The import service that RW provide for our imports from China is impeccable. All the services that RW Freight provide seem to be efficient.

China Full Load Importer

This was the first time we had used RW Freight Services and cannot fault them. The service received was excellent. We do not have regular shipments but if any do come up in the future we will definitely go straight to RW Freight.

Czech republic Freight Importer

RW Freight Services are a great company to use, the staff are extremely helpful we will use them again.

Sweden Groupage Exporter

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UK food exports to China recovering

Global exports of whisky and salmon have started to recover fom adverse environmental factors, with sales of both products up 21% compared with 2020. All other major export products, including beef (-18.4%), cheese (-13.2%) and pork (-5.7%) have continued to ...Read More

China Food Imports

Food imports to China have surged recently years mainly because of growing demand from a huge middle class. Their value was $89 billion in 2019, according to a report by the United States Department of Agriculture, making China the world's ...Read More

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Plans to ban live animal exports

PLANS have been revealed to ban the export of live animals from England and Wales for slaughter and fattening. The Government wishes to strengthen the UK’s position as a world leader on animal welfare. An estimated 6,400 animals were exported ...Read More


Billion dollar export target for sweets, chocolates

The confectionery and chocolate industry One of the oldest food industries in Iran, the confectionery and chocolate industry is now the second-largest exporter in the country's food sector after the dairy industry. The confectionery and chocolate industry benefits from the ...Read More

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Iron Silk Road Proves cheaper for freight

Groupage freight traffic has been reinvigorated on the 'Iron Silk Road' - the China/Europe rail freight route - but the option of the overland route, faster than ocean freight and certainly cheaper than air cargo, has also attracted larger scales ...Read More

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Exports to non-EU countries

Exports to non-EU countries amounted to around £342 billion in 2017, showing the worldwide demand for British goods and services remains. Exports to EU countries were around £274 billion in 2017. The fastest growing export market for the UK since ...Read More

India increases income from tea exports by 10%

Up until the end of October 2019, India has earned 10.41 per cent more than last year from tea exports. This was because of a 9.52 per cent increase in the price, even though volume fell marginally, according to data ...Read More

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Exports from Bulgaria increase

The value of Bulgaria’s exports in for the year up to September 2019 amounted to 42 636.7 million leva, 3.2 per cent higher than last year although in September 2019, Bulgaria’s total exports were 1.1 per cent lower than the ...Read More


Chilean blueberry exports rise

Blueberry exports from Chile continue to rise despite the troubles the country is facing. Up to Week 44, 1,681 tons of fresh blueberries have been exported, an increase of 34% over the previous season at the same week. An increase ...Read More


Indian exports

The Finance minister of India has announced a series of measures to boost exports. Since the beginning of the decade, exports from India have grown at an annual average of just 4%. Recovery has been intermittent. In the previous financial ...Read More

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Possible new freight route Scotland – Holland

If proposals for a new ferry line between Rosyth and Groningen are fruitful, there would be advantages for Scottish exporters and British roads. New ferries have a capacity of up to 200 freight vehicles, in addition to 500 cars and ...Read More

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China welcomes Australian beef imports

Australia may be able to triple its exports of grain-fed beef to China by 2030, as the country has an increasing appetite for the marbled meat. Increases in the consumption of beef in Asian countries, especially in China, may cause ...Read More

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Hong Kong June Exports fall

Hong Kong’s exports fell more drastically than expected in June. Exports declined in June to HK$309.6 billion ($39.6 billion), a reduction of9% from year-ago figures, according to Hong Kong government statistics. This is the worst result since 2016. Imports also ...Read More

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Kiwifruit exports from Chile to Europe fall

The Far Eastern market seem to have become the leading importers for Chilean kiwifruit exports this season. There has been huge year-on-year drop in exports to Europe. Total exports so far are down 13%, according to the country's Kiwifruit Committee. ...Read More

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NZ wine exports on track for another good year

Wine exports are expected to exceed growth forecasts for the 2019 export year, according to a recently released report. Modest growth for New Zealand wine exports was expected to continue over the rest of the calendar year 2019. Early this ...Read More

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Zimbabwe needs to diversify its exports

