VGM – Verified Gross Mass

From 1 July 2016, a new regulation SOLAS VI is to be implemented in the UK.

Every export shipping container will be required to have a VGM – Verified Gross Mass, which is made up of the weight of all the cargo and packaging in the container, plus the weight of the container itself.

The VGM will have to be declared to the shipping line before export, otherwise the container will not be accepted onto the vessel.

There are two verification methods;

Method 1 – the container is weighed after being packed on suitable calibrated weighing equipment and auditable records are maintained.

Method 2 – Apply to become a ‘Verified Weigher’ with the MCA – Maritime and Coastguard Agency and weigh all the contents and add this to the container’s tare weight as shown on the door end of the container.

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