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Climbing freight rates

Three of the world’s largest ocean carriers have improved their forecasts for the rest of the year, expecting a stronger financial performance than previ...
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Posted on July 1, 2024

Long-haul cargo train becomes popular among exporters

Drivers of forklift trucks have recently busy loading boxes containing 400 televisions into a rail container at the assembly center of China-Europe freight...
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Posted on June 27, 2024

Citrus exports from South Africa

One of South Africa’s first citrus fruit export shipments of the 2024 season is expected to arrive at the Port of Philadelphia in the USA this week. A...
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Posted on June 3, 2024

New logistics and freight yard

A new logistics and freight yard adjoining Southampton Container Terminal is expected to give a significant extra competitive edge to cargo and haulage ope...
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Posted on May 20, 2024

Container Shipping Rates Fall Despite Baltimore Shutdown

Many shipping analysts have been predicting that the shutdown of the Port of Baltimore would not significantly affect container rates to the U.S. East Coas...
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Posted on April 11, 2024

Increase in container shipping imports from China into Mexico

There has been a massive increase in container shipping imports from China into Mexico. Increase in demand for container shipping imports from China int...
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Posted on March 27, 2024

Top Export markets for Vietnam

Vietnam's top 10 fruit and vegetable export markets last included China, the United States, the Netherlands, and Malaysia. The general director of Vina ...
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Posted on May 30, 2023

Container rate war

Container carriers are involved in a freight rate battle, according to one leading analyst, while other experts remain cautious about labelling today’s d...
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Posted on May 15, 2023

‘Thriving’ Russian container sector – Splash247

Some container lines are benefitting from high freight container rates; many container lines pulled out of Russia at the beginning of the war, and those wh...
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Posted on February 24, 2023

Container traffic expected to decline in 2023

According to forecasts by a major sea freight carrier, the volume of global container traffic may decrease in 2023 by 2.5% compared with last year. It ...
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Posted on February 23, 2023

Container freight storage in USA

Complications are projected for February 2023 with freight being stored on wheeled containers in the USA. Significant volumes are being stored on wheele...
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Posted on February 15, 2023

Big shipping firms in Vietnam show record profits

Three major shipping companies reported their highest ever profits for 2022, in spite of freight charges falling by over 80% from their peak during the Cov...
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Posted on February 7, 2023

Saudi port welcomes new freight service

A new freight container service has begun to operate from the port in Dammam, which is the capital of Saudi's Eastern Province. The port should become ...
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Posted on February 1, 2023

Container shipping lines value declines

Shares in container shipping which surged after the Covid-19 pandemic, are falling with concerns about an economic downturn and lower freight rates that ha...
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Posted on January 7, 2023

Steep decline in ocean freight rates

Long-term ocean freight rates made a steep month-on-month decline in November. Weak demand, and ongoing economic uncertainty meant that - once contracted c...
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Posted on December 5, 2022

Shipping Company predicts lower profits

A shipping company based in France said on November 25 that weakening demand for freight transport and gloomier economic prospects are damaging profitabili...
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Posted on November 28, 2022

Container Imports decline

There has been a steep fall in the volume of U.S. container imports in the last five months. Having reached all-time highs in May, container imports ha...
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Posted on October 25, 2022

Shanghai Port to build container terminal

Shanghai International Port Group is to spend CNY51.3 billion ($7.2 billion) to develop a new port and container terminal at Yangshan Deep Water Port in Zh...
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Posted on September 22, 2022

US imports to fall

Imports at major US container ports are expected to fall below last year’s levels for the remainder of 2022. Cargo volumes are above pre-pandemic leve...
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Posted on September 13, 2022

Ocean Shipping Rates Falling

Freight rates on the main USA ocean trade routes are falling during what is ususally the industry’s peak season, after cargo owners shipped seasonal good...
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Posted on September 9, 2022

Product prices to rise as inputs and freight costs increase

A multi-national consumer goods company based in South Africa, says price increases will continue into 2023 as pulp and sea-freight costs weigh on the busi...
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Posted on September 8, 2022

Shipping company expects weak container demand

A major international Shipping group expects global container demand to fall this year; they expect sales of durable goods come to a "standstill", leaving ...
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Posted on August 3, 2022

Ocean container freight pricing?