The CEO of ZimTrade has said exports from Zimbabwe need to urgently be diversified to narrow the trade deficit. Imports have continued to dominate the economy over exports since dollarisation, but the trend is downwards and the trade gap is ...Read More

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Afghan Saffron Increase In Exports

The price of Afghanistan’s saffron has increased in local because exports of the spice to international markets have seen a dramatic increase, a local investor said. According to officials, one of the main reasons for the increase in saffron exports ...Read More


China may permit more Brazilian meat imports

China may permit more Brazilian meat imports after important trade talks planned for May, the Chinese ambassador to Brazil said on Monday. He did not say how many meat processing plants might be approved by China but, said this would ...Read More

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Potential Strike in Norway

Unions in Norway have warned that up to 25 000 private sector workers may go out on strike as from Monday April 1st if last-ditch mediation on this year’s labour and wages negotiations with the unions fail. If this goes ...Read More

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Grape exports record from Peru

Peru should finish the 2018-19 table grape season with exports of 50 million 8.2 kilogram boxes. This means a 51.5% rise in exports over the previous season, which was severely affected by heavy rains and flooding at the start of ...Read More

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Freight Transport Group want Brexit contingency plans

Freight Transport Association Ireland is asking the government to advance and clearly communicate contingency plans for a no-deal Brexit. Speaking on the radio Morning the FTAI General Manager Aidan Flynn said that he felt the government was unprepared for no-deal. ...Read More

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Kenya farmers protest cheap sugar imports

The Kenya National Federation of Sugarcane Farmers has complained about the influx of cheap sugar imports into the country. The chairman of KNFSF told a media briefing in Nairobi that local farmers are unable to compete with foreign sugar because ...Read More


Spanish banana exports lower than imports

In December, the volume of bananas exported from the Canary Islands was lower than the volume of imports for the eighth consecutive month. In 2018, the market share of imports in Spain overall ranged between 43% and 60% of the ...Read More

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South African wine exports grow in 2018

Figures released by Wines of South Africa suggest that the total value of South African exports rose to R9 billion, but volumes fell due to the small size of recent vintages. Bottled exports increased by 3% in value last year ...Read More


Jordan’s exports increase by 10%

Exports by members of the Amman Chamber of Industry (ACI) increased in 2018 by 10 per cent. The rise was attributed to the recent relative stabilisation in the region. The Chairman of the Jordan Chamber of Industry expressed hope that ...Read More

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Irish Food retailers cautiously optimistic about Brexit

The Irish food association has warned that there is still a “disturbingly high level” of imports dominating food produce and consumer dependence on imports, and is encouraging retailers to support local food producers. The group's recently released results of its ...Read More

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Exports help factories to bounce back

Orders from factories in Great Britain increased for a second month in a row in December, as they recovered from a sharp slowdown in October. Manufacturers are growing increasingly concerned about the prospect of a no-deal Brexit, according to the ...Read More

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China top supplier of imports to Philippines

The United States was the top market for the Philippines export products valued in October 2018, while China was the biggest supplier of import products. The Country’s export revenues reached $6.11 billion in October 2018, which is 3.3% above the ...Read More

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US exports more meat to emerging markets

As tastes change in emerging markets, the USA benefits from higher exports, especially to Asia. Exports to established markets are also improving. The U.S. Meat Export Federation said; “We continue to see very good momentum on the beef side globally”. ...Read More

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New Shipping routes for Manila

A Special Adviser to the President of Manila urged seafarers to explore new routes in order to open more opportunities for the country’s shipping industry. “I encourage all of you to study the possibility of opening new routes for our ...Read More

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Ireland chooses used car imports while sterling is weak

Consumers in the Republic of Ireland continue to take advantage of the weakness in sterling, by importing used cars from the UK. The number of imported vehicles licensed in the Irish State during the first eight months of the year ...Read More

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Egypt will imports rice due to water shortages

The government of Egypt will import rice to meet local demands, and has limited the areas allocated for rice cultivation to adapt to a water shortage. This decision, turns Egypt from a major rice exporter into an importer. The President ...Read More


Swiss watch exports rise in April

Watch exports from Switzerland rose 13.8 percent in April to 1.76 billion Swiss francs ($1.77 billion), induced by a boom in the important Hong Kong export market. The news is welcomed by Swiss watchmakers. The Federation of the Swiss Watch ...Read More

