RW Freight were a helpful and reliable freight forwarder for our import from China. It was my first shipment and RW Freight took the time and effort to explain everything in full to me about what needed to bring in the goods from China. Very good price given and will be using again on my next shipment.

China Import Freight

Good service provided by RW Freight for our exports to Finland.

Finland Groupage Exporter

Happy with the service provided for our export freight. Good pricing on quotes when asked for. We have no problems with RW Freight.

Export Shipping

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Falling exports haunt experts


Exports need from Pakistan currently account for only 7.4 percent of Pakistan’s GDP, whereas Bangladesh’s exports that are equivalent to 14.8 percent of its GDP.
Despite its improving GDP growth, Pakistan’s exports are declining, creating a big trade deficit. With a GDP of $271.1 billion (2015 estimates), Pakistan’s exports in 2016 were $20.96 billion.
To compare the performance of the other two large economies of the subcontinent; the Indian GDP has crossed $2.251 trillion and its exports in 2016 were $271.1 in 2016 – equivalent to 12 percent of its GDP. Indian external debt stands at $507 billion that mean its exports are less than two times of its external debt.

Bangladesh, with a GDP of $226.8 billion, exports goods worth $33.32 billion, 14.8 percent of its GDP. Its external debt is $37.26 billion which is a little over 100 percent of its exports.

A country is vulnerable to economic shocks if its external debt is over 200 percent of its exports, and it is highly vulnerable to even minor shocks if its external debt is over 300 percent of its exports. Pakistan unfortunately falls in to the last category.