The increase in container freight rates since 2020 surprised many. The limited reduction of freight rates following lockdowns in Shanghai, the world’s la...
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Posted on May 30, 2022

Congestion in Shanghai Port

Port congestion rebounded in the northern ports of China has increased again because of stricter lockdown measures. Many vessels are trying to find alterna...
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Posted on May 9, 2022

Senators ask ocean carriers to increase agricultural exports

California Senators Dianne Feinstein and Alex Padilla urged ocean carriers to accept more US agricultural exports. The US import market is increasing signi...
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Posted on May 6, 2022

Container market share at Gothenburg

Container transport in Sweden is increasingly concentrated to the Nordic region’s largest port. The Port of Gothenburg’s market share of container frei...
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Posted on April 21, 2022

Container freight rates and inflation

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has used container freight rates to work out how today’s high shipping costs are affecting global inflation. The...
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Posted on March 30, 2022

Shipping profits expected to increase

It is predicted that container shipping will increase profit this year in the USA. Yearly contract freight rates in 2021 will be going up by more than 6...
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Posted on January 26, 2022

South Shields direct container ship from China

The first ever container shipment of imports coming directly from China into the UK has docked and been unloaded in Port of Tyne. The ship was used by a...
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Posted on January 13, 2022

BIFA asks for investigation of container shipping marke

The British International Freight Association (BIFA) has written to the UK government, asking for an investigation into competition within the deep-sea con...
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Posted on January 4, 2022

Meat substitute Hit by Russian import sanctions

A US produced meat substitute is a victim of Russia’s counter-sanctions on Western food imports. Imports of the plant-based meat alternatives have bee...
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Posted on November 26, 2021

Increased container freight prices threaten exports

The Reserve Bank of India stated that - while exports have been encouraging and merchandise trade have rebounded - rising freight prices continue to pose a...
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Posted on October 11, 2021

Increased shipping costs affect consumer prices

The increasing price of shipping goods across the world may affect your household expenses from a cup of coffee each morning to children's toys. Shippin...
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Posted on June 18, 2021

Suez Canal blockage – future for shipping

The recent blockage of the Suez Canal demonstrates the necessity of developing the Northern Sea Route as an alternative means of shipping goods between Asi...
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Posted on June 11, 2021

Gothenburg Terminal sees fastest growth in Sweden

Figures from the Swedish Ports Association show that the largest ports in Sweden attract significant growth, while smaller ports experience declining volum...
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Posted on January 7, 2021

Australia calls for container detention exemption

Freight and trade groups in Australia are asking for container detention charges to be curtailed because of the Sydney container logistics chain’s contin...
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Posted on October 20, 2020

New Irish Sea shipping route

A shipping company has announced a new freight service out of the Port of Liverpool to meet growing demand. the new tri-weekly Liverpool to Dublin servi...
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Posted on June 19, 2020

Stockholm Ro-Ro port to open

Ninety percent of imports arrive in Sweden by sea, and the Stockholm region takes half of Sweden’s entire consumption. The opening of the new contain...
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Posted on May 29, 2020

First Containership Arrives at Newest Port in Sweden

A containership yesterday claimed the maiden call at the newest freight port in Sweden, Stockholm Norvik Port, following the completion of a long port cons...
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Posted on May 28, 2020

Shipping Industry Covid-19 aftermath

The 'Big 3' shipping alliances — 2M, Ocean Alliance, and The Alliance — are cutting back operations to prevent freight rates from falling because of a ...
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Posted on April 15, 2020

New land-sea freight service from Chongqing, China

The Chongqing Municipality in the south West of China has launched a special cargo train service to help export businesses affected by the Covid 19 outbrea...
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Posted on March 10, 2020

China plans land-sea freight system

China is planning an efficient and environmentally friendly freight system in the west of the country by 2025. Railway networks and sea ports are to be exp...
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Posted on August 16, 2019

Container goods improve port throughput

In the first half of the year import and export trade figures reached a record at Rotterdam. The largest port in Europe handled more container goods and im...
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Posted on July 28, 2019

Container Terminal in Sweden growing

A new greenfield container terminal at the Port of Gävle, Sweden is to be developed based on finance from a Swedish investment company. Gävle is Swede...
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Posted on March 17, 2019

New Leicestershire rail freight interchange

A leading multi-modal logistics company will operate the Strategic Rail Freight Interchange (SRFI) at SEGRO Logistics Park East Midlands Gateway (SLP-EMG)....
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Posted on February 10, 2019

Logistics and transport after Brexit

Hauliers who currently carry export or import cargo to and from Europe may need to plan for alternative routes to move goods, according to the Government's...
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Posted on December 1, 2018

China: Inaugural NZ avocado import season kicks off with large fruit

A company in New Zealand has sent the country’s first ever commercial avocado shipment to China on Sept. 18. Closer to China than its Latin American Comp...
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Posted on October 14, 2018

Argentina lemon exports to Japan

Argentina recommenced lemon exports this year,to both the USA and Japan. Lemon exports from Argentina to Japan have been allowed since 2003, but protocols...
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Posted on September 10, 2018

Citrus exports from Peru could increase by 15%

According to the general manager of the Association of Producers of Citrus of Peru, the country could export 192 thousand tons of citrus this year, i.e. 15...
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Posted on July 15, 2018

New train freight train connects the Netherlands to China

A new railway service connecting Amsterdam and Yiwu in China was launched on March 7. The 11,000-kilometre route travels through Germany, Poland, Belarus, ...
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Posted on March 20, 2018
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