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China agrees to buy more US imports

China has agreed to buy more imports of goods and services from the USA, reducing the trade imbalance between the two countries and calming fears of a trade war. Washington has not said how much more China has agreed to ...Read More

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Food from Finland exports purity

Finland’s food exports are growing quickly. In 2016 Finland exported 1.5 billion euros’ worth of foodstuffs, compared with 1.6 billion last year. The public research funding agency 'Business Finland' expects that to grow beyond 1.7 billion this year. An egg ...Read More

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Singapore’s exports increase

Singapore's exports increased more than expected in January. Stronger exports of non-electronic items such as non-electric engines, measuring instruments and petrochemicals - as well as the timing of the Chinese New Year - helped January's performance. Non-oil domestic exports rose ...Read More


China investigates US sorghum imports

China is commencing an anti-dumping investigation into imports of sorghum from the United States. Less than two weeks ago, U.S. President Donald Trump imposed high tariffs on imports of solar panels and washing machines. The investigation in China is expected ...Read More

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Good news for UK construction exports

The UK remains a net exporter of construction and earthmoving equipment, both in weight and financial terms. In Q3, the trade surplus increased to £381 million, the highest quarterly level since 2014. In the first nine months of 2017, the ...Read More

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Freight association warns Brexit negotiators

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) is urging British and EU negotiators to pay attention to the warnings from traders and logistics operators on both sides of the Channel. Operators are warning that post-Brexit arrangements will need time and effort to ...Read More


China drive toward sustainable freight

In China, trucks dominate the freight transport market. In 2014, this transportation method was used to move more than 33 billion tonnes of freight in the country - more than 75 percent of the total. As a result, freight trucks ...Read More

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Freight forwarder expresses concern about shipping alliances’

A Miami-headquartered online freight forwarder has warned that the launch next week of new shipping alliances will result in a shortage of options for freight forwarders. The company’s co-founder raised concerns that the shipping companies’ reshuffle may reduce shipping options, ...Read More

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UK food and drink exports reach record levels

An increase in exports to the USA and China helped global exports of UK food and drink rise to a record-breaking £20bn last year, says Defra. Food and drink exports grew in total by nearly 10% in 2016, according to ...Read More

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2016 Air Freight Demand improved by strong December

Global demand for air freight increased by 9.8 percent in December, growth in Europe was particularly strong. Africa was second and the Middle East third;Latin America was the only region that posted negative growth with a 1 percent drop in ...Read More


Gold exports from India drop

Exports of gold jewellery contracted by 25.13 percent to $1 billion during the first quarter of the financial year, from $1.36 billion a year ago. Exports of gold medallion and coins too fell by 9.51 percent to $1.48 billion. The ...Read More

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Freight delay fears over Dover chaos

The Freight Transport Association has warned there is a danger of Operation Stack being triggered in Kent, if French border authorities do not address the backlogs which occurred at Dover this weekend. Holidaymakers and freight lorry drivers endured queues of ...Read More

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Brazil to Increases Exports to European Union

An agreement signed at the World Trade Organization (WTO) last week will allow Brazil to export an extra R$250 million per year to the European Union, especially sugar and poultry exports, announced the Brazilian Foreign Relations Ministry, Itamaraty. “After three ...Read More


The British Are Coming, This Time With Cheap Wheat Exports

The U.S.A is about to import the largest wheat cargo from the U.K. in more than two decades. A combination of ample British supply, a weaker pound and rock-bottom freight rates are making the unusual trade viable. It’s unusual for ...Read More

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Russian ban on EU food imports causes European farmers’ fury

The export/import market – especially for beef, pork and dairy – is continuing to worsen, fuelled by the Russian ban on EU farm exports. Pork prices were lower that they were 11 years ago. “It is unacceptable that farmers are ...Read More

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China rail freight volumes post largest annual decline

China's rail freight volumes fell 10.5 pct in 2015, which is likely to add to concerns over China's economic growth rate. China needs growth to hit its 2020 rail freight volume goal. China's national rail freight volumes declined by a ...Read More

