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Rose exports bloom

Roses grown in Bangalore are experrience high demand from the export markets. Last year over 5000 kg of roses were exported by airfreight, making a 14 per...
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Posted on February 16, 2024

French exports of perfumes and cosmetics

There has been a slowdown in key markets, such as China and the United States but French exports of perfumes and cosmetic products continue to grow rapidly...
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Posted on February 14, 2024

Bangladesh Non-cotton garment exports

Bangladesh's exports of non-cotton garments, including man-made fibres, could double to $19 billion by 2025, an increase from the current $8.5 billion, if ...
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Posted on January 31, 2024

Iran’s Declining Fish Exports

The head of Iran’s union of canning industries, Masoud Bakhtiari, acknowledged the crisis in the country’s cheap food market on January 16. There was a...
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Posted on January 26, 2024

India continues allow edible oil imports at lower duty

India will extend imports of edible oil at a lower duty by another year until March 2025. The lower import duty structure on crude palm oil, crude sunflowe...
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Posted on January 24, 2024

Nigeria low exports, not high imports – Businessday NG

Nigeria's volumes of imports or exports is low considering the size of the country and its level of development. A recent report exploded the myth that ...
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Posted on January 23, 2024

Irish exports bolstered by Beef sales to the UK

Exports from Ireland in 2023 were supported by strong export sales of beef to the UK. Irish food, drink and horticulture exports reached a value of £14...
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Posted on January 19, 2024

Chile Wine exports

Chile reported in the first half of 2023 “unprecedented declines” in wine exports. A total decline of 20 million boxes and 584 million dollars, represe...
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Posted on January 18, 2024

Bulgaria’s exports in January – November 2023

BY the end of November 2023, the total value of all the goods exports from Bulgaria amounted to 80 056.0 million leva, 7.1 per cent less than in January ...
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Posted on January 15, 2024

India slips in footwear exports

India’s footwear exports have been losing impetus, and Bangladesh, the neighbour who has become a rising star in labour-intensive sectors such as textile...
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Posted on January 9, 2024

Türkiye’s exports in 2023 hit all-time high

Türkiye's exports in 2023 hit a record high of $255.8 billion, an increase of 0.6 % from the previous year, according to the President's announced. "Thus...
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Posted on January 5, 2024

Azerbaijan’s revenues from tomato exports increase

Azerbaijan exported tomatoes worth $140.5 million in January-November last year; according to the information, this is 10.3 million USD or 6.83% less than...
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Posted on December 29, 2023

Ecuadorian banana exports regain impetus in 2023

After two years of figures marked by the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2023 brought an improvement in export volumes for bananas from Ecuador, with 316....
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Posted on December 28, 2023

Main exports from Singapore resume growth

The non-oil domestic exports from Singapore rose by 1 percent year-on-year in November after contraction for 13 straight months, according to a report by g...
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Posted on December 22, 2023

Aspiration of 200% growth in textile exports

Pakistan continues to struggle with the challenge of weak exports. This has had an adverse impact on the nation’s trade balance, current account, and for...
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Posted on December 20, 2023

Bulgarian wheat exports soar

High initial stocks, good export demand and high prices have driven Bulgarian wheat exports in 2023-24 to 3 million tonnes as of early November. This is an...
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Posted on November 27, 2023

Ukraine’s food exports to Africa fall

Ukraine has sharply reduced its exports of agricultural products to Asian and African countries in 2023 due to blocked seaports in the Black Sea. A substa...
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Posted on November 20, 2023

E C sanctions against Russian diamond exports

The European Commission is proposing a new round of sanctions on Moscow because of its war in Ukraine, this time targeting exports of Russian diamonds. ...
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Posted on November 17, 2023

Japan’s exports increase

Japan experienced mixed results in its trade sector in October. Exports had a modest rise of 1.6% yoy to JPY 9167B, marking the second consecutive month of...
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Posted on November 16, 2023

Agricultural Exports South Africa

Agricultural leaders have come out in defence of the department’s gazetted procedure for exports from the Southern African Customs Union and Mozambique t...
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Posted on November 14, 2023

Irish beef exports to China this year

Latest figure indicate that the volume and the value of Irish beef exports to China, with data available up to the end of August of this year, are increasi...
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Posted on November 10, 2023

Live animal exports ban ‘historic’ achievement

The commitment to banning live exports of animals in the King’s Speech has been greeted by animal campaign groups as a ‘historic’ achievement. The ...
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Posted on November 9, 2023

Chile grape exports expected increase

Chilean table grape production will increase by nearly 15% in the 2023-24 marketing year, a new report from the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service says. ...
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Posted on November 8, 2023

Ukraine exports over 9.8M t of grains

During the 2023/2024 marketing year from July 1 to November 6, 2023, Ukraine exported 9.8 million tonnes of grains and legumes. In the current MY, Ukrai...
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Posted on November 7, 2023

Automobile exports S. Korea

South Korean exports are now in positive territory after a year of declines. According to figures released by Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and...
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Posted on November 3, 2023

