Posted on January 2, 2022

Pakistan, Iran and Turkey intend to increase regional commerce and commercial relationships through the over-4,000-mile train route

The Freight rail service has begun operating between Islamabad, the Pakistani capital and the Turkish metropolis of Istanbul, covefing a route more than 4,000 miles long.

The first freight train left Islamabad on December 21 and arrived in Iran on Sunday, on its way to Turkey’s Anatolia. The journey will take 12 days to 14 days – about half the time it takes by seafreight, and will be more cost-effective than by road.

The Islamabad-Tehran-Istanbul (ITI) train will travel for 1,235 miles inside Pakistan before crossing through the Taftan border crossing in the province of Balochistan to cover 1,620-miles in Iran. Before reaching its final destination, the train will travel 1,150 miles in Turkey, passing through the capital, Ankara.

“The ITI train will be one of the most effective vehicles that can help in expanding exports, imports and trade between ECO member countries,” the Minister’s adviser said during his address.

“The resumption of the ECO freight train is a step toward better regional communication between the three countries, facilitating trade and public transportation for the long-term economic benefit of the region,” he added.

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