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Scottish whisky and salmon exports to France soar

New Government figures have revealed a growing demand for Scottish produce among the French, largely driven by a growing taste for the Scottish national drink. Exports of whisky have risen by over 50 per cent since 2007. Wine continues to ...Read More

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China rail freight continues to decline

China's railway freight volume, a key indicator of economic activity, dropped in the first three quarters of 2015, the country's top economic planner said last week. The railways transported 2.53 billion tons of cargo from January to September, down 11.4 ...Read More

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Quarterly Exports of Watches Decline

Swiss watch exports had their biggest quarterly decline since 2009 as the industry struggles with the strong franc and as a slump in demand in China and Hong Kong began to spread across Asia. The value of exports fell 7.2 ...Read More

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Britain will probably miss target of £1trn exports by 2020

The Government will miss its target of exports worth £1trn of goods and services annually by 2020, unless Britain breaks all known growth records, the Business Secretary, Sajid Javid, has admitted. In his 2012 Budget, Chancellor George Osborne set a ...Read More


Increased Railfreight capacity at Port of Felixstowe

GB Railfreight ran its first train in its new slot at the Port of Felixstowe on 2 September. The freight operator has been able to increase its capacity at the Port by over one fifth (23%). The new slot, GB ...Read More

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Asian imports of Iran oil fall slightly in July

Asian imports of Iranian oil fell slightly from a year ago in July, after a landmark agreement on Tehran's disputed nuclear programme that may pave the way for an increase in crude exports as early as next year. Imports by ...Read More

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Pulse imports to India set new record this year

Indian importers are looking for huge quantity of chickpeas, yellow peas, pigeon peas (tur) and black matpe (chana) from Australia, Canada and other countries. Lower prices are expected, which is prompting importers to sign early contracts. Imports are being ordered ...Read More

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Sauvignon Blanc dominates NZ Exports

Sauvignon Blanc continues to dominate the export picture, accounting for 86.5% of international export volumes. Bulk wine exports are rising fast – up 34% over the year, compared to a 2% increase for bottled wines. Beyond New Zealand’s big three ...Read More

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Broken down freight train delays commuters

Rail commuters face severe delays today after a freight train broke down on the East Midlands line between Bedford and Wellingborough. Network Rail have warned that the broken-down freight train is not expected to be moved until later this evening ...Read More

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Pakistan Europe exports intercepted

During the current mango season, three consignments from Pakistan have been intercepted in Europe. If there are two more interceptions and the country may face a ban on exports to the EU. Pakistan exported about 91,700 tons of mangoes during ...Read More


Yemen running short of imports

Yemen is running critically short of imported food and fuel as war has cut internal supply lines and a near-blockade by Saudi-led naval forces has held up shipping to the country. The United Nations says that more than 80 percent ...Read More


Finnish facility approved for export to China

A pork slaughtering facility in Forssa, Finland, has been approved for export to China. This is viewed as a major achievement in the company's strategy to expand its international sales. The company is also keen to export other meat products, ...Read More

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Rail Freight Group Lunch

The annual Rail Freight Group (RFG) Christmas Lunch raised £5,500 for Shelter, the RFG’s ongoing chosen Christmas charity and guests also heard Mark Carne, CEO of Network Rail, give a strong statement of support for the rail freight industry. Carne ...Read More

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New Container port for Algeria

Local media in Algeria are reporting that Algeria's second biggest port will be building a dedicated terminal for container traffic.  The biggest shipping groups in the world call at Oran, the second terminal after Algiers.  The new quay will be ...Read More

Freight Security in France and Germany

Police forces in mainland Europe, especially France and Germany, seem to be robustly enforcing laws on cargo security.  If the wrapping on a pallet is not sufficiently sturdy to ensure safe transport of the cargo, the haulier is made to ...Read More

China Freight rates fail to surge

Freight rates from China remained weak last month: the industry usually expects a surge in demand before China's National Golden holiday which begins on 1 October, as importers stock up for the winter holiday period in Europe.  This year, freight ...Read More

Singapore’s Perishable Cargo facility

A new perishable cargo handling centre has been opened at the airfreight centre at Singapore Airpot.  The new centre can process 75000 tonnes of perishable freight annually, which includes fresh fruit, meat and pharmaceuticals.

