marked macroeconomic slowdown, noting that freight by sea in the EU and the USA stabilised below pre-crisis levels, while ...Read More

Taiwan Imports delayed

Cargo importers in Taiwan are complaining that their shipments are being delayed because Customs authorities are taking too long to inspect goods.  The Customs officials say they need more time to prevent 'possible misunderstandings' while the importers complain that officials ...Read More

Port Strike in India

With container movement already being delayed due to lack of gates, the situation has now been made worse by a flash strike which started on Friday. As of yesterday morning, over 500 vehicles, including export containers, lined up for over 8 ...Read More

Container imports slow

Container Trade Statistics report that imports into Europe from Asia in June were 4.6% down on May, but are above the levels recorded during the same month last year.  Exports to Asia in Quarter 2 of 2011 increased compared with ...Read More

Germany growth slowing

Growth in the German economy slowed unexpectedly in the second quarter of this year.  German GDP only increased by 0.1 percent in the quarter to June compared with the previous quarter. Although exports and investment made a positive contribution, imports ...Read More

Exports from Spain threatened

The Spanish exporters association, FEPEX has said that it will retaliate against French threats to once more disrupt imports of fresh fruit. Farmers in France have been intercepting freight trucks from Spain at the border tolls, and in some cases ...Read More

Europe – freight volumes stagnate

A recently published report shows that exports and imports of freight through European ports increased in May compared with the previous month, but declined from volumes recorded in March.  Overall, import and export container growth at deepsea ports has been ...Read More

Record Exports from Scotland

Food exports from Scotland passed £1bn last year according to figures from HM Revenue and Customs.  Sales of salmon and potatoes were particularly strong, while nearly two thirds of food sales came from fish and shellfish, which increased by 12% ...Read More

Exporter Confidence

Against a background of unstable stock markets and Eurozone chaose, the confidence of UK exporters rose during the second quarter of the year, according to a new survey by the British Chamber of Commerce.  However, export orders and confidence are ...Read More