Posted on July 18, 2021

The number of bottles of prosecco exported to Britain fell by about nine per cent. According to wine industry opinion, one cause was ‘red tape’ caused by Brexit. Another possible cause is that importing companies and Italian exporters failed to prepare for a structural change which they knew was going to happen.

Coldiretti, the major organisation representing Italian farmers, said the US now imports more prosecco than the UK. But Britian still receives more prosecco than France and Germany.

The export volume sparkling Italian wine fell to just 26 million bottles in the first quarter of this year, it added.

“The principal problems for people exporting to the United Kingdom concern customs procedures and increased transport costs due to delays and stepped up controls,” it said.

“The situation risks encouraging the arrival of counterfeits and imitations, helped by deregulation, and it’s no accident that English pubs have been caught selling fake prosecco.

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