Transport and Logistics Leadership Academy

The British International Freight Association is giving its support to the T & L Leadership Academy in Daventry on 10 September 2013. The Academy is for women with aspirations to develop their career and future leaders in the logistics industry.

Everywoman Transport and Logistics Awards

The UK's leading awards programme, organised by the Freight Transport Association, for women in transport and logistics has just held its presentation ceremony.  By raising the profile of these passionate, inspirational women, the Award programme demonstrates how rewarding a career ...Read More

Drones may Carry Freight

A high tech company in California is developing a network of unmanned quadcopters designed to carry small amounts of freight to regions without roads.  These robotic vehicles will fly food, medicine and other essentials to villages seasonally stranded by stormy ...Read More

Coastal Shipping Summit

A group of city based entrepreneurs in India are proposing to meet at an investment summit in June, with a view to reviving coastal shipping. The group wants to create interest in coastal shipping and inland waterways in the Visakhapatnam-Rajahmundry-Vijayawada region. ...Read More

French Rail Freight and Logistics down

The freight division of the national railway has reported a decline of 7.7% in turnover during 2012. Only air and ocean freight forwarding have shown an increase in turnover.  This was mainly caused by shrinking business in France.

Weak Container Trade

Figures from 11 ports in China, seven elsewhere in The Far East, four in Europe, two in the USA and one in the Middle East, show that volume growth is at its slowest since 2009. Freight volumes on the Asia ...Read More

Positive hope for freight rates

According to Containerisation International, prospects for freight rates on the Asia to Europe routes are looking quite positive.  Freight rate increases wee announced in December, as shipping lines tried to stop the fall in spot prices which happened in the ...Read More

Rail Freight Operators challenge French Strikers

Last year, private rail freight operators asked for a minimum service to be guaranteed during strikes by rail workers.  Operators find it unacceptable that a strike at SNCF stops the trains of private rail freight operators. The rail network is ...Read More

Drug Traffickers use new freight methods

Exports from Spain rose this year to an all time high of 214 bn euros, according to government statistics.  This is an increase of 25% over the past fie years, during which Spain has been said to have lost competitiveness. ...Read More

Swiss Exports Positive

Exports from Switzerland to the Eurozone increased in July in spite of the dire economic conditions in the EU.  Sales of goods to Asia fell 0.2 per cent, with exports for China reducing by 23.1 per cent. Watches among the ...Read More

Container Shipping Lines Crisis

Germany controls almost 40% of the world market in container shipping, but many shipping lines over invested and now have mountains of debt and too many ships. Container volumes arriving in Europe fell drastically in June; imports fell 7.5% from ...Read More

Freight by Sea Conference

The Freight Transport Association and Freight by Water are staging a free one-day conference, considering the opportunities and issues surrounding the use of short-sea freight services. The event will be held on 7 September 2012 at PD Ports, Middlesbrough, and ...Read More

Dedicated Rail Freight Corridor for India

A meeting was held last month to discuss progress on the freight corridor planned for Northern India. Work should begin shortly in the territory of North Central Railway from Mughalsarai to Khurja. Tendering process for the work of stretch from ...Read More

Eurotunnel Buys Freight ships

When Eurotunnel was opened 18 years ago, it was thought that the future of freight shipping was uncertain, and that freight forwarders would use the tunnel for freight traffic between the UK, France and Europe.   But Eurotunnel's rail shuttles are ...Read More

Panama Freight expansion

The Panama canal is modernising its locks,  to enable larger vessels to pass through.  In conjunction with this development, many of the world's largest freight and container terminals are up-dating their handling equipment to accommodate ships with greater draught and ...Read More

Freight trains for Felixstowe

The Chief Executive of Felixstowe port has suggested that passenger trains on the Ipswich to Felixstowe lines should be scrapped and replaced by a high quality bus service. He said that the service is a bottleneck, and that freight only ...Read More

Shipping Port for London

The Thames Gateway port which is currently under construction near London is in negotiation with major shipping lines.  The port's management is hoping to attract freight container ships from Asia - particularly China - but will be in competition with ...Read More