UK poultry exports to Japan secured after market access approval

A new market access deal which will benefit UK farmers, meat processors and exporters has secured exports of cooked poultry meat to Japan, according to the...
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Posted on November 2, 2023

Some Dutch exports boom

Countries near the borders of Russia have experienced a boom in trade with the Netherlands, with Dutch exports to Kazakhstan up almost 50%. International t...
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Posted on November 1, 2023

Dutch exports to Russia fall

Dutch exports to Russia fell significantly last year but rose to several neighbouring countries, according to figures from national statistics agency CBS. ...
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Posted on October 31, 2023

Canada’s electronics export rules

One of Canada’s largest electronics recycling companies, says that government plans to restrict e-scrap exports will complicate – but certainly not deb...
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Posted on October 27, 2023

Turkish Textile industry hopes for exports to US

A delegation from the leading Turkish textile/apparel associations recently travelled to the U.S., hoping to boost exports. Over 40 Turkish companies at...
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Posted on October 26, 2023

Pakistan Textile exports contract

Textile and clothing exports from Pakistan fell for third month in a row due to growing production costs and a liquidity crunch. The export value of texti...
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Posted on October 20, 2023

Better quota system for NZ exports

The way government of New Zealand regulates the amount of dairy products a company can export is to change, but it will be at least a year before this come...
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Posted on October 17, 2023

Kenya Horticultural exports

Kenya exports over 65 percent of its cut flowers to the Netherlands. while the rest are sold directly to wholesalers and retail outlets such as supermarket...
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Posted on October 13, 2023

Kenya agriculture exports rise

In July Kenya shipped out the highest volume of horticultural produce in more than two years, supported by increased demand from export markets. Latest ...
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Posted on October 11, 2023

Egyptian lemon exports reached 100 thousand tons

Egyptian lemon exports reached 100 thousand tons this season; the biggest market for Egyptian lemons being Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia accounts for about...
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Posted on October 10, 2023

German Exports fall inAugust

German exports fell more than expected in August, adding to indications that Europe's biggest economy has fallen back into recession. Exports totalled 1...
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Posted on October 9, 2023

Agricultural exports affected by war

The agreement intended to hasten exports of grain from Ukraine may also help defuse tensions over grain prices between Ukraine and Poland a time when some ...
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Posted on October 6, 2023

Grain exports from Ukraine

Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania have agreed on a plan to expedite Ukrainian grain exports. Poorer importing countries outside Europe should benefit. Expor...
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Posted on October 5, 2023

Leather footwear exports fall

The leather footwear industry in Bangladesh saw its export earnings fall to a five-year low in the first quarter of the current fiscal year due to a declin...
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Posted on October 4, 2023

Weather slows avocado and asparagus exports

Peru, has enjoyed several years of export growth in U.S. markets,expanding market share in fresh produce commodities such as blueberries, grapes, avocados,...
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Posted on September 29, 2023

Japan Seafood Exports

The United States Embassy in Japan if providing proactive support for seafood exports by Japanese fishermen. This comes follows China's comprehensive ban o...
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Posted on September 28, 2023

Việt Nam’s exports of computers and phones

Việt Nam’s two major export commodities – computers, electric devices and component, and phones and components – improved during the month of Augus...
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Posted on September 27, 2023

Portugal call for investment to lift exports

The Federation of Portuguese Agri-Food Industries (FIPA) has said that the domestic market is small and is calling for investment in the sector’s exports...
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Posted on September 26, 2023

Morocco’s tomato exports record in 2022/23

Morocco is one of the world’s primary suppliers of fresh tomatoes. It is continuing to increase its vegetable exports. The country has achieved new recor...
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Posted on September 21, 2023

Russia may suspend petroleum product exports

Russia is reviving the possibility that it may ban all crude oil product exports, in order to stabilize volatile fuel prices in the country. On the othe...
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Posted on September 19, 2023

Australia exports 424,369t canola in July

AUSTRALIA exports of canola reached 424,369 tonnes of in July, according to the latest export data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Japan on 15...
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Posted on September 18, 2023

US working with Romania to increase grain exports

The USA is working with Romania and Moldova to increase Ukraine's grain exports via the Danube river. It is exploring alternative routes for exports after ...
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Posted on September 4, 2023

Electronics exports fall flat

THE SEMICONDUCTOR and Electronics Industries in the Philippines Foundation, Inc. (SEIPI) said that it expects electronics exports to be flat after a sharp ...
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Posted on September 1, 2023

Vietnam August exports fall

Vietnam’s exports in August fell 7.6% from a year earlier, official data showed, making a sixth straight month of decline. Weak global demand is weighing...
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Posted on August 30, 2023

Brazil soybean export growth

Conab, Brazil's National Supply  company, projects total Brazilian soybean exports in 2023 to reach 95.64 million tons, reflecting a 21.5% growth compared...
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Posted on August 29, 2023
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