Danube Shipping suspended

The Danube, one of the main rivers in Europe used for freight shipping, is not being used by at least four countries. Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Serbia decided this after up to 90 per cent of the river's surface became covered ...Read More

Scotland cuts Freight grants

Freight operators in Scotland are protesting about the government cutting the funding for Freight Facilities Grants by 62.5%.  The funds are to help operators transfer freight from road to rail. The Rail Freight Group (RFG) said the reduced budget would ...Read More

Low cargo growth for Rotterdam

The port of Rotterdam showed an increase in freight volumes of only about 0.8%. The volumes of dry bulk increased, while ore and scrap fell as producers used up stores.  General freight cargo increased by about 13%.  The well being ...Read More

Arctic Freight Success

It was announced earlier this week that the rail freight service, which has been running for a year, between Oslo in Norway and Narvik in the Arctic Circle has been a success.  Utilisation has been about 96%, and the service ...Read More

Cross Andean Freight Route

Construction of a new freight route across the Andes will begin this year. The 204km corridor will connect Punta de Vacas in Argentina and Saladillo, Chile, which should enable transit times of just four hours. There will also be seamless Customs ...Read More

Freight rate war

Shipping lines began last year to offer different types of service in order to gain share in what seems to be a declining market.  The main innovation was guaranteed daily departures from the main Asian ports to Northern Europe. But ...Read More

Suffolk exports to Russia

A Suffolk manufacturer of metalwork fluids has opened up the Russian export market with the help of UKTI, the government agency charged with enabling businesses to export and import more easily. UKTI helped the company to find a distributor in ...Read More

Freight Transport backs Mary

The Freight Transport Association has spoken out in support of recent recommendations in a review of the retail industry by Mary Portas. The review makes 28 recommendations to the government, one of which is to lift restrictions on night-time deliveries. ...Read More

Severn Toll Hike for Freight Drivers

Freight operators using the Severn crossing, already the most expensive toll in the UK, will have to pay 90p more in the New Year. The Freight Transport Association has condemned the decision to once again increase the charge for heavy ...Read More

Timber Exports to China

While China - in spite of slowing economic growth - is still exporting tons of finished product to the West, few industries have succeeded in increasing exports in the opposite direction. However, the US and Canadian timber suppliers have achieved ...Read More

Duisburg Logistics Centre Expands

A 42,000 m2 extension has been opened at the logistics centre in Duisburg logport.  Part of the capacity is used as a freight distribution centre for Germany, Austria and Benelux for one large customer.  Some 11,000 m2 is available other ...Read More

Scottish Freight Sector cuts

The Scottish freight and logistics industry is concerned that it will not be able to meet reduction emission targets after a reduction in government subsidies.  Support for modal shift has been reduced from £10.3m in 2010 to £2.9m since the spending ...Read More

Germany growth slowing

Growth in the German economy slowed unexpectedly in the second quarter of this year.  German GDP only increased by 0.1 percent in the quarter to June compared with the previous quarter. Although exports and investment made a positive contribution, imports ...Read More

Calais logistics development

September will see the official launch of what will be one of the largest logistics hubs in Europe. The hub will be developed in the Turqurie industrial zone, which runs between the port of Calais and the Channel Tunnel along ...Read More

Freight companies unprepared for 2012

A survey published by the Freight Transport Association has revealed that most of its respondents are completely unprepared for the disruption to collections and deliveries which will be caused by the Olympic Games.  Around a third of respondents claimed that ...Read More

Freight Forwarders Conference

The second African Region Freight Forwarders Conference for independent forwarders will be held in Nairobi, Kenya from 26th to 28th June. International logistics companies from China, Europe, North America, and Africa will meet to network and explore opportunities for growth with ...Read More

Fewer Container Ships idle

At the beginning of June, only 63 container ships were listed as idle, which is the lowest level since August 2008.  However, shipping line revenues are suffering as carriers are forced to reduce rates on ships in an attempt to ...Read More

China freight rates tumble

Freight container rates from Asia to Europe are declining, even though shipping lines are increasing bunker surcharges. The Shanghai Containerised Freight Index (SCFI), all-in spot rates from Shanghai to Europe were $9 lower than the previous week. Shipping lines may